SketchyPhysics manual

What is Sketchyphysics?

Sketchyphysics is a plugin for Google SketchUp, which runs simulations based on real-world object physics. This means that, during the simulation, Newtonian physics laws are applied to grouped objects, with runtime user interactivity added through an on-screen object dragging stystem, using the mouse to pull objects around. Joysticks, and limited joypad button/keyboard input is supported to control a selection of joints and settings applicable to grouped objects, including self-replicating emitters, thruster settings, magnets, and more. Limited Ruby script use is also supported for more advanced actions; for examples of Sketchyphysics in action, please install Sketchyphysics on your PC/Mac, and search for 'Sketchyphysics' on the Google 3D warehouse.

So what can I do with it?

Using sketchyphysics, you can realisticly animate models, seeing how what you're designing will move; you can design complex mechanisms without worrying whether they're going to work or not. Using the more advanced features, you can go beyond this and have more fun... controllable vehicles, even small games are possible with the camera control and scripting. If this sounds daunting, take at look at our tutorials (WIP) to find out step-by-step how to create and control a physics environment.

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