Interviews With Amy Rose: Episode 1

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Amy Rose: Okay, so what do you call yourself?

Princess Peach: My name is Princess Peach Toadstool. I'm a delicate and polite princess, just like the ministers taught me to be. And you, my dear, will address me as Princess Toadstool during these interviews.

Amy Rose: Whatever. Anyway, where do you come from?

Princess Peach: I come from the Mushroom Kingdom. That's where my castle stands.

Amy Rose: Who's your true love?

Princess Peach: Mario. He rescues me from that evil Bowser for like, ten times.

Amy Rose: Do you usually make out with him?

Princess Peach: Well, sometimes, but not all the time.

Amy Rose: What do you like to eat?

Princess Peach: I eat well balanced meals, which include a healthy portion of veggies. But my favorite food is cake, which I once baked for Mario back in Super Mario 64.

Amy Rose: What's your castle like?

Princess Peach: It's gray, with a red roof, a picture of myself made with glass, and flags.

Amy Rose: Do you have a role?

Princess Peach: My role is the damsel in distress.

Amy Rose: Are you always gonna be fine, even when you're kidnapped?

Princess Peach: I'll be fine, just as long as Mario's here with me.

Amy Rose: Fine with me. Well, I enjoyed interviewing you, Princess Toadstool. Thanks for being here.

Princess Peach: You're welcome.

Amy Rose: We're going to be interviewing our next guest when we return after these messages.

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