Into a New World is the first episode from T-o-s (Season 3).


Joardon creates a world of his own. But it is compaired to the real one. He then realizes he split the real world into 2 parts.

By: Roc.


Joardon creates a world of his own. Woody is removed from the real one and put in the alternative universe. Woody likes the alternative universe. Woody goes to his house discovering Joardon had separated the house from eathother. He goes to advice about why he split the world to two. Joardon says he dropped his wand and it accidently split the real world into 2. Woody goes to a place where Jeanette is in an Chipmunk Camp. Woody brings his friends to Joardon's house. As the sun rise's Woody what's gonna happen the end of the day. Joardon says he'll die. Woody proves to Joardon he's returning to the real world on time. Woody flies back to the real world. Joardon is removed from his world and teleported to the real world. 

By: Roc.

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