Main Aritcle: Wallace and Gromit

The folowing is a list for the inventions from Wallace and Gromit.

Wallace's Inventions

1964 Austin A35 Van

One of Wallace's main inventions, the van is seen in verious colors due to all the bisniss' that Wallace and Gromit have been doing, but it's primery color is Preston Green. The van had several modifications made by Wallace, due to fitting most of his inventions in, it also had carried diferent numberplates, but its primery one is H0P 2 1T.

1965 Ford Anglia 105E

Gromit's blue Ford Anglia has had several modifications made by Wallace, sutch as a blow-up rubber dingy fitted to the chassis to allow the car to float on water, and a motor boat engine fitted to make it move on water, anouther modification incuded a mechanical arm with a lasoo fitted behind the grill, and a lever sun-roof that can turn into a parachute. The cars numberplate reads GR0M1T.

1963 Triumph Tiger Cub

Wallace and Gromit used this bike as there main vehicle until they got there van, the bikes sidecar is able to turn into a small airplane when detached, the sidecar also has a porrige gun fitted when Wallace and Gromit were cleaning the clock tower. The bikes numberplate reads WULL 1.

Techno Trousers(The Wrong Trousers)



Bunvac 6000



Desinged to make maps by take photographs of bits of land and then merge them into a map.

Weather Watch

A watch desinged to tell the weather insted of the time.

Fish and Chipper Deluxe

An invention desinged to make fish and chips.

Feulharmonic Brass Band

A automated Brass Band that produces lovly music and it runs on a enviremently freindly feul(Manure), it is later used as a mulch spreader for the park.

Automatic Bait Loader

A device desinged to hang on to a fishing rod that automaticly puts the bait on the hook.


A Submarine built by fixing to bath tubs together, originaly desinged for fishing.

Weather Machine

A mechine desinged to make any kind of weather, Sunshine, Snow, Rain and Clouds.

Field Assembly Apparatus

Desinged to build buidings(sutch as sheds) out of wood.


An RV built out of a chassis of a 1970 Ford Econoline, that has been made to look like a country house inside and out. Is able to expand its space automaticly, fold its roof down and open it up.

Super Sleuth

A Detective game, it has hidden secrets that can be activated by useing chesse shapped cards, it looks a bit like a doll's house.

Sno-Bo Sled

A sled that can go uphill as well as down-hill, it was built useing the engine, body and chassis of a 1966 Reliant Regal Supervan III, the Reliant had its roof removed, its wheels replaced with ski's and the engine was fitted to the back and was faceing backwords so it could blow the sled along.

Winter-Warmer Snow Plough

This snow plough is a tracked version of a 1965 Ford Transit Bakery Van, the van has had severel modifications done to it to make it, it has a plough on the front, a hover on bote sides of the van and six hairdryers on the front, also the van has had the roof over the driving seat removed.

Eezee-Tec Detective's Kit

A Detective kit with several handy inventions contained:

  • A bone shapped tape recorder.
  • A cigerette lighter shapped lock picker device that has several diferent keys contained.
  • A retracting dog lead that has a hidden camra installed in tothe coller.
  • A boxing glove shapped grabber.
  • A magnifieing glass.
  • A pot of fingerprint powder.
  • A identification kit.

Sno-Bo Mk.II

An updated version of the original Sno-Bo built useing a 1959 Morris Mini Minor, it has had a few modifications done to it to make it into a Snowcat, it's front wheels have been replaced with ski's and the back wheels have been replaced with tracks, the car has also had it's roof removed, the car's also got a clamp on the back so it can tow anouther vehicle behind it(e.g. Gromit's Ford Anglia).

Anti-Pesto Pigeon Catcher

A machine designed to catch pigeons.

Arm Chair Balloon

A balloon built useing an armchair as the main part of the aircraft.


Compressed air soccer footwear to boost mobillity and shooting prowess for professional and recreational players alike.

Prototype Weather Balloon

A new verson of the traditional weather balloon that is realy six small balloons and one big balloon stuck together by a big cercle with holes in it to hold the balloons, beacuse of its design, people mistock it for a UFO.


A machine designed for football training that kicks balls automaicley with a proppeler blade that has football boots on it, it has the date 1938 on it for no paricular reason.

Dribbletrack De Luxe

A machine designed for football training.

Multi-Kitt Keepertron

A robot designed for football training.


A robot that serves snacks out to people during football games.

WG 129 Hinden-Buger

A Zeppelin originaly built to spray water on to football fields to get moistere for the ground, it is equipped with two de Havilland Tiger Moth parasite aircraft mounted on trapeze's. The airship design is based on the ill-fated german zeppelin LZ 129 Hindenburg, the craft's name and number is a pun on the ill-fated zeppelin's name and number.

Water Balloon Cannon

A cannon that fires water balloons.

Makeshift Viewing Platform

A balloon that has a platform attached to it so someone can get a perfect view of a race, a airshow and any outher avent. The balloon is based on the Observation Balloons used during World War One.

Self-Erecting Scaffolding

A type of scaffolding that can go up and down automaticley by itself.

Bubble Wrap 2000

A gun that produces non-toxic bubbles made from a material called by Elasti-Plastic that can catch any pest.

Penguin Auto-Iceing Units

Robot Penguins that can make snow, they can be turned on and off by the Master Control Unit, the built-in snow makers generate snow whatever the weather, the robots can also generate heat.


A device that can detect anyone and anything.

Xmas-Present Auto-Wrapper

A machine that can wrap presents at christmas.

Outher Inventers Inventions





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