• Abelardo Montoya (from Plaza Sesamo) as as Clover
  • Lola (from Plaza Sesamo) as as Sofia
  • Kit (from Play with Me Sesame (UK)) as Jimmy Neutron
  • Domby (from Play with Me Sesame (UK)) as Carl Wheezer
  • Furgus Fuzz (from The Furchester Hotel) as Cat
  • Funella Furchester (from The Furchester Hotel) as Peg
  • Ollie (from Play Along with Ollie) as Jake
  • Samson (from Sesamstrasse) as The Ferocious Beast
  • Meg (from Sesame Street (Japan)) as Doc McStuffins
  • Tommie (from Sesamstraat) as Pingu
  • Ieniemienie (from Sesamstraat) as Pinga

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