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  • Diagnosis of asynchronous discrete event systems: datalog to the rescue. Serge Abiteboul, Zoë Abrams, Stefan Haar, Tova Milo. PODS 2005. (logic in databases)
  • Differential constraints. Bassem Sayrafi, Dirk Van Gucht. PODS 2005. (logic in databases)
  • Relative risk and odds ratio: a data mining perspective. Haiquan Li, Jinyan Li, Limsoon Wong, Mengling Feng, Yap-Peng Tan. PODS 2005. (logic in databases)


  • Decision Tables: Scalable Classification Exploring RDBMS Capabilities. Hongjun Lu, Hongyan Liu. VLDB 2000. (knowledge discovery)
  • Fast Time Sequence Indexing for Arbitrary Lp Norms. Byoung-Kee Yi, Christos Faloutsos. VLDB 2000. (knowledge discovery)
  • Identifying Representative Trends in Massive Time Series Data Sets Using Sketches. Piotr Indyk, Nick Koudas, S. Muthukrishnan. VLDB 2000. (knowledge discovery)


  • Answering Recursive Queries Using Views. Oliver M. Duschka, Michael R. Genesereth. PODS 1997. (logic and databases)
  • Languages for Relational Databases over Interpreted Structures. Michael Benedikt, Leonid Libkin. PODS 1997. (logic and databases)
  • Rewriting Queries Using Views in Description Logics. Catriel Beeri, Alon Y. Levy, Marie-Christine Rousset. PODS 1997. (logic and databases)


  • Knowledge Discovery from Telecommunication Network Alarm Databases. Kimmo Hätönen, Mika Klemettinen, Heikki Mannila, Pirjo Ronkainen, Hannu Toivonen. ICDE 1996. (knowledge discovery)
  • Maintenance of Discovered Association Rules in Large Databases: An Incremental Updating Technique. David Wai-Lok Cheung, Jiawei Han, Vincent T. Y. Ng, C. Y. Wong. ICDE 1996. (knowledge discovery)
  • Mining Knowledge Rules from Databases: A Rough Set Approach. Xiaohua Hu, Nick Cercone. ICDE 1996. (knowledge discovery)


  • A New Recursive Subclass of Domain Independent Formulas Based on Subimplication. Joonyeoub Sung, Lawrence J. Henschen. ICDE 1995. (logic and ai)
  • Bottom-Up Evaluation of Logic Programs Using Binary Decision Diagrams. Mizuho Iwaihara, Yusaku Inoue. ICDE 1995. (logic and ai)
  • Ternary Relationship Decomposition Strategies Based on Binary Imposition Rules. Il-Yeol Song, Trevor H. Jones. ICDE 1995. (logic and ai)


  • A Descriptive Semantic Formalism for Medicine. Carole A. Goble, Andrzej J. Glowinski, W. A. Nowlan, Alan L. Rector. ICDE 1993. (knowledge bases)
  • An Alternating Fixpoint Tailored to Magic Programs. Shinichi Morishita. PODS 1993. (optimization of logic programs)
  • Equivalence, Query-Reachability, and Satisfiability in Datalog Extensions. Alon Y. Levy, Inderpal Singh Mumick, Yehoshua Sagiv, Oded Shmueli. PODS 1993. (optimization of logic programs)
  • Finding Nonrecursive Envelopes for Datalog Predicates. Surajit Chaudhuri. PODS 1993. (optimization of logic programs)
  • JazzMatch: Fine-Grained Parallel Matching for Large Rule Sets. Marco Richeldi, Jack Tan. ICDE 1993. (knowledge bases)
  • On Updates and Inconsistency Repairing in Knowledge Bases. Beat Wüthrich. ICDE 1993. (knowledge bases)
  • On the Semantics of Theory Change: Arbitration between Old and New Information. Peter Z. Revesz. PODS 1993. (knowledge base revision)


  • A Performance Comparison of the Rete and TREAT Algorithms for Testing Database Rule Conditions. Yu-Wang Wang, Eric N. Hanson. ICDE 1992. (knowledge based systems)
  • An Information-Retrieval Approach for Image Databases. Fausto Rabitti, Pasquale Savino. VLDB 1992. (knowledge discovery)
  • An Interval Classifier for Database Mining Applications. Rakesh Agrawal, Sakti P. Ghosh, Tomasz Imielinski, Balakrishna R. Iyer, Arun N. Swami. VLDB 1992. (knowledge discovery)
  • Distributed Rule Processing in Active Databases. Ing-Miin Hsu, Mukesh Singhal, Ming T. Liu. ICDE 1992. (knowledge based systems)
  • ESQL2: An Object-Oriented SQL with F-Logic Semantics. Georges Gardarin, Patrick Valduriez. ICDE 1992. (logic and databases)
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases: An Attribute-Oriented Approach. Jiawei Han, Yandong Cai, Nick Cercone. VLDB 1992. (knowledge discovery)
  • Object-Oriented Modeling and Design of Coupled Knowledge-base/Database Systems. Olivia R. Liu Sheng, Chih-Ping Wei. ICDE 1992. (knowledge based systems)
  • Query Optimization for KBMSs: Temporal, Syntactic and Semantic Transformantions. Thodoros Topaloglou, Arantza Illarramendi, Licia Sbattella. ICDE 1992. (logic and databases)
  • Relational Databases with Exclusive Disjunctions. Adegbemiga Ola. ICDE 1992. (logic and databases)
  • Tie-Breaking Semantics and Structural Totality. Christos H. Papadimitriou, Mihalis Yannakakis. PODS 1992. (negation in databases)


  • An Extended Memoryless Inference Control Method: Accounting for Dependence in Table-level Controls. S. C. Hansen, E. A. Unger. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1991. (knowledge bases)
  • Distributed Query Optimization by One-Shot Fixed-Precision Semi-Join Execution. Chihping Wang, Victor O. K. Li, Arbee L. P. Chen. ICDE 1991. (ai and databases)
  • First-Order Logic Reducible Programs. Ke Wang, Li-Yan Yuan. ICDE 1991. (ai and databases)
  • Inference of Inequality Constraints in Logic Programs. Alexander Brodsky, Yehoshua Sagiv. PODS 1991. (logic programming and databases)
  • K: A High-Level Knowledge Base Programming Language for Advanced Database Applications. Yuh-Ming Shyy, Stanley Y. W. Su. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1991. (knowledge bases)
  • Lk: A Language for Capturing Real World Meanings of the Stored Data. D. G. Shin. ICDE 1991. (ai and databases)
  • Nested Relation Based Database Knowledge Representation. Qiming Chen, Yahiko Kambayashi. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1991. (knowledge bases)
  • On Negation in HiLog. Kenneth A. Ross. PODS 1991. (logic programming and databases)
  • Parallelizing Datalog Programs by Generalized Pivoting. Jürgen Seib, Georg Lausen. PODS 1991. (logic programming and databases)
  • Termination Detection in Logic Programs using Argument Sizes. Kirack Sohn, Allen Van Gelder. PODS 1991. (logic programming and databases)


  • A Cooperative Approach to Large Knowledge Based Systems. C. V. Ramamoorthy, Shashi Shekhar. ICDE 1990. (large knowledge-based systems)
  • An Algorithmic Basis for Integrating Production Systems and Large Databases. Daniel P. Miranker, David A. Brant. ICDE 1990. (large knowledge-based systems)
  • An Attribute-Oriented Approach for Learning Classification Rules from Relational Databases. Yandong Cai, Nick Cercone, Jiawei Han. ICDE 1990. (knowledge structuring and modeling)
  • An Object-Oriented Approach to Data/Knowledge Modeling Based on Logic. Kyuchul Lee, Sukho Lee. ICDE 1990. (knowledge structuring and modeling)
  • Compilation of Logic Programs to Implement Very Large Knowledge Base Systems - A Case Study: Educe*. Jorge B. Bocca. ICDE 1990. (large knowledge-based systems)
  • Structuring Knowledge Bases Using Automatic Learning. Guy W. Mineau, Jan Gecsei, Robert Godin. ICDE 1990. (knowledge structuring and modeling)


  • Relational Specifications of Infinite Query Answers. Jan Chomicki, Tomasz Imielinski. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1989. (logic and databases)
  • Solving Implication Problems in Database Applications. Xian-He Sun, Nabil Kamel, Lionel M. Ni. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1989. (logic and databases)
  • Towards an Efficient Evaluation of General Queries: Quantifier and Disjunction Processing Revisited. François Bry. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1989. (logic and databases)


  • A Framework for Testing Safety and Effective Computability of Extended Datalog (Extended Abstract). Ravi Krishnamurthy, Raghu Ramakrishnan, Oded Shmueli. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1988. (logic & databases)
  • A Production Rule-Based Approach to Deductive Databases. Christophe de Maindreville, Eric Simon. ICDE 1988. (knowledge-based systems)
  • A Tool for Integrating Conceptual Schemas and User Views. Amit P. Sheth, James A. Larson, Aloysius Cornelio, Shamkant B. Navathe. ICDE 1988. (knowledge-based systems)
  • ADT: A Toolkit for Development of Database-Centered Applications. Rob Bell, Hany Atchan, Richard S. Dennis. ICDE 1988. (knowledge-based systems)
  • An Implementation Model for Reasoning with Complex Objects. Qiming Chen, Georges Gardarin. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1988. (logic & databases)
  • Data Functions, Datalog and Negation (Extended Abstract). Serge Abiteboul, Richard Hull. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1988. (logic & databases)
  • EDICT - An Enhanced Relational Data Dictionary: Architecture and Example. James P. Davis, Ronald D. Bonnell. ICDE 1988. (knowledge-based systems)
  • On Representing Indefinite and Maybe Information in Relational Databases. Ken-Chih Liu, Rajshekhar Sunderraman. ICDE 1988. (knowledge-based systems)
  • RATIONALE: Reasoning by Explaining. Suhayya Abu-Hakima, Franz Oppacher. ICDE 1988. (knowledge-based systems)
  • Reasoning by Analogy in Knowledge Base Systems. Bonnie MacKellar, Fred J. Maryanski. ICDE 1988. (knowledge-based systems)


  • Covering and Disjointness Constraints in Type Networks. Maurizio Lenzerini. ICDE 1987. (knowledge representations)
  • Database Support for Knowledge-Based Image Evaluation. Ingrid M. Walter, Peter C. Lockemann, Hans-Hellmut Nagel. VLDB 1987. (ai techniques for database)
  • Handling Redundancy in the Processing of Recursive Database Queries. Jiawei Han, Lawrence J. Henschen. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1987. (logic queries)
  • Implementing Logic Programs as a Database System. Michael Kifer, Eliezer L. Lozinskii. ICDE 1987. (knowledge representations)
  • MOBY: An Architecture for Distributed Expert Database Systems. Jonathan Bein, Roger King. VLDB 1987. (ai techniques for database)
  • Magic Counting Methods. Domenico Saccà, Carlo Zaniolo. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1987. (logic queries)
  • Magic Functions: A Technique to Optimize Extended Datalog Recursive Programs. Georges Gardarin. VLDB 1987. (logic and databases)
  • Non-deterministic Modelling of Logical Queries in Deductive Databases. Hussien Aly, Z. Meral Özsoyoglu. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1987. (logic queries)
  • Optimization of Systems of Algebraic Equations for Evaluating Datalog Queries. Stefano Ceri, Letizia Tanca. VLDB 1987. (logic and databases)
  • Recursive Strategies for Answering Recursive Queries - The RQA/FQI Strategy. Wolfgang Nejdl. VLDB 1987. (logic and databases)
  • The Design of the Postgres Rules System. Michael Stonebraker, Eric N. Hanson, Chin-Heng Hong. ICDE 1987. (knowledge representations)
  • What do you mean ``Null? Turning Null Responses into Quality Responses. Mimi Kao, Nick Cercone, Wo-Shun Luk. ICDE 1987. (knowledge representations)


  • A Framework of Expert System with Strategic Knowledge. Daisuke Tomoda, Minoru Tanaka, Tadao Ichikawa. ICDE 1986. (knowledge-based systems)
  • A Message Passing Framework for Logical Query Evaluation. Allen Van Gelder. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1986. (logic and databases)
  • Adaptive Predicate Managers in Database Systems. Stefan Böttcher, Matthias Jarke, Joachim W. Schmidt. VLDB 1986. (knowledge database)
  • Checking Consistency of Database Constraints: a Logical Basis. François Bry, Rainer Manthey. VLDB 1986. (knowledge database)
  • Constructorset's Database Support for Knowledge Based Systems. Volker Linnemann. ICDE 1986. (knowledge-based systems)
  • Deductive Database System based on Unit Resolution. Haruo Yokota, Sko Sakai, Hidenori Itoh. ICDE 1986. (knowledge-based systems)
  • Evaluation of Database Recursive Logic Programs as Recurrent Function Series. Georges Gardarin, Christophe de Maindreville. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1986. (logic and databases)
  • Knowledge-based Integrity Constraint Validation. Xiaolei Qian, Gio Wiederhold. VLDB 1986. (knowledge database)
  • LDL: A Logic-Based Data Language. Shalom Tsur, Carlo Zaniolo. VLDB 1986. (knowledge database)
  • Multiple Query Processing in Deductive Databases using Query Graphs. Upen S. Chakravarthy, Jack Minker. VLDB 1986. (knowledge database)
  • On Analogical Query Processing in Logic Database. Takashi Yokomori. VLDB 1986. (knowledge database)
  • Optimizing the Rule-Data Interface in a KMS. Charles Kellogg, Anthony B. O'Hare, Larry Travis. VLDB 1986. (knowledge database)
  • Relational Data Model with Cause-Effect Association (Abstract). Qingda Yao, Rong Yi. VLDB 1986. (knowledge database)
  • Retrieval-By-Unification Operation on a Relational Knowledge Base. Yukihiro Morita, Haruo Yokota, Kenji Nishida, Hidenori Itoh. VLDB 1986. (knowledge database)
  • Traversal Recursion: A Practical Approach to Supporting Recursive Applications. Arnon Rosenthal, Sandra Heiler, Umeshwar Dayal, Frank Manola. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1986. (logic and databases)


  • A Knowledge-Based Approach to Data Management for Intelligent User Interfaces. Carol A. Broverman, W. Bruce Croft. VLDB 1985. (knowledge-based management)
  • Accommodating Exceptions in Databases, and Refining the Schema by Learning from them. Alexander Borgida, Keith E. Williamson. VLDB 1985. (knowledge-based management)
  • Acquisition of Terminological Knowledge Using Database Design Techniques. Christoph F. Eick, Peter C. Lockemann. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1985. (knowledge base design)
  • Coping with Complexity in Automated Reasoning about Database Systems. Tim Sheard, David W. Stemple. VLDB 1985. (knowledge-based management)
  • Functional Dependencies in Logic Programs. Alberto O. Mendelzon. VLDB 1985. (knowledge-based management)
  • NetBook - a Data Model to Support Knowledge Exploration. Dennis Shasha. VLDB 1985. (knowledge-based management)
  • Partitioning a Relational Database Horizontally Using a Knowledge-Based Approach. D. G. Shin, Keki B. Irani. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1985. (knowledge base design)
  • The Representation and Deductive Retrieval of Complex Objects. Carlo Zaniolo. VLDB 1985. (knowledge-based management)


  • Issues in Distributed Artificial Intelligence. Bonnie McDaniel. ICDE 1984. (construction of knowledge bases)
  • Judgmental-Knowledge Bases: Problem Solving and Expert Systems. James D. Johannes. ICDE 1984. (construction of knowledge bases)
  • Overview of Tools for Knowledge Base Construction. Virginia P. Kobler. ICDE 1984. (construction of knowledge bases)
  • Specification-Based Computing Environments for Information Management. Robert Balzer, Neil M. Goldman, Robert Neches. ICDE 1984. (artificial intelligence applications)
  • The CMS-Help Expert System. David Y. Y. Yun, David Loeb. ICDE 1984. (artificial intelligence applications)
  • The Transition from Data Management to Knowledge Management. Charles Kellogg. ICDE 1984. (artificial intelligence applications)
  • Towards a Data Model for Artificial Intelligence Applications. Sergei Nirenburg, Chagit Attiya. ICDE 1984. (artificial intelligence applications)


  • A Modal System of Algebras for Database Specification and Query/Update Language Support. Forouzan Golshani, T. S. E. Maibaum, M. R. Sadler. VLDB 1983. (logic & databases)
  • An Abstract Introduction to the Temporal-Hierarchic Data Model (THM). Ulrich Schiel. VLDB 1983. (logic & databases)
  • Characterization of Well-Behaved Database Schemata and Their Update Semantics. Anne Verroust. VLDB 1983. (logic & databases)


  • Data Models and Data Manipulation Languages: Complementary Semantics and Proof Theory. Alexander Borgida, Harry K. T. Wong. VLDB 1981. (logic and data bases)
  • Efficient Processing of Interactive Relational Data Base Queries expressed in Logic. David H. D. Warren. VLDB 1981. (logic and data bases)
  • Impacts of Logic and Databases (Invited Paper). Hervé Gallaire. VLDB 1981. (logic and data bases)

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