Interactive Math Journey is a children's educational game published for Windows in 1996 by The Learning Company. The game, intended for ages six through nine, teaches various mathematical skills including: patterns, addition, subtraction, fractions, and multiplication. 


The objective of the game is to tour through ten levels and find the math magician. There are three types of activities: Story, Exploration, and Challenge modes.


The player starts from level one of the journey and as the three objectives are completed, he/she will gain access to the next level. Levels one through five contain Math Song, Math Tale, and Math Exploration. As level progresses to level six and up, the categories are only Math Challenge and Math Exploration. In Math Challenge, the player is quizzed based on the following subjects in separate levels: patterns (level six), addition/subtraction (level seven), meaasurement (level eight), fractions (level nine), and multiplication (level ten). The player must get ten questions (15 on level six only) correct to complete a challenge and earn an activity star.

Level Explorations

As each activity is completed, the player earns an activity star.

Patchwork Patterns 
The shapes should be symmetrical to the line of symmetry.
Sugarcane Addition 
To make desserts in the bakery by adding and subtracting cups of sugar.
Log Cabin Measurement 
Help Mack the Lumberjack to construct a new home using measurement skills.
Pizza Fractions 
The cats are hungry, and to be able to share pizza, the slices must be served equally to all cats.
Jitterbug Multiplication 
There should be an equal number of bug legs to the dance number in order to begin the dance show.
Arctic Shapes 
The math challenge is to match the shape to its description. The exploration activity is to use shapes to fill in the igloo holes to make the Walrus more comfortable in its home.
Alpine Addition 
The math challenge is to match the addition or subtraction problem to its answer. The exploration activity is to have the correct number of cows to start the hot-air balloon race.
Weight for the Train (Measurement) 
The math challenge is to match the animal's height to the empty railcar. The exploration activity is to hold items that are the same weight as the metal object on the side.
Tropical Fractions 
The math challenge is to fill the second part of the shell by adding two fractions to make a whole shell. The exploration activity is to make four different tropical drinks to the toucan.
Pyramid Multiplication 
The math challenge is to solve ten multiplication problems and bring Tally Cat to the center of the Times Table Tomb. The exploration activity is to multiply crops on the Nile Riverbed Farm.


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