• to have a fun and FRIENDLY competition.

Expected Behavior

  • Objective: to keep the tourney fun and drama to a minimum.
  • since tourney is for fun, and the winner gets....well...nothing, please keep it positive.
  • no hacking, obviously.
  • no hacking accusations please. Everyone in cC is supposed to be clean. If you really think someone is hacking, quietly record a demo and post it in the members section, and it will be dealt with there.
  • if you don't think that you can just have fun doing this, don't sign up to play.
  • no trick sprays, as in sprays that look like a T or CT, etc.

Selection of Captains

  • Objective: to get the ball rolling.
  • captains will be selected from those willing by the organizers.

Selection of Teams (Drafting)

  • Objective: evenly distribute players by skill level (thereby avoiding team stacking)
  • teams consist of eight players.
  • all potential players will be divided into Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III players; the player tier is completely determined by their KPD on the cC stats page as of 1/15/2008.
    • Tier I players: KPD of 1.5 or above
    • Tier II players: KPD of 1.0 to 1.5 (not including 1.5)
    • Tier III players: KPD below 1.0
  • Each team has 8 slots to fill..2 Tier I, 4 Tier II, and 2 Tier III.
  • There will be seven draft rounds to fill out your roster. Before each drafting round, the organizers draw straws to determine the order in which the captains draft in that round.
  • In each draft round, the captain is to fill your highest tier slot that is still unfilled. You may fill a Tier X slot with a player of skill X or lower.
  • EXCEPTION: if no team has an available slot for a higher Tiered player, you may draft that player (if available, obviously) for a lower tiered slot. Example: if there is a Tier II player still in the pool to be picked, AND every team has already filled out their Tier II slots, you may pick a Tier II player to fill a Tier III slot.

Match Times

  • Objective: set up a specific time so that people know what to expect.
  • the team captains are responsible for working out an acceptable time for the match. Once a time and date has been agreed upon, it may not be changed unless both captains agree. Also, one the match time is set, the captain must let both Cryptic and SaYnt know.


  • Objective: allow for fair substitutions in the event that someone on a team cannot (or does not) come.
  • if a team is short players, they may choose up to one sub, from any source. However, the sub must be a regular on the cC server, so that we have a reliable KPD to be able to rank the Tier of the player. The sub must be of the correct Tier (or lower) to fill in the slot of a missing player. For example, if a Tier II player is missing, you can pull a sub from either Tier II or Tier III. And remember that you are subbing for a *slot*, not a *player*. So if you got lucky enough to fill a Tier II slot with a Tier I player, your sub must still be in Tier II or below.
  • if your team is short, you have 15 minutes to find a sub (meaning, the match can start 15 minutes later than the agreed upon time between the two captains). If the opposing captain says it's OK, you can wait longer to start the match, but if he doesn't, you have to start the match.
  • if the team is still short, they can either choose to play short, or forfeit that particular match.


  • double elimination bracket, five teams.


  • Objective: use our custom maps while keeping the match time to about 1 hour or less.
  • no awp's or autosnipers.
  • friendly fire is ON.
  • the tourney will be played on a set of maps to be determined by the organizers. One map per bracket level.
  • 24 rounds will be played per match. Half as T, and half as CT.
  • if the teams are tied 12-12, then overtimes start. An overtime is 4 extra rounds (2 as T and 2 as CT). The overtimes continue until someone wins outright.
  • Please take a screenshot at the end of each half to show the scoreboard, and post the results in the cC forums.

Role of the Organizers

  • it is impossible to cover every situation that arises, so if a question comes up, the tourney organizers have final say on the issue.

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