The Interplanetary Merchant League controls much of the economy in the United Republic of Earth and promotes foreign trade with Golem space, House Lionheart, the Horsehead Empire, and the Mantis Lords. The leading corporations of the League include the Astrotech Cartel, which controls the most of the manfacture and distribution of spaceships in United Republic space; Questor-Reeves Financial Holdings, the largest private bank in United Republic space; Interstellar Commerce and Industry of Earth, which is the largest owner of manufacturing plants and retail and wholesale stores in the United Republic; Emerson-Wkatati-Avasara Mining, which dominates asteroid mining in the United Republic; and Star Syndicates, which controls much of the foreign trade with Golem space and House Lionheart. The League has been accused by United Republic patriots of lacking that nationlistic spirit because they want to profit from trade with the Horsehead Empire and the Mantis Lords. The League's support of rights for aliens and A.I. robots and computers has made them allies of the Cyber Guild and the Council of Non-Human Sentients. The League was founded in 1607 N.E.

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