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Frontpage start of Into the Beyond MUSH, an original universe set in the future using modified D20 rules.

Theme - The universe setting for Into the Beyond MUSH

History of Into the Beyond MUSH

1. The age of Gaia.
|---> 2245 AD
|---> 0 UM (Universal Moment)

The age of Gaia is the commonly accepted time before Universal Moment 0, where the only known life form in the galaxy were humans. Technology on Gaia, formerly known as Earth, had progressed to the point that micro fusion technology was not only possible, but commercially viable to the public. Doctor Yushio Tanakawa and Doctor Jeffery Johnson had created the 'Steamboat' Micro-Fusion engine. Although fusion had long been used for getting expensive craft into the skies, with the Steamboat engine, people were now able to buy personal spacecraft.
The 'Model U' spacecraft was the first mass produced ship, able to hold four passengers and supplies for a day that could go into low earth orbit. With a rotating midsection, gravity could be produced at nearly 0.30 G, to help stave off any low gravity effects on the passangers. And, to a good part, it managed to exactly that.
In the last months of 2245 AD, a new ship was made, a commercial space miner. Named 'Without Horizons' by the Intersteller Mining Company, the ship launched with a crew of 6, and made the tour out into the asteroid belt, grabbing multiple huge chunks of ore and bringing them back to earth orbit. Unloading the asteroids into space around earth, far enough out that they would not crash into the atmosphere, the crew returned, weak from the journey, but successful.
After a quick checkup on the ship, mechanics replaced provisions and water tanks, and sent the craft back up into space within a week with a fresh crew. This time, the ship was holding a lathe, the crew going into space and using the asteroids to build and shape a new spacestation in earth orbit. Named 'IMC Lighthouse', and fitted with it's own engines, the Intersteller Mining Company had steped the humans into the next era of humanity. Space exploration around the solar system was now possible, with companies scrambling to build thier own spacecraft and create space stations around planets, claiming valuable mineral rights as best they could.

2. The age of Space.
3. The age of Stars.
4. The age of Gods.
5. Into the Beyond.

Races - A bit of history and statistics for various PC races

Classes - This is what you're going to be when you grow up

Sponsers - These people foot your bills and make sure you have the right stuff for the right job

TAGs - Tactical Assault Gear, your powered armor, history and stats

Overview of TAGs

History of TAGs

TAG stats

Weapons - Guns, Tags, and people kill aliens, not just one of them.

Credits - Who helped to make Into the Beyond possible

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