Mission 13: Into the Lions Den

Part 1: Into the Lions Den

Emily was sitting down finally sorting out the paperwork concerning the deaths of 4 senior officers she was just closing Captain Rantonias file when she got an incoming message from starfleet command which she transferred to the wall screen in the ready room the person who appeared on the screen was admiral King "glad to see your settling in to the role of commanding Officer Colonel" King said " what have you got for me?" "A tough nut to crack considering that its your first mission in command" "well how do I know if you don't tell me?" "alright then listen carefully. what do you remember about the fusion project?"

Emily was shocked she had worked on that project when she had taught at the academy the plan was to combine some ships from different races the command of the ship would have been given directly to starfleet and rumour was Emily would have been given command "well If I remember correctly the ship in construction was made up from a Intrepid class's saucer section which had a klingon classes neg'vhar wings attached to each side and on the back there was a cardassian chinkatas tail" Emily said "what about the tactical aspect?" "armed with phasers, disruptors, 4 frontal torpedoe tubes, 3 rear torpedoe tubes capable of firing ethier photon or quantum torpedoes, also has an anti-matter spread, compressors and a cloaking device which was never successfully tested. anyway why are you asking me this?" "when the ship was completed on Cardassia prime the skeleton crew were murdered and the ship impounded luckily though the crew were able to destroy several main power conduits that mean the ship will not operate." "won't the cardassians just replace them with their own conduits?" "no we made sure that only federation conduits will fit in those gaps"

Emily took several deep breaths this was pretty hard to take in

"what do you want me and the firebreather to do?" Emily asked "Colonel Sullivan you are ordered to Cardassia to retrieve the fusion class ship. this will mean infiltrating cardassian space sending in a strike team to rescue the ship and then getting the ship back to Earth in one piece just remember that you will have to replace the power conduits first" "that all?" " no this mission is about an extremeley confidential starfleet project. so only your senior officers and the strike team are to know about the actual mission objective" "Understood Sullivan out"

Emily cut the transmission then thought about what she had heard this was going to be a long game just like a chess match she walked out to the bridge "Senior staff to the conference room now please" Emily said

the senior staff sat in the conference room "you all have the schematics of the fusion class ship?" Emily asked "yes" they replied "right listen that ship is unique and its been impounded by the cardassian military on cardassia prime and we've been ordered to get it back"

everyone mumbled something " ok listen we need to send in a team that can accomplish this and I'll be leading it and I'll be taking only 2 other people with me both should be senior officers. volunteers?" Emily asked

She'Mott looked at what was about to happen. Emily will need someone with battle skills.

"Captain, you can count me in." said She'Mott.

"Thanks, I knew I could count on you to volunteer." said Emily.

"OK, then it is settled, make the necessary arrangements in your shift and grab your weapons and I will provide you with the rest. She'mott I will need your science expertise on this. We will pick up the necessary conduit and such you think you can run it for us?" said Emily.

"Basic science, come on just give me the schematics and the cable and let me have at it." she said with a smile.

"OK, just one more volunteer. Who wants to have a go at the Cardassians" said Emily.

"then i will come to escort the ladies then" Jovak said taking pride that he will be there for the upcomming action with the new captain and his new AXO.

Emily had a look on her face that she made hoping Jovak was kidding around becuse the whole ship should of known of her's and she'mott's recent victory in the tournament. "Very will me and the 2 Kligions will be heading in to the lion's den" Sullivan announced

Emily looked across at both Jovak and She'Mott she woas glad those two had volunteered they were both capable warriors then she noticed O'Reilly step forward "well Emily. me and the marines have spent 6 years watching your back so you can count us in especially as we're trained for this." O'Reilly said "alright then Tim you're in." "thanks"

Emily now turned back to everyone "ok listen heres the plan we warp to cardassia prime, the strike team which is now finalised as myself, She'Mott, Jovak and the marines will beam down to the service and infiltrate the city we'll then proceed to the the impound break in replace the conduits, power the ship up and get out of there. Its at this point the cardassians will probably open fire on the firebreather as they will have just realised our goal. so make sure that you protect the warp engines I want to get both ships out of there in one piece." Emily said then "dismissed"

Emily walked onto the bridge they were still orbiting Earth "Sarah lay in a course for cardassia prime warp factor 7" Emily ordered several non-senior officers turned to Emily as if to say *why are we going to cardassia prime* however Sarah wasn't one of them she just smiled and nodded she knew something big was up "Course plotted and laid in" Sarah responded "engage"

She'mott looked at Jovak as he volunteered. She would have a word with him later about this.

She'mott entered her quarters and the door chimed. She opened and Jovak was standing there smiling at her. She pulled him in and the doors closed.

"Just what do you think you are doing. Trying to protect me, you know I can take care of myself. Jovak you don't need to go to protect me." he put his hand over her mouth.

"You can still ramble on, shut up." as he kissed her and held her tight. "but" he kissed her again pressing her hard against the wall. She relented and held the man she loved. He picked her up and carried her to her bed and started to undress her. She smiled at him and help him to undress. the two of them laying in bed feeling the passion rising between them. Jovak took She'mott hands and held them tightly as he pressed himself on her. She took her legs and wrapped them around his waist and squeezed tightly he moaned with the pain. He looked at her and bit her neck till it started to bleed slightly. She pulled her hands free and grabbed his hair and pulled his face to hers and kissed him biting his lip in the process. So the lovemaking begins each choosing carefully the small amounts of pain to inflict on each other as their passion rises.

Bertus sat back in his chair. It would take 5 hours to reach Cardassia Prime. "Emily, permission to retreat to my quarters for a couple of hours? It will take 4 hours to reach Cardassian Space."

"Permission granted. Jovak, you've got the bridge." Emily left her chair too and walked into the turbolift along with Bertus. Together they went to Bertus' quarters. He opend the door and they entered together and sat down on the couch. "Oh, Bertus. I love you so." Emily said, kissing him.

{meantime Bridge}

Sarah sat at her council. Beside her sat Ensign Phillips. "Okay Sarah. Do you know how to preform an navigation check?" The ensign asked. As Sarah nodded he pointed that she had to do it. Emediately she hit the nessasary buttons.

"Access to Navigation Logs are phohibatat to civilians." The computer replied.

"Sir" Phillips said to Jovak. "Miss Hansman needs access to all Ship's systems."

"I heard." Jovak said. "Computer, grand full system access to Sarah Hansman, Medical Student" (off note: the computer still knows her as a civilian studiing medicine on the FB) "authoristion Jovak 53 Delta 56" The man said.

"This command can only be given by and Colonel Emily Sullivan or Senior Commander Bertus Hansman." The computer replied.

Emily had left Bertus in his quarters and had gone to the holodeck where she met Private Koil 1 of the 3 cardassian privates in the platoon just before the could start talking Jovaks voice cut into the room "Emily we need you to give Sarah access to all the ships systems" Jovak said "ok computer give Sarah hansman medical student access to all ships systems authorisation Sullivan Epsilon delta 707" Emily said "access granted at what rank?" the computer responded "ensign" Emily said (note Sarah isn't an ensign its just to give her access)

Emily then turned back to Koil and between them was a big holographic projector which Emily activated the projector displayed Cardassia Prime. "Ok the Firebreather arrives" Emily said as she punched in a command and a prometheus class ship appeared. This was basically a game Emily was controlling the firebreather and Koil was controlling the cardassian forces. "defence forces around Cardassia prime are 5 Galor class vessels and 1 orbital battle station" Koil said "ok so the firebreather heads towrds the planet" "and gets warned to leave" "I ignore and continue" "final warning" "still continue" "warning shot fired" "I go to red alert and make orbit" "cardassians open fire and the station transmits the infomation about the firebreathers presence to cardassia prime which locks down the city"

Emily smiled and left knowing now she had a greater problem she had to neutralize that station quickly but how was she going to do that?

the firebreather moved slowly towards the planet at red alert "I'm picking up 5 galors and 1 station" the science officer called "ensign target the stations comm array" Emily ordered "the galors have spotted us and are on an intercept course" Sarah said "load the AT56 torpedoes" Emily said "done" "fire them at the stations comm array"

4 at56 torpedoes were sent streaking at the station all hitting the mark "their com array has been destroyed" the ensign at science said "ok then take us into orbit" Emily said "reaching orbit in 2 minutes" Sarah responded "ok then Bertus you have the bridge" Emily said

(transporter room)

Emily walked in fully armed she noticed all the marines were as well armed as she was. Emily also noticed that each strike team member was wearing black it would be easier to blend into the shadows now. "ensign beam the strike team down to the planet" Emily ordered

Infiltrating the city hadn't been a problem a simple matter of climbing the walls then all the team had to do was slowly but surely make their way through the city until they reached the hangar where the fusion class was being held they ran towardsn it until they heard a voice behind them "drop your weapons we have you surrounded" It was a klingon Emily turned round to face him. "now hand over those power conduits" the klingon demanded Emily looked to each marine and then to She'Mott and Jovak "come and get them" Emily said as each strike team member drew weapons then the 2 teams clashed this had not been expected and it got worse when Emily heard the sound of engines behind her the fusion class was taking off the klingons had somehow got around the strike team picked up the power conduits and then taken off. Emily hit her combadge "Sullivan to firebreather beam the strike team out now" Emily said

they were beamed out.

(captains ready room around an hour later) Emily, Bertus and She'Mott were talking about why the klingons would want the fusion class

"typical I should have thought about possible klingon interference" Emily said "I know but nobodys perfect" Bertus said "why would the klingons want the fusion class?" She'Mott asked "I say to use as a mainstream battleship in their fleet" Bertus said "no they can't do that they would need the consent of both starfleet and the cardassians to manufacture them" Emily said "so that means an invasion of Romulus" She'Mott said "not an invasion its destruction" "how?" "target the romulan senates building from orbit fire the federation weaponry at it destroy it the romulans discover federation weapons residue then the romulans declare war on the federation. which means that the klingons jump in on the federations side and finally have an excuse to invade romulan space." Emily said "In that case we need to get that fusion class back" Bertus said "I know so we're going to follow it into the neutral zone and then to Romulus thats more of a lions den than Cardassia Prime" Emily said

"So Emily since it is apparently Klingon's that has done this then it is mine and Jovak's duty to help control the situation." said She'mott.

"I'm not sure how at the moment, but I have to be able to get onto that ship and find out for sure what these rebels are up to. Since we plan to follow them maybe I could take the Ember. With your permission captain. Use it and make like I stole it and join the rebels. Jovak too could come with me and we could try to take the ship back. I just have to figure a way to get them all off the ship so I can take it back. So help with some ideas would be great. I know it will be dangerous, but we have to do this, it is our heritage that is at stake. I personally do not want to see my aged father have to go to battle with the Romulens. I am an only child. I need to keep my family intact. My families honor also. So I will volunteer and ask Jovak to do this with me." said She'mott standing.

"Are you sure that Jovak will be willing to do this with you?" asked Emily.

"Yes ma'am according to Klingon mating rituals we are engaged. It is his duty to not let his mate go to battle alone. He will do this. We love each other very much. We haven't said anything to anyone because we haven't notified our families yet. If anything does happen to us, I only asked we be together to see the Gods." she said.

"That is your wish and it will be followed. Lets see what plans we can come up with and a diversion also. She'mott thank you." said Emily.

Emily looked at She'Mott "ok grab Jovak and make yourselves ready. you have access to the armoury whenever you need it." Emily said as she left the room for the marine area which she arrived at a couple of minutes later to find a dejected platoon sitting around in silence as she walked in O'Reilly stood up "what now for the first time we've failed" O'Reilly said "not yet tim" Emily replied all the marines looked up "what do you mean?" O'Reilly asked "I want the platoon to make our delta flyer class ship look a bit more klingon. you know install klingon weapons, give it a new paint job and stuff." "why?" "Lt Commander She'Mott and Lt Jovak are going undercover onto the fusion class to try and take some of the systems out to enable the possibility of a boarding party" "ok then platoon get to work"


Emily walked in and found that she had a private communication in her ready room she walked in and flicked it on "Emily this message is for captain Rantonia" H'Daen said "H'Daen Captain Rantonias dead I'm the commanding Officer now" "well as sad as I am to see captain Rantonia go I must tell you why I'm talking to you" "which is?" "we're detecting an unknown federation ship in the neutral zone its approximately 5 hours behind you..." "we've overtaken it?" "yes" "ok then please continue" "you wouldn't know anything about this ship would you" "yes I would its the fusion class. a protoype ship which has been hijacked by the klingons. currently 2 of my Officers Lt Commander She'Mott and Lt Jovak both klingons are preparing to infiltrate the fusion class and cripple it so we can ethier board it and retake it or destroy it that will depend on how close to Romulus the fusion class is." "ok then I now wish to assign my warbird squad to help you it consists of 3 warbirds which are the chimea thats mine, the Katch'ener and the vornau" "they're accepted I think you should beam over later so we can come up with a plan of where to engage the fusion class." Emily said "will do"

She'mott went to see Jovak and tell him of the mission. She rang the chime on the door and he opened it. "We need to talk, I have given Emily our word that we will do it." she said walking into his quarters

"What kind of trouble have you gotten us into this time she'mott, the last time you volenteered us for something we had to eat standing up for a month" Jovak remined the woman

We are taking the ship from the Klingon rebels and you and I will infiltrait the ship. We have to dismantel the sheilds and the weapons systems before we enter romulen space or they will blow us and the ship up." she said turning to the man she loves.

 He looked at her "ok now how can we convince then to

take shilds and weapons off in Romulan space, hell i wouldn't even allow the firebreather to do that much less some ship that is like so much less powerful"

"Well we will be like big rats and I will put a overload circut in place and will need you to cover for me as I do. Then we will have to make sure the sheilds are down so that the ship will beam us out in time. I am not sure of any help we may have on this so it may be just me and you doing it all." as she put her arms around him. "You know we still need to notify our families of our decision. I love you Jovak and want us together on this." as she kissed him. He held her tightly and kissed her back.

He wrapped his arms around the female klingon. He smiled and pulled her into himself "I love you too She'mott and i will protect you against all the odds and do my best as a kligion warrior for this mission"

"I know you will my love, that is why I choose you to be with me." she held him close and he pulled her onto the sofa and proceeded to undress her. "Now?" she asked. "We may not be able to again for a while." he smiled at her. "Yes, then now will be good for me also. You know I am yours to have." she said kissing the man as he pulled off her uniform.

4 officers stood in the captains ready room they were Emily, H'Daen,She'Mott and Jovak. infront of them was a map of the neutral zone. "ok listen currently we are around 2 days ahead of the fusion class mainly because its having to fight warbirds all over the place I think our best chance of defeating the fusion class lies in engaging it at this nebula the firebreather and H'daens warbird group will pull up infront of that the fusion class will be forced to drop out of warp in order to pass through it. twe will fire on it but it will not be a full force attack as She'Mott and Jovak will still be on board the fusion class. the plan is to distract the fusion classes attention so that I can lead a boarding party onto the fusion class in an attempt to get it back. however should the fusion class get through our line and into the nebula I will have no choice but to open fire in an attempt to destroy it that is regardless of whether or not She'Mott and Jovak are still on board." Emily said "we understand" She'Mott said "that nebula is huge Emily your only going to open fire when it comes out?" H'daen asked "yes" Emily replied "well thats only 800km from Romulus it could fire from that distance "if it does fire from there then Fireball squadron will be dispatched to destroy any missile fired at romulus." "ok then shall we put this plan into action?" "yes. She'Mott Jovak we've converted a delta flyer for you to use as transport to the fusion class you will only have 3 days before the fusion class reaches the nebula make them count and good luck."

the firebreather pulled up just inside the nebula the previous day She'Mott and Jovak had left for the fusion class those 2 were now on their own until the fusion class got here the 3 warbirds were cloaked and were positioned about 1700km infront of the firebreather which was the last line of defence if the fusion class got past them she would have to destroy it before it got through the nebula which dramatically reduced the chances of beaming out She'Mott and Jovak to around 10%. this was going to be hard she sat with a holo-emitter infront of her all she could tell was that every simulation predicted that the fusion class would get through without destroying any of them it would get through on raw speed alone. but how could she fight her own creation? yes her involvement in the fusion project ran deep it had been her connections with the klingons and the cardassians that had made this fusion class possible now she was on the verge of having to make the decision to destroy it her only hope in not doing so now lay with 2 klingons somewher in the neutral zone

Hansman sat in his quarters. Where they going to get the fusion class back? Or would it just be lost time? He hoped that it would work but he did not have the curage to think they would. They just had to see. See what happens. He left his quester and went to the bridge. He couldn't do anything in his quarters so why not make himself usefull?

On the bridge things were quiet. The normal people on their normal stations. "Report" Hansman said, entering the bridge and walking to the CO chair, were and young ensign was seated.

"Well sir, senors are quiet. There is nothing out there at this moment." The ensign said, leaving the chair, where Hansman was going to sit.

"Okay." Hansman pressed some buttons on his arm councill. Maybe it is a good moment for an battle drill. The man thought. "Hansman to Sullivan. I would like permission for an battle drill. We need to shake everyone up into the cold hard reality."

"Good idea Bertus. Do it. Sullivan out."

"All Hands. Battle Drill. I repeat, Battle Drill. Red Allert!" On the bridge the normal lighting was replaced by red, flashing, lights. The normal lights were minimized. Ensigns running over the bridge. It didn't take long for the senior crew to arive on the bridge. "Ensign." Hansman said to the ensign at tactical. "Why haven't you reported to me that the weopons are ready? And that the shields have been raised?"

"Sorry sir, I forgot." The man said. "It won't happen again.

"You damn right it won't. You will go down to the hollodeck right now, with me. We will practice Tactical Protocol's all night." Hansman stood up. "From now on you will never forget to follow protocoll. Next time you'll go on repport to Colonel Sullivan."

"Yes Sir." The two man left the bridge and went on their way to the Hollodeck

Sarah sat behind her Helm Councill. "Ensign, can I ask you something?" She asked to the man sitting beside her, being her 'department head' that week.


"Why does Commander Hansman punish that ensign in that way. Normaly the ensign would just be corrected and nothing else, right?"

"Well. You are right. But Your uncle, Commander Hansman, thinks that an ensign sould be learned as soon as they can that following protocol can mean the difference between life and death."

"ah. thank you."

{Meanwhile. Hollodeck 2}

"Computer, Load Tactical Training Program 034. Ship Class, Prometheus. Authorisation Hansman 04 Delta 967."

"Program loaded, enter when ready."

Emily stood on the bridge surveying the emptiness of space she had been trying to come up with some possible moves to neutralise the fusion class. as a battle was inevitable the outcome however wasn't yet decided. "ok I want this crew ready for anything so all hands MVAM stations now" Emily said

(2 minutes later) "Charlie section ready" came over the com "Delta section ready" came over the com "all hands normal stations" Emily said

Emily looked around the bridge Sarah was sat at the helm she seemed at ease with the position after all Bertus had let her take the helm a few times during his shifts. "Ensign Phillips" Emily said "yes" "my ready room please"

the 2 of them stepped through the doors "Ensign how do you think Sarah has done so far?" Emily asked "I think shes done brilliantly she knows the console and the manouevers back to front. she could make a great helm officer someday" "well heres what I want you to do. Intergrate her into your department introduce her to the rest of the helm staff take her under your wing teach her everything you know about pilotting this ship." "what do you have in mind?" "I'd like to make her an ensign on this ship someday but thats going to be a while off yet.dismissed".

Emily walked back onto the bridge and looked down to her watch "2 days worth of preparation left" she said

Emily's crew did a great job on the shuttle and She'mott and Jovak easily were accepted on the ship. The two of them had to pass the Captains inspection first. She'mott and Jovak were lead to the bridge. The two presented themselves to Captain Korvoth. He was a mighty Ho'd. She'mott was noticing the limited crew and presented herself to the captain as a science officer. The captain grabbed her by the nape of the neck and pulled her close.

"You know science, how do you come by this knowledge" he asked.

She'mott started to flirt with the captain. "My father was a scientist. I was taught well by him. You are entering a nebula, and will need my expertise on the problems associated with it. My Ho'd." she came close to his face so he could smell her essence. He sniffed her and smiled pulling her close. "And what of the man with you?" he asked. "He is my lover, but that could change." she said smiling at him. "He will assist me. My Ho'd."

"Not so fast little one. My wife may have a go at you first." he said pushing her back. A large Klingon woman came down from the security console to have a go at She'mott. She backed up and pulled out one of the sai that Emily had given her. The woman began to charge She'mott and she held the sai at the woman's throat. "I could kill you, is today a good day to die for you?" She'mott asked. " Cause I am ready to meet the Gods." she said holding firm her position on the woman her hand ready to go for the second sai under her robe.

The captain started to laugh at his mate and waved her back. "You are tricky little one. I like you. Take your position at the console. Show me what you know." said the Ho'd.

"What of the man?" she asked.

"He can help in security. Show him the ship and give him some duties." said the Ho'd

Things were falling in to place. Jovak could wander the ship and tell She'mott the place to put the time delay relay. She could program it from the main console. So far things looked great.

"Sir we have a communication from the JUDGE." said the comm officer to the Ho'd.

"I will take it in the ready room." as he got up to leave the command chair. His wife looked at She'mott and then took the command seat, growling under her breath at She'mott.

Emily was in the ready room she had all the infomation concerning the Fusion class infront of her she was trying to see a weakness even if She'Mott and Jovak got the sheilds down the problem of the ships firepower and back up systems was immence. "computer music" Emily said she was getting too worked up "specify" "erm. Empty chairs at empty tables" the music came on nice and softly. Emily looked at the sheilds on the fusion class even if She'Mott and Jovak got them offline how long would it be before the backup kicked in. that would be their oppotunitie to hit the warp engines she wanted it settled at the nebula not somewhere else after the fusion class had run. A plan was forming in her mind if they could cripple its warp engines then they would be forcing it to fight them and if H'daen could add his arsenal to the salvo the firebreather would fire then they might be able to take the warp engines on the fusion class out then it was a matter of hitting the impulse engines and manipulating the battle so that they could get the fusion class still enough for boarding.

the bridge was silent Emily looked around nothing problematic going on she knew the routine that would have to be followed during the battle it was simple hit them hard and fast before boarding the team would be her and the marines. they would have 2 objectives secure the ship and protect She'Mott and Jovak. things would be hard on the second one if it was discovered that they were starfleet officers. "how long?" Emily asked "around 24 hours" Sarah responded "that charge better go off at the right time" "don't worry Emily it will" Bertus said from the seat to her right

Emily stood up she could not understand why any klingon would want a federation ship it went against every alliance between them in history there must be an unknown factor behind this but who or what?. Emily decided to make her final preparations "all hands Battle stations" Emily said

She'mot had 12 hours still left on the timer. Things were going well so far and all she wanted was for this to be over. She still had the Ho'd's wife watching her every move. After several attempts she found where the JUDGES transmissions were coming from. She gasped as she saw that they came from star fleet. She had to let Jovak know. Who was this traitor to the fleet. She went to find the man she loved all she wanted was for him to take away all the worries even for just a moment so she could be with him.

Jovak put his arm around the thin little kligion vixen who meant so much to him "you look worried, tell me what is bothering you" he told her.

"I finally found out where the transmissions were coming from and well it is from the fleet. Jovak we have a traitor in Star Fleet and if they see us they may know us. I am so scared now. We have to get this ship and not let this person, this traitor, have it" she said.

She followed him as they made their move, one of the officers looked familiar mostly human but for sure had Klingon in her the other was a full human. Jovak and Shemott kept to them selves "keep down and hopefully they won't see us" as they crept towards the ship and seize it by stealth.

"The timer is set and we must somehow get this ship to the nebula and stop it." the two of them stopped outside their shared quarters. Three others were watching them as they were talking. Jovak took She'mott by the nap of the neck and pulled her hair back and kissed her hard to bring blood to her lips. He held her there in the long hard kiss. The three that were following decided that it was a lovers trist and left. The two of them went into the quarters. "Quick thinking lover on your part." she said to him. "Who was thinking you know how I feel about you."

"ok she'mott my fowl beast" he said hoping whoever was bugging the room heard him "time for some shut eye" he leaned close to her "i'll take the first shift and i will wake you in a couple hours" he said in a very low voice hoping that she'mott was the only one who heard him.

She'mott leaned into the man and kissed him. "I love you Jovak." she said to him. "I know" he said back "get some rest, we have a lot of work still to do." whispering to the woman and kissing her. She smiled knowing how much the man loved her and wanted to protect her.

The man remained regidly still as the klaxons shouted about, he knew that they were going after the mystery ship and that they were to face all enemies. But he was not sure who or what they were up against now. He deiced that he would join the battle fronts on the bridge seeing on how they had been serverly short staffed with the two others making their way into the nebula.

As he walked onto the main bridge of the prometheus class vessel he noticed the klingon warships. "Captain should we take precautions?" Asked Cdr. Hansman to her right, "I think tha would be wise, they may want to beam on board and take over."Sullivan said to the man on her right. "Very well i will get on it right away to deploy security and marines." "Maybe we should send medical officers out with them Commander." Dragomire interupted. "Good Idea Doctor, i was thinking the same thing." The captain said from her command char,"You stay up here, just in case.. you know." "I had no intention of leaving Colonel." he smiled at the woman, even though she made her feelings clear as a bell, he still had some feelings for her, he made his way down the causeway to join the XO and CO in the command Triage. Just as he sat down, the bridge exploded with action, the klingons have opened fire. "Return fire, full volley." Hansman said from the left, the Colonel raised her hand in appreciation but to hold off fire. "Colonel?" "Wait a tick..."

Emily looked at the fusion class and then at her watch "Emily I'm detecting a power surge coming from the fusion class" the ensign at science said "their sheilds are going down" "well done She'Mott. ok then all ships lock all weapons onto the fusion classes warp core now ready to fire on my command" Emily said "weapons locked" the tactical officer said "fire"

the 3 warbirds and the firebreather opened fire easily destroying the fusion classes warp core meanwhile Emily was on the com channel to H'daen "ok H'daen withdraw your warbirds into the nebula" Emily said "meanwhile all marines to the ember its boarding time"

(5 minutes later)

the ember left the firebreather and flew cloaked towards the fusion class "prepare the plasma beam to fire at the shuttlebay doors" Emily ordered "ready" Sardin replied "fire"

the shuttlebay doors blew apart and the ember drifted in and landed "ok people lets go" Emily said

the marines slowly but surely made their way through the ship meeting no resistance until 2 klingons stepped out infront of them "hold fire. its She'Mott and Jovak" Emily said "you took your time. listen theres something you need to know Emily..." She'Mott began "lets retake the ship first then you can tell me" "ok"

the strike team headed for the bridge and reached it when they entered they saw the entire rebel crew standing ready for a battle "on behalf of the United Federation of Planets you are all under arrest" Emily said "make us under arrest" Korvoth replied "marines attack"

the marines dashed in. Emily and She'Mott kept within around 2 feet of each other as Emily found herself fighting Korvoth and She'Mott was fighting Korvoths wife. Emily struck blow after blow onto korvoth and eventually disarmed him before placing the tip of ne of her katanas to his chest "you lived as a rebel you die without honour" Emily said as she delivered the killing blow

all around her the rebels were being killed She'Mott had been joined in the fight against Korvoths wife by O'Reilly and Jovak and they momentarily killed her. The battle was over and Emily turned to She'Mott "now what was it you wanted to tell me?" Emily asked

The ship was there's again and She'mott told Emily of the transmissions from the fleet. She had been waiting for another call from the one they called the JUDGE. He was predictable at the very least.

The marines assembled at the shuttle craft and took both crafts back to the Firebreather. Em, She'mott and Jovak stayed on the fusion class ship to pilot it home. They were entering the nebula as the JUDGE called.

Emily directed She'mott to put it on the view screen.

"What are you doing you idiot!" yell a man in a Admirals uniform form star fleet.

"This is to be a private transmission. Turn this damn thing off. I demand it of you." he said.

Emily stepped in front of the view screen. "So we meet again." she said to the man.

Emily stared at the admiral she recognised him Admiral Peak she motioned She'Mott towards her which she did "Its ok Admiral shes our prisoner" She'Mott said "good" Peak replied "you want her executed?" "no leave her alive I shall be arriving shortly. I will execute her. Peak out"

the viewscreen went black and Emily turned to She'Mott "good acting" Emily said then she pressed the communication button to the firebreather "Bertus withdraw into the nebula immediately" She ordered "yes ma'am" Bertus replied

(15 hours later)

Admiral Peak walked onto a darkened fusion class bridge Jovak was stood in the centre of the bridge with his back to Peak "captain Korvoth?" Peak asked "yeah" Jovak said "where is Sullivan?" Emily stepped out behind Peak phaser raised "right here peak" Emily said

Peak made a dash towards the turbolift but She'Mott stepped infront of him "What is this?" Peak asked "allow me to introduce you to Lt Commander She'Mott and Lt Jovak 2 very good officers in my crew" Emily said "your crew?" "yes I'm the Firebreathers Commanding Officer now" "oh yeah" Peak said and he lunged at her pushing her onto the floor Emily fought back and managed to push him off her before he grabbed She'Mott and put a phaser against her head Jovak froze as did Emily though she still had her phaser raised "drop your weapon if you want her to live" Peak said "you wouldn't kill her" Emily said "oh I would" "alright then" Emily said as she dropped her phaser and kicked it towards Peak "thank you" Peak said as he pushed She'Mott forward Emily rolled to one side.

Peak was almost at the turbolift when he fell he looked around at Emily who had a disruptor which had just been fired in her hands "so you kill me" Peak said "No. I only kill those who are honourable those who aren't I just get rid of" Emily said then to Jovak "get onto the helm and set a course for Earth at maximum warp. She'Mott send a message to the firebreather and tell them to do the same"

End of mission notes

an admirable performance considering what had happened before this

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