Interviews With Amy Rose: Episode 2

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Amy Rose: Okay, so what do you call yourself?

Ed: Oh, my name is Ted.

Edd: Ed!

Ed: Sorry. My name is Ed, and this is Double "D" and Eddy.

Eddy: He's not so intelligent.

Amy Rose: What do you like to eat, Ed?

Ed: I eat buttered toast, gravy, and chickens.

Eddy: You always eat those things, Ed. Don't you like jawbreakers?

Edd: Yes, Ed, you should always eat something different every day.

Amy Rose: Edd... I mean Double "D", what do your friends call you?

Edd: Well, they usually call me Sockhead, because of the hat I wear.

Ed: Hello, Sockhead.

Eddy: Stop that, Ed!

Amy Rose: Double "D", what's your standard first and middle names?

Edd: Eddward Marion.

Amy Rose: And you, Eddy? What's your middle name?

Eddy: Skipper, that's what it is!

Amy Rose: I see. Ed, do you have any brothers or sisters?

Ed: I have a sister. Her name is Sarah. God, she's so loud every time I get in trouble. And Double "D"'s in love with Sarah.

Edd: I am not!

Eddy: Oh, yes, you do.

Amy Rose: Shut up!! (The Eds stop talking.) Thank you. Now, I have a question for all of you. Who's your friend?

Eddy: I definitely do not like the Kanker Sisters. (The Eds hear something.) What did I say?

Kanker Sister 1: There they are!

Kanker Sister 2: Let's get them!

Eds: AAAH!!!!!!!!!!! (The Kanker Sisters chase the Eds. All six leave the set.)

Amy Rose: Serves them right. Anyway, folks, our next guest will be interviewed when we return after these messages.

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