Into the Woods(2014 Spoof) is an coming soon all Star Cast Spoof featuring the characters from their Fairy Tales coming together.


Maleficent(2014)-The Witch

Padme Amidala-The Baker's Wife

Aragorn-The Baker

Melody(The Little Mermaid II)-Cinderella

Wilbur Robinson-Cinderella's Prince

Queen Athena: Jack's Mother

Ursula(The Little Mermaid): Cinderella's Stepmother

Alex the Lion: The Wolf

Sabrina Spellman(1999/2003/2013 Cartoon Series): Little Red Riding Hood

Hiro Hamada-Jack

Sandy Cheeks-Rapunzel

Spongebob Squarepants-Rapunzel's Prince

Heather(Total Drama) & Amy(Total Drama): Florinda & Lucindia

Sarabi-Little Red Riding Hood's Grandmother

Ariel(TLM): Cinderella's Mother

Constance(Monster House): The Giant's Wife

Eugene Krabs: Prince's Steward

Mufasa: The Baker's Father

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