Intentional Communities: Prototypes for Sustainability

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Proposed Outline for Bioneers Presentation Intentional Communities: Prototypes for Sustainability

Time Content Photo suggestions 1 min. What is an IC and what makes them different? 1-2 historic photos

2 - 3 mins. Types of IC’s – 1. General – with varied intents, e.g. sustainability, spiritual, special needs 1 photo of each type 2. Collectives, e.g. coop – varied intents e.g. students, affordable living, social justice 2 photos 3. Cohousing – urban, suburban, rural 2-3 photos 4. Egalitarian/shared income 1 photo 5. Eco-villages – urban & rural 2-3 photos

6 - 8mins.    Cooperative Vision and Practices of Sustainability

1. Ecological intents and practices

    a. food production & bulk purchasing  
    b. green building technologies	straw bale, Ithaca
    c. energy efficiency practices		Dancing Rabbit
    d. simple living styles
    e. permaculture practices				

2. Economic self-sufficiency/sustainability

    a.    cottage industries			Twin Oaks
    b.   small onsite businesses 		Earthaven
    c.   services

3. Social/cultural sustainability

    a. consensus decision-making	
    b. celebrations and traditions
    c. singing, story telling, rituals	Songaia

1 - 2 mins. Prototypes for sustainability – summarizing the collective power in striving for sustainable ecological, social and cultural sustainability.

1 mins. The FIC and its role in promoting and supporting cooperative living.

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