Three Newcomers


Um.... This doesn't really look like an excellent place to join in, but...may I join you? I've never RP'ed on a forum before, but looking over the last couple pages of this tournament has got me interested. Actually, this is the first time I've actually looked much at any of the FFD threads....heheh...:-)

Anyhow, as I expect that fsa will let me in even at this late-ish point in the game (I cite "Final Fantasy Dynamics - Pravoka II: Post 1" ;-), allow me to introduce myself.....

In a darkened room, a short, stubby fellow stumbles out of bed. He stretches...yawns greatly...waddles to the chest where he keeps his robes. Even through the shuttered windows he can see sunlight piercing through. Today's another bright one, isn't it? he thinks. It must be late already, too! Oversleeping--again! He makes his way toward a tall wooden hat rack near the door, plucking from the bottom post a tall, pointy straw hat and pulling it down over his eyes. He takes several thick volumes from his nightstand and tucks them under his arm, ready to start his day, when he notices strange noises from outside. What is all of this racket? he wonders, his hand on the doorknob. He turns the knob, slowly opening the portal. Sunshine washes over his hat just as he sees the melee, and a white color washes over his face (trust me, it does). "Eek!" he screams, in a surprisingly shrill tone, tossing his books into the air as he slams the door shut and quickly puts his back to it. "What am I walking into?!" he says aloud, his worried heart pounding with horror as he realizes: "Oh, dang-ers, I dropped all my books outside!"

I present to you--X, the Black Mage! :-D


[Welcome aboard, X. I will assemble your intro quest either for a mini-update tonight or for the full update tomorrow. As you have read, the main group is in the midst of a 2v2 arena battle for the head merchant's 4-person cruiser.]


[This looks like a good time for me to enter eh? I didn't look forward to adventuring alone so I can join X now can't I?]

*A quick glance through the mage's books proved to be little interest to the so-called "thief." After a quick dash past the battleground of heroes, XScorpion felt that a solo quest might not be the wisest. Instead, he gathers up the fallen texts and walks around the mage's house to the backyard. Placing the books in a neat pile on the ground, he begins to slowly construct a devious strangling trap that would capture the mage and maybe torture him for a little information on Kary. The thought makes him feel a little guilty, but vengeance has overcome his normally calm and subtle conscience. The fiend's victory had humiliated him and cost him dearly. XScorpion would never rest until he had brutally murdered the one who cut out his tongue.*


I'd like to get involved on this as well, if at all possible, with a Fighter named Keeo.

{Taking his seat at the arena as a battle royal between twelve stalwart warriors, Keeo looked on in amusement as the Red Mages were targeted by the bulk of the competitors. Turning to another spectator, he remarked that he had expected the Red Mages to try leading the others in an alliance against some of the heavy hitters. Watching on as the one called Undine tried reasoning with the others, it seemed to Keeo that the others must have some deep-seated resentment of Red Mages to continue pressing the attack so brazenly. Suddenly, something seemed to come over one of the Black Mages, as a dangerous glint shone in the man's eyes. "Hold on... he's casting something at US," Keeo realized at the last moment as sleep took him. Waking a few moments later, he saw that many of the spectators had been knocked unconscious as well. This was no longer a safe place to be. Torn between staying to view the outcome of the battle and leaving before things got out of hand - weapons had not been allowed in the crowd, he recalled with regret at leaving his trusty blade behind - he agonized over the decision for a few long moments before departing the arena.}


[Perfect timing. I much prefer integrating two or more adventurers at the same time.

Welcome aboard! This is your introductory quest meant to get you some quick levels before uniting with some of the main group. You've entered in what should be a very interesting time.] =)

Twelve Uneven Piles of Gold

Xscorpion had just finished setting up the trap and hid behind a bush. From his cover, he heard padded footsteps but it was too late. A man with a mohawk rounded the corner to the mage's house and, as his first knuckle knocked on the door, his foot was swept into the trap which swung him upside down by his ankles. He chuckled and muttered to himself near inaudibly, "oldest trick in the book." Then louder with a grin, "you can come out now. I won't attack."

Xscorpion emerged from his cover as the Mohawk Man produced a dagger and freed himself in one agile motion. "Be with you in a moment, kiddo." He opened the door and a black mage tumbled out spraying books everywhere -- apparently the mage was just about to reach for the handle. The Mohawk Man continued, "X, meet Xscorpion. Xscorpion, meet X. Follow me."

The two walked silently behind the purposeful Mohawk. They were walking towards the arena, and just as suavely as he had selected the two of them, he put his arm around a burly man leaving the arena from a crowd of other fleeing spectators. They walked to an ally between two houses before the four stopped.

Introductions were then made. The crew consisted of X the black mage, Xscorpion the thief, and Keeo the fighter. The Mohawk Man quickly cut to the chase. "Listen. Thanks to my merchanteering business, I possess nearly 9,000g awaiting transport within these very city walls. I have been in this town watching and waiting, and I have selected the three of you to be my partners. You see, there are so many thieves and pirates in this town that I had to do some surveillance before picking just anyone. Just to show I am in this with you, I took an advance of 1,500g to provide you with some starting equipment."

He continued, handing out the prizes as he continued. "For you Keeo, I purchased this finely tempered hand axe. X, you are my veritable fire and ice, so I went through the additional expense of importing FIRE from Cornelia and bought ICE. And last but not least, I purchased a Scimitar and four healing potions for you, Xscorpion. Each of you will be provided an additional 500g upon successful delivery of my merchant profits." The three hesitantly agreed to do this, mostly because all three were destitute and the money would go a long ways toward improving their standard of living.

"Very good. Vandals recently burned down my quaint hut northeast of this village. It has recently been rebuilt and that is the target of the 10,000g. I will await you there. Now go quickly."

The three made their way to the arena waiting room, and as the Mohawk Man predicted, there was 8,634g divided into twelve uneven piles. They made their way northeast from the city between the forest and the shoreline, but were noticed shortly into their quest.


X gingerly took hold of the doorknob, wanting to retrieve his books, but fearing what may accidentally hit him if he ventured out. Suddenly, the door was yanked open, pulling him out and onto his...hat. "Oomph!" he uttered in surprise. "Ow, that stang-ers!" he whined, brushing the dust off his flowing robe. He was greeted by a Mohawk and a thief, and soon thereafter by a fighter as well. The Mohawk laid out his plans, at one point saying, "X, you are my veritable fire and ice, so I went through the additional expense of importing FIRE from Cornelia and bought ICE."

"Um, th-th-thankers, but I'm not skilled enough to use ICE y--"

The Mohawk hurriedly brushed him off, ignoring the fact that SLEP or even LOCK would have been more useful at the moment. However, he was broke, and he couldn't argue with the reward money or the spell donation. So, the three set off.

Battle 1

[Battle begins. GrIMP1234, IMP123]


{At first, Keeo was unimpressed by the fast-talking man seeking his attention on his way out of the arena. He was no delivery service, and lugging someone ELSE'S gold around held little interest for him. Then the mohawked man pulled out a gleaming axe and offered it to him. The axe was a far superior weapon to the rapier he had been forced to trade for a pallet behind the city's inn. The offer of a further 500 gold pieces made this deal a must-take for Keeo, even if it meant travelling through the wilderness with a pair of strangers. The trio began their journey toward the man's "quaint hut," but it wasn't long before the edge of the forest exploded with movement, as seven beasts looking for easy prey attacked. "So... a chance to test this axe in battle," Keeo muttered happily as he squared off with the first GrIMP. "Stay behind me, mage," he cautioned X, continuing with "your magicks will protect you, but you won't last long hand to hand with these monsters." Charging forward, swinging his axe with reckless abandon, Keeo felt alive for the first time in weeks.}

Keeo attacks GrIMP1


XScorpion's initial feelings are a slight bit of anger in that the foolish Mohawk Man decided it would be better to waste money on healing potions, when buying armor would be much cheaper and in time, absorb enough damage to be more valuable. XScorpion sighs and remembers that not everyone in the world has common sense.

Seeing that Keeo has already gone berserk and begun battle without considering any tactics whatsoever, XScorpion feels at least he can direct the remaining member of this ensemble.


"So, XScorpion, how are you today?" X asked smilingly. Even without seeing his face, it was easy to tell the young man had a very happy-go-lucky demeanor. This demeanor was not returned by XScorpion, however, who silently scowled and said nothing. X swiftly turned to Keeo: "How are you today, Keeo? Better than XScorp, I hopers...." Suddenly, a battle ensues! Imps to the slaughter! XD

Heeding Keeo's advise, and seeing XScorpion's signal, gleefully exclaimed, "Righters, exactly what I was thinking! I've never been in battle before, but I have a thorough grounding in theory!" He stood at the ready, preparing to cast his First. Spell. Ever. Well, here goes nothing....

Round 1

Xscorpion: 1-Hit 15-Damage against IMP1. Terminated. The thief draws first blood.

X: Casts Fire on GrIMP2 for 38. Terminated with a very nice opening blast.

GrIMP1: 1-Hit 16-Damage against Xscorpion

GrIMP3: Misses against Keeo

GrIMP4: 1-Hit 12-Damage against Keeo. The armorless adventurers feel the brunt of each landed blow.

IMP2: 1-Hit 4-Damage against Xscorpion

IMP3: Misses against Keeo

Keeo: 1-Hit 40-Damage against GrIMP1. Terminated as the axe cleaves the imp at the waist.

[Keeo 23/35, Xscorpion 10/30, X 25/25. GrIMP34 IMP23 remain. Please enter your commands.]


  • The bloody cuts that covered half of XScorpion's body made him swear to kill the Mohawk Man as soon as he had the power to be 100% certain of beating him. XScorpion began to question if the 500 gold was worth the hazards of the region, and made him especially furious at the idiot Mohawk Man who wouldn't give him as much as a leather glove. Luckily, XScorpion at least has a decent supply of health in the potions on his belt*
  • XScorpion points at Keeo, faces GrImp 3 and makes a karate chop motion*
  • XScorpion points at X, faces imp3, makes a fist and stretches his hand out with his thumb leading*


Oh noes, oh noes, XScorp's in troubles! And I'm not sure exactly what he's trying to say to me this time...dang-ers, why don't you just talk! I keep trying to talk to him, but he just scowls back...I don't think I'm getting on his good side....

And now I'm in troubles! I need to save my other magic charge for an emergency, cause if I do that again, then I can't do that again, again! All I've got is my short, stubby arms, and they've got long arms, and daggers...and they're so dirty! Ooooh, I wish we had some armor! How far do we have to go after this?! I'm worried we may have taken a suicide mission.... I guess I'll just close my eyes and go for it! Chaaarge!


{As Keeo faced off with the first GrIMP, two others approached him from behind and savagely attacked. One missed, but the other managed to carve out a portion of his unprotected flesh. One of the smaller IMPs closed in on him as well, but did not strike him. This battle suddenly took on a new meaning... clearly, these beasts were fighting to the death. "So be it," Keeo muttered, as he felled his target in a single blow. Taking a moment to check on his current comrades, he saw that X's magic had indeed allowed him to destroy a foe as well, but that while XScorpion stood over a fallen enemy, he had suffered grievous wounds in the melee. Keeo had to inwardly admit some surprise at this, as the fellow seemed somewhat nimble. Wisely, XScorpion prepared to down one of the healing potions he had been provided, and he began to direct traffic, after a fashion. Seemingly, he was signalling Keeo to attack the GrIMP that had missed him. Though it was not his first inclination, Keeo nodded. Besides, this seemed like a good way to work towards a level of trust with these odd men he had come to travel alongside. "Yes... I'll save this bold one for last." As he prepared to swing, out of the corner of his eye he saw X charging at the smaller IMP that had attempted to stab him and barked a laugh. "Come on, then," he challenged the GrIMP. "You can see that none of us fear you! Perhaps you thought we'd be easy meat, but you'll join your dead friends soon enough!" And with that, he swung his axe again.}

Keeo attacks GrIMP3

This is true, at present Keeo is an accomplice in the theft of everyone else's gold. If that whole deal gets resolved without too much bloodshed, I'm up for about anything, especially if it involves me getting some armor as you mentioned.

I'm really interested to see what's going to happen when Undine and anyone else who gets eliminated discovers the missing gold. Hopefully it won't be a case of shoot first and ask questions later, given the level 1 armorless state of this intrepid band of gold transporters, but I guess we'll see, eh?

Round 2

GrIMP3: 1-Hit 8-Damage against Xscorpion. [Yikes, these early battles are always tight]

Xscorpion: Uses a Heal Potion on Xscorpion for 30HP

Keeo: 1-Hit 40-Damage against GrIMP3. Terminated. Keeo gains confidence with his swordplay.

IMP3: Misses against Keeo

GrIMP4: Misses against Xscorpion

X: Misses against IMP3

IMP2: 1-Hit 5-Damage against Keeo

[Keeo 18/35, Xscorpion 30/30, X 25/25. GrIMP4 IMP23 remain. Please enter your commands.]


{Keeo's words did not appear to affect the GrIMP, if indeed it could even understand them. It sneered, and sliced at XScorpion just as Keeo's axe pierced its skin, leaving the creature as little more than a twitching mass on the ground. Fortunately, XScorpion's healing potion went to good use, apparently negating not only the GrIMP's final attack, but the man's other wounds as well. X's brazen unarmed charge failed to strike his target, but even so, the battle had definitely turned in their favor now. With only one GrIMP remaining, the same one that had struck Keeo moments ago, he knew exactly where his axe was headed. One of the IMPs sliced its jagged knife down his arm, causing Keeo to grimace slightly. It was time to end this fight.}


Things were looking up for XScorpion. While he took out the healing potion a grey imp slashed his throat, but not before he chugged down the potion. It quickly went to work and brought him back to perfect condition. XScorpion smirked and began his assault.


[As far as X's story is concerned, I don't have much to add right now. Just his odd way of speaking with personal-use curse words, and his occasional stutter. Oh, his studiousness and dislike of sunlight, too. I have a little backstory in mind, which I'll reveal when the time seems right, but right now I'll just stick with the slapstick comedy. We'll see what happens when the 12 Angry Men--oops, I mean 12 Angry People, sorry Undine--catch up with us. ;-) ]

"Oomph!" said X as he fell flat on his face for the second time that day. "Oh hackers, curse these stubby arms!" He raised up, taking time in the middle of the melee to dust off his robe--he obviously wasn't accustomed to battle. Once he was satisfactorily clean for the time being, he looked around him, seeing that Keeo was attacking the last of the big imps, and XScorpion was now one hundred percent healthy, and targeting X's imp! "Hey, th-th-that's one's m-mine!" he shouts, putting up his short arms in a comedic fighting pose. X suddenly came to his senses, his theoretical training convincing him that holding any sort of grudge against his ally was not a good idea. Quickly pressing the B Button before the theif could notice he was being targeted, he redirected his attack toward an actual foe.

Round 3

X: Misses against IMP2. X looks in bewilderment first at his fists, then at the imp. Xscorpion: 1-Hit 19-Damage against IMP3. Terminated. GrIMP4: 1-Hit 10-Damage against Xscorpion IMP2: 1-Hit 4-Damage against Xscorpion Keeo: 1-Hit 33-Damage against GrIMP4. Terminated.


Xscorpion: 1-Hit 13-Damage against IMP2 Victory: Party members gain 60 experience and 30 gold

As the fracas reached its end, X noticed two ogres walking south along the coastline towards them. He grabbed the arms of his two larger comrades and coaxed them into the brush where they progressed north undercover, albeit a bit more slowly. It was dusk when they reached the mud hut, which looked to be quickly and recently constructed with two entryways opposite one another.

With Keeo and X keeping watch, XScorpion entered the building first. It was abandoned with no sign of recent habitation save a mildly warm iron stove. The group was exhausted from their first encounter and elected to rest the night before investigating further. So, until daylight, they took turns uneventfully keeping watch while the others slept and recovered HP/MP.

[Normally I wait to advance until the quest ends, but given you rested in the middle...]

X is now L2! 25HP, Str, Int, Vit, L1 and L2 spell charge

Xscorpion is now L2! 27HP, Str, Agi, Luk

Keeo is now L2! 26HP, Str, Agi, Vit

Keeo was on watch in the morning. He sat with his back to the wall, using his periphery to observe the entries. They had been tracked through the night by a partition of pirates, and it was time to defend the gold they transported.

Battle 2

Battle begins. [Entry targets PIRATE1234. Exit targets PIRATE5678. Please pick a door and enter your command]


  • XScorpion could have SWORN he heard someone taking a few steps towards him from behind, but when he glanced over his shoulder, there was nothing but a innocent-looking X with his hands behind this back and a stupid grin on his face.

XScorpion grunted and returned to his target*

[XScorpion, seeing as he is surrounded, looks to his companions for tactics. Seeing blank stares on their faces, he decides that the best solution would be to charge to one side and attack all the pirates there, so that they only have to fight 4 at a time, until the other 4 come over.]

Keeo’s Backstory

Having dispatched the remaining IMPs, Keeo at last felt a sense of accomplishment again. It had been some time since his failure and self-imposed exile, and in all that time, luck had not once been with him. Whether his fortunes had turned or it was merely his new comrades that had caused this change was impossible to say. The three made their way to the mohawked man's mud hut, and began to rest. At least, that was the goal. Rest did not come easily for Keeo, despite the exhaustion of the day's journey and battle. Between watches, he slept fitfully, as his mind wandered back to what had led him down this path.

Six months ago...

Keeo and his mage friend Keyser had spent a month among the dwarves. Keyser's magic and Keeo's strength had proven helpful to Nerrick, who had been trying to open a canal between the Aldi Sea and the rest of the world's oceans. Keeo and Keyser hoped to travel to the west in search of the dwarf Jim, who had gone to find the source of the planet's rot, but had delayed in order to help Nerrick with his digging. Eventually, the digging stalled, as the crews hit a stone blockage that would require a higher-power explosion than Keyser could muster. Heading south, the two hoped to find assistance in clearing the blockage. Along the way, the pair came across a ruined castle. The lone man inside begged for their help, telling them that his crown had been lost in the Marsh Cave. Keeo was willing to search, but Keyser had heard of the Marsh Cave, and as they departed, warned him that they would not survive the attempt.

But Keeo wouldn't hear of it. This man claimed his crown would let him restore his castle to its former self, after all, which meant it had great power. If there was that much power here in the land of the elves, surely they could find something else to let them open the canal. Keyser acquiesced, but was far from enthusiastic. His hesitance proved to be with reason. The two found the Marsh Cave easily enough, but as they entered the dank hole in the ground, it quickly became clear that they were in over their heads. Assaulted by poisonous beasts and undead monstrosities, their health rapidly diminished. On only the first level of the cave, Keyser died of his injuries. Stricken with grief, Keeo tried to carry him out of the cave in hopes of finding a priest who could revive his friend. But this would not come to pass, as some terrible curse must have hung over the cave. Just before reaching the exit, Keyser began to stir. In an awful twist of fate, Keyser had become one of the same zombies that Keeo had been fending off.

In order to survive, he had to destroy the undead creature bearing his friend's own face. Escaping the cave in the aftermath, Keeo sold off most of his belongings in Elfland in order to buy passage to Pravoka on a merchant ship. He wanted to get as far away from what he already considered his former life as he could. His misfortunes continued as the ship was attacked and boarded by pirates, and as an able-bodied man, he was offered the choice of joining them or dying. He chose death, lunging at the pirates with everything he had left. In the brawl that followed, he was thrown overboard, and was eventually washed ashore, bloody and penniless. Finally, he made it to Pravoka, but without even enough wealth to his name to afford a single night at the inn. The innkeeper took pity on him, and allowed him a pallet out back in exchange for the last item he had remaining, his sword. Since then, he has remained, waiting for some sign, some way to redeem himself for Keyser's fate.


Awaking with a start, Keeo took the last watch earlier than expected. He would find no more rest this night. Sitting, watching over X and XScorpion as they slept, he wondered what it was like to be able to sleep so easily. After so long, he found he had forgotten. Sounds of movement approaching the hut soon followed, and whether friend or foe, this was no time to be the only one awake. Waking the others proved to be the right move, as a bevy of pirates surrounded the hut. XScorpion headed for one side of the hut, beckoning the others to follow. But Keeo had other ideas. Hefting his axe, he headed for the entrance. "X, stand with him. I will hold these four, or die. And if I die... I will still hold them." The pirates chuckled at Keeo's boast, but they would soon be silenced by the cleaving blade of his axe. Death came for the first pirate.

Keeo attacks PIRATE1


[Suddenly Keeo charges in the complete opposite direction towards the other 4 pirates. Furious, XScorpion is forced to follow the crazed beserker to the other 4 pirates at the entrance door. XScorpion hopes that X at least is smart enough to realize that taking on 4 pirates alone is suicide for any one of us, and it would be wiser to fight 4 pirates, and kill as many as you can before you have to tackle all. It would be complete suicide to fight all 8 pirates at once, so moving to one side of the room temporarily disables half of them - a wise maneuver, but too wise for the beserker to comprehend. Thus, XScorpion has no option but to follow Keeo to the entrance door].

X X is woken suddenly by Keeo, and immediately all hackers breaks loose.

XScorpion jumps to one side of the room, Keeo leaps to the other, shouting brave battle cries, and XScorpion switches sides to join Keeo, giving X a look that seems to say "Follow me if you want to survive!" However, although X's body is clumsy, his mind is sharper than his demeanor lets on--and before automatically rushing into his erstwhile ally's battle plan, his mind slips into analysis mode and he forms his own. X knows his reasoning isn't perfect, but he has no more time. He bravely takes a stand on the opposite front, readying the only weapon that has treated him well thus far.

"Guys, I've gone over the numbers again and again, and I actually think I'd like to join you over there...but I'm afraid that if I leave these four, they'll get to our cargo! If XScorpion and I take this side, I think enough Pirates might miss Keeo so that he can survive 2 rounds, maybe, which will be long enough for us to take out this half, and we won't even break a sweat! Then we join him on the final front, step in front of him to absorb hits for him 'cause I'm sure we'll still be healthy enough, and you heal him while he and I carry out the final blows against the last two Pirates! But it would have to be okay with Keeo...he'd be the one with his life most in danger! What do you say?!"

Round 1

PIRATE2: Misses against Keeo

PIRATE4: 1-Hit 9-Damage against Keeo

Keeo: 1-Hit 45-Damage against PIRATE1. Terminated.

PIRATE3: 1-Hit 11-Damage against Keeo

Xscorpion: 1-Hit 14-Damage against PIRATE6. Terminated.

PIRATE8: Misses against Xscorpion

PIRATE7: 1-Hit 13-Damage against X

X: Casts Fire on PIRATE5 for 19. Terminated.

[Keeo 41/61, Xscorpion 57/57, X 37/50. PIRATE234 remain at the entry, PIRATE78 remain at the exit. Please enter your commands.]


{It was only as the first pirate fell to the ground dead that Keeo realized that this was his first human victim since the demise of Keyser. He hesitated for the briefest of moments, and was punished for it as another pirate slashed at him with his curved sword. "If you value your lives, leave now, and do not return," Keeo warned the other three pirates. Again, laughter was the only response. Did these men not value their lives, he wondered. What could cause them to... the gold. Of course. No doubt they had agreed to split the gold amongst themselves, and if a few of them happened to die while attempting to steal it, that just meant more for the rest. "Fine, curse you! If death is what you crave, then you'll get what you want! What follows is your own faults!" Though he regretted it on some level, Keeo readied himself to kill again. The one who struck him first would be the next to fall.}


X saw with much relief that the battle wasn't turning out anything like his worst fears. Keeo was okay, XScorpion was fine, and all he himself had suffered was a hard bump to the head. The thief motioned for the black mage to join the fighter on the other side of the hut, but X wasn't certain that it was the best idea. "I hate to disagree, but I think Keeo will be fine, and if I stay here with you, we can take care of this side completely with one more attack! And I don't think I can get to him fast enough to help with the fighting over there... I hopers you d-d-don't mind, Mister XScorpion, sir?" he stammered, hoping for a reply that didn't include XScorpion hating him forever.


[The stubborn X, refusing to obey XScorpion's commands, decided not to follow his advice and assist Keeo, instead opting to "take care of this side completely," even though that served absolutely no purpose. Obviously X failed to realize that it was possible for Keeo to die from three pirate attacks, however unlikely, yet that chance would be diminished by X's presence. In fact, XScorpion figured X must be quite cowardly, knowing that it was near impossible for two pirates to kill him with XScorpion at his side, and refused XScorpion's order since it was more likely for him to die on the other side. XScorpion just sighed and returned to his task: not everyone was as wise as him, and if X's choice led to Keeo's death, XScorpion would be sure that X would never forget it.]


X, afraid for his life and seeing no response from the silent thief, sulked over to Keeo's side

Round 2

X: Casts Fire on PIRATE2 for 29 . Terminated.

PIRATE3: Misses against X

PIRATE4: Misses against Keeo

Keeo: 1-Hit 49-Damage against PIRATE3. Terminated.

PIRATE7: 1-Hit 11-Damage against Xscorpion

PIRATE8: Misses against Xscorpion

Xscorpion: Misses against PIRATE7

[Keeo 41/61, Xscorpion 46/57, X 37/50. PIRATE4 remains at the entry, PIRATE78 remain at the exit. Please enter your commands. I will autobattle if this next round does not end the battle.]


{As Keeo squared off with the three pirates, suddenly one of them was engulfed in flames. Glancing back, he saw X approaching from the opposite end of the hut, grinning at his effectiveness. The remaining two pirates seemed stunned by this turn of events, as their slashes were wild and badly off the mark. Keeo hacked away at his intended target, leaving only one pirate at the entrance. "Well done, X," Keeo said to the mage. "Now help XScorpion finish off the pirates at the other door. This last one... is mine," he finished grimly, swinging his axe one more time.


The battle has gone much better than X's initial disastrous analysis. Feeling much more at ease, he breaks from the fray and stands in a thoughtful pose pondering an old wives' tale that his mother had told him every night from as far back as he could remember. I wonder, he mused, if there really would some dire consequence if I neglected to hold in the RESET button while turning the POWER off when I go to bed.... Determining that now may not be the best time to reflect on such things, he rejoined the battle.}

Round 3

Xscorpion: Misses against PIRATE7

X: Casts Fire on PIRATE8 for 28. Terminated.

Keeo: 1-Hit 42-Damage against PIRATE4. Terminated.

PIRATE7: Misses against Xscorpion


Xscorpion: 1-Hit 14-Damage against PIRATE7. Terminated.

Victory: Party members gain 213 experience and 106 gold

The battle inside the hut was over and the loot was safe, but the three could hear a ruccus just outside. As they exited the building, they say flames and lightning spewing across the battlefield. It was an odd battle to say the least -- a gearless Red Mage with some unusually powerful form of imp against a group of pirates. The bizarre group of mage and monsters were clearly dominating the match-up, but there was another one coming and Keeo was the first to spot them.

[See universal newcomer message]

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