This is taken from Character Story 2000 VHS (VF2000's version).


  • Steve A. Banks: Hi there. I'm Steve A. Banks. We always had a lot of fun with the entertainment, and over the last few years creating CartoonTales, and seeing the impact on that of families all across the country. We cannot wait to see what we have in store now: CHARACTER STORY! Starring a superhero-type duo, a military-like sci-fi action figure, and an outlaw of the West. The first mention of the show you are about to watch was brought up throughout "A Bunny Christmas", our last show, so this brought up our next big idea. So do not worry, in fact, "E.B. the Kindly Viking" will come to video and DVD Spring 2001, the official Ultimate Silly Songs Countdown will come to DVD and video Fall 2001, and the first CartoonTales feature film "Woody" will hit theaters Fall 2002. Remember, you can go to infinity and beyond whenever you feel like it, and God wants us all to stick together, even in perilous times. So without further adieu, the first-ever CGI movie - "Character Story".

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