Invention is a creative Chä in the Mechanical Zodiac.

To become an Invention Chä you must be in Blue, White, Black, or Grey alignment and in Intellect, Hero, or Corrupt class.


Here's a description of Invention Chä powers


  • Inventor of Weapons: Can turn raw materials into a weapon via a telekinetic power. This power also helps the Chäotic find the raw materials needed.
  • Hacker: Can technopathically hack into computers and disable them. Chäotics can also download data onto their brain.


  • Inventor of Armor: Can create defensive machines out of raw materials via a telekinetic force. This power also helps the Chäotic find the raw materials needed.


  • Inventor of Drones: Using this power, the Chäotic can create robots and drones out of raw materials. This power also helps the user to track down the raw materials needed.
  • Upload: Can upload physical items into data form and store them on the internet.
  • Download: Can download items uploaded onto the internet, retrieving their physical form.

Enviromental Effects

The signature powers of the Invention Chä are all of the "Inventor of..." powers and the enviroment heavily affects them. The Chäotic cannot turn off the effects. Here is a list of enviromental effects:

  • Fire Area: Inventions are immune to fire and have fire elemental powers.
  • Water Area: Inventions are waterproof and have water elemental powers.
  • Air Area: Inventions gain weather control and air elemental powers.
  • Ice Area: Inventions gain ice elemental powers.
  • Stone/Earth Area: Inventions gain super strenght and stone and earth powers.
  • The Academy: Inventions don't have any powers.

Note, once an invention is built it keeps the powers of the location it was built in.

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