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International Championship Entertainment (ICE)

ICE, or International Championship Entertainment was founded in December of 2004 under the watchful eye and caring hand of owner Christian (Cage) Connolly. It is Professional Wrestling the way it should be. It is Pro Wrestling driven by the heart and desire of his competitors, and the vision of its owner.

High Flying, and High Octane Wrestling, meets Traditional and Technical ringsmanship in a company designed for the fans as a actual alternative to the much that currently fills the airwaves.

The wrestlers, NOT superstars, of ICE have become synonymous with success. Names like Masaharu Tanabashi, Trent Taylor, Chris Jacobs, and Donovan Midas make even the most casual fan wake up and take notice.

If you yearn for something more than 30 minute rants, and the same rehashed tales of yesteryear, please join us in ICE…where wrestling is Revamped…Redefined…and Reinvented.

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