Uninformed Consent

An old man beckons to you from an alley. "I've invented a great – no, incredible – potion that induces temporary invulnerability! With just one bottle, you will be free from pain for several rounds of battle! I just need some brave adventurers to try it out. What do ya say? I'll meet you in the plains east of here." A mixture of excitement and anxiety overwhelms you as you envision the considerable impact this could have on pivotal battles.

You meet shortly thereafter in the grasslands. "Now, I'm going to divide you into two groups for a blind study. I won't indicate which, but one group will receive the potion and another will receive a placebo. Then, I will use this third bottle of pheromones to induce monsters to the area. Please divide yourself into two groups and let me know when you're ready."

[First person to post two five-person groups with the word banana in their post gets to decide. I will consider non-banana posts just suggestions for the group. Once I see the banana post, I will provide an update. The ten available individuals are HIM, Muteki, DragonAtma, Dave Mlinko, Max, Bob, Guy, John, Obsidian, and Eric. And I don't know why I picked banana.] =)

The groups split according to Dave's command and drank the old man's potions. Group A's potion tasted like bananas and Group B's potion tasted like bile. Bob grimaced as he drank and threw a sarcastic, "thanks a lot, Dave!" Members of both groups felt power course through their veins and were eager to test the effects of this super potion.

The pheromones worked quickly.


Round 1

Invulnerability Group A

[WrWolf, GrWOLF12, WOLF12345 approach Group A.

GrWOLF2: Misses against Obsidian

WOLF3: Critical! 1-Hit 25-Damage against Obsidian

WOLF2: Misses against HIM

WOLF1: Critical! 1-Hit 20-Damage against Dave Mlinko

WrWOLF: 1-Hit 9-Damage against Max

Dave Mlinko: Misses against WrWOLF

GrWOLF1: Critical! 1-Hit 17-Damage against Max

WOLF4: Misses against Dave Mlinko

HIM: 1-Hit 30-Damage against WOLF1. Terminated.

WOLF5: Misses against HIM

John: Misses against WOLF1

Obsidian: Casts Ice on WrWOLF for 38. The inaugural blast of ice hits the werewolf squarely.

Max: Critical! 2-Hits 124-Damage against GrWOLF1. Terminated. Tied for first 2-hit attack!!!

[Max 114/140, HIM 88/88, Dave 106/126, Obsidian 46/71, John 84/84. WrWOLF, GrWOLF2, WOLF2345 remain.]

Invulnerability Group B

[MADPONY12345 approach Group B. Battle begins.]


Eric steps as far from Muteki as possible. Another black mage. The world's coming to an end! Eric decides to try to calm himself by striking a MadPony (1) as far from Muteki as possible. The taste of the potion isn't helping matters much.


Guy quickly noticed two things. The first is that the potion tasted nothing like fruity banana deliciousness. Most medicines don't though. The second was that these ponies looked, dare he say....mad? Regardless, he noticed Eric rushing over to attack the first Madpony, and couldn't let his breakfast companion of the morning attack by himself, and quickly moved to strike Madpony1.

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 34-Damage against MADPONY1

MADPONY2: 3-Hits 3-Damage against Bob

MADPONY1: 2-Hits 25-Damage against Guy

Bob: 2-Hits 90-Damage against MADPONY2. Terminated. Tied for first 2-hit attack!!!

Eric: 1-Hit 28-Damage against MADPONY1

MADPONY4: 3-Hits 4-Damage against Bob

MADPONY5: 2-Hits 28-Damage against Muteki

Guy: 1-Hit 13-Damage against MADPONY1. Terminated with a cooperative 1-2-3 team effort.

Muteki: Casts SLEP on MADPONY4. The others remaining awake.

MADPONY3: Critical! 4-Hits 17-Damage against Bob

[Bob 111/135, DragonAtma 117/117, Eric 96/96, Muteki 47/75, Guy 62/87. MADPONY345 remain.]

Invulnerability Groups A and B

The battles commenced to the old man's glee. Unfortunately, the enemy attacks still hurt, and they hurt more than usual! It didn't take Dave Mlinko long, "curse you old man! These enemies are scoring critical hits left and right!" Eric followed, "And our potion made us lethargic! They're hitting us like sparring dummies!" The old man's face turned ashen.

Round 2

Invulnerability Group A

WOLF4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against HIM

GrWOLF2: Critical! 1-Hit 46-Damage against Dave Mlinko

WOLF2: Critical! 1-Hit 17-Damage against HIM

Obsidian: Casts Ice on WrWOLF for 28. The werewolf is an inch from death.

WOLF3: 1-Hit 7-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Max: 2-Hits 70-Damage against GrWOLF2. Another incredible hit nearly slays its victim.

WOLF5: 1-Hit 10-Damage against Dave Mlinko. Dave Mlinko is taking some dreadful abuse at the expense of the potion.

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 17-Damage against WOLF5. A solid hit nearly defeats the wolf.

HIM: Misses against WOLF2

John: Casts Cure on Obsidian for 16 HP

WrWOLF: Critical! 1-Hit 21-Damage against HIM

[Max 114/140, HIM 49/88, Dave 43/126, Obsidian 62/71, John 84/84. WrWOLF, GrWOLF2, WOLF2345 remain.]

Invulnerability Group B

Muteki: Casts Fire on MADPONY5 for 12. [Sounds good, Dave] =)

MADPONY4: Wakes up!

Eric: 1-Hit 28-Damage against MADPONY5

Guy: Casts Cure on Muteki for 17 HP

MADPONY3: 4-Hits 4-Damage against DragonAtma

MADPONY5: 4-Hits 54-Damage against Guy. Guy staggers away from the beast his mouth agape in pain.

Bob: 2-Hits 56-Damage against MADPONY3. "I love this weapon" shouts Bob gleefully.

DragonAtma: Misses against MADPONY3

[Bob 111/135, DragonAtma 113/117, Eric 96/96, Muteki 64/75, Guy 8/87. MADPONY345 remain.]

Invulnerability Groups A and B

At this point, the pheromones must have been driving the monsters of the nearby wilderness mad with bloodlust. The ground began to rumble in anticipation from the direction of the nearby northern forest. Monster and adventurer alike paused a moment wondering what that could be. The battles raged on as the noise neared, likely to break through the forest wall after this upcoming round. The old man emitted a cowardly shriek and fled toward the safety of Pravoka.

Round 3

Invulnerability Group A

WOLF4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

GrWOLF2: 1-Hit 1-Damage against HIM

WOLF2: Critical! 1-Hit 18-Damage against John

Obsidian: Misses against WrWOLF

WOLF3: Critical! 1-Hit 10-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Max: 1-Hit 34-Damage against GrWOLF2. Terminated.

WOLF5: Critical! 1-Hit 19-Damage against Obsidian

Dave Mlinko drinks a HEAL for 30HP

HIM: Casts SLEP successfully on all remaining enemies (slim chance of that!)

John: Casts Cure on HIM for 18 HP

[Max 113/140, HIM 66/88, Dave 63/126, Obsidian 43/71, John 66/84. WrWOLF, WOLF2345, IMP12, GrIMP12 remain per the universal message. All non-imps are asleep.]

Invulnerability Group B

Muteki: Casts SLEP on MADPONY4 once again. The others remain awake.

Eric: 1-Hit 27-Damage against MADPONY3. Terminated.

Guy: Casts Cure on himself for 28 HP

MADPONY3: 4-Hits 4-Damage against Bob

Bob: 1-Hit 33-Damage against MADPONY5. Terminated.

DragonAtma: Casts Cure on Guy for 22 HP. Guy moves back to full HP.

[Bob 107/135, DragonAtma 113/117, Eric 96/96, Muteki 64/75, Guy 58/87. MADPONY4, IMP123, GrIMP123 remain per the universal message.]

Invulnerability Groups A and B

At long last, the rumbling resolved itself. For better or for worse, the battle participants just wanted the suspense to end and the new enemies to show themselves. This time it was for the better as an enormous clan of imps appeared. In all, 5 imps, 10 gray imps, and 4 ogres entered the scene and would fill into the battles as enemies were killed. For now, 2 imps and 2 gray imps entered the fray against Group A leaving 3 imps and 3 gray imps to move against Group B. The four ogres seemed content waiting to see which group needed their assistance more.

Round 4

Invulnerability Group A

WOLF5: Wakes up of its own volition

WOLF3: Remains asleep

HIM: 1-Hit 25-Damage against WOLF2. Terminated.

Obsidian: 1-Hit 8-Damage against IMP2. Terminated.

WOLF4: Wakes up of its own volition

WrWOLF: Wakes up of its own volition

GrIMP1: Critical! 1-Hit 15-Damage against Max

IMP1: Critical! 1-Hit 4-Damage against Dave Mlinko

GrIMP2: Critical! 1-Hit 16-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 14-Damage against GrIMP2. Dave growls at the near kill.

John: 1-Hit 18-Damage against IMP1. Terminated.

Max: 2-Hits 102-Damage against WOLF3. Terminated before the wolf can muster a death cry.

[Max 98/140, HIM 66/88, Dave 43/126, Obsidian 43/71, John 66/84. WrWOLF, WOLF45, GrIMP12 remain per the universal message. All non-imps are asleep.]

Invulnerability Group B

Eric: 1-Hit 12-Damage against MADPONY4. Terminated.

GrIMP1: 2-Hits 2-Damage against DragonAtma

Muteki: Casts SLEP successfully on IMP1 and IMP3. "Ugh!"

MADPONY4: 2-Hits 24-Damage against Muteki

GrIMP3: 2-Hits 17-Damage against Eric

GrIMP2: 2-Hits 2-Damage against Bob

IMP1: Wakes up of its own volition

Bob: 2-Hits 64-Damage against GrIMP1. Terminated. Imp appendages fly everywhere.

IMP2: Remains asleep

Guy: 1-Hit 18-Damage against GrIMP2. Terminated. The white mage is pulling his offensive weight.

IMP3: Misses against Eric

DragonAtma stabs the already dead MADPONY4.

[Bob 105/135, DragonAtma 111/117, Eric 79/96, Muteki 40/75, Guy 58/87. IMP123, GrIMP345678 remain fully healthy as the remaining 5 gray imps join the fray. The ogres continue to watch. One points his club at Bob from afar.]

Round 5

Invulnerability Group A

WOLF4: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Max

Obsidian: 1-Hit 5-Damage against WrWOLF. Terminated.

WOLF5: 1-Hit 8-Damage against Obsidian

Max: 1-Hit 44-Damage against WOLF4. Terminated.

HIM: 1-Hit 36-Damage against GrIMP2. Terminated.

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 14-Damage against GrIMP1. A near deathblow.

GrIMP1: Misses against John

John: 1-Hit 19-Damage against WOLF5. Terminated. Four (nearly five) kills in one round!

Watching their underlings fall so rapidly, two ogres enter the fray. OGRE2 looks at Dave, "me hungry. Little man look tasty."

[Max 98/140, HIM 66/88, Dave 43/126, Obsidian 43/71, John 66/84. GrIMP1 and OGRE12 remain.]

Invulnerability Group B

Eric: 1-Hit 22-Damage against GrIMP7. Terminated with a deadly nunchuck strike.

GrIMP5: 2-Hits 2-Damage against Bob

Muteki (undamaged by the dead madpony): 1-Hit 13-Damage against IMP2. Terminated.

GrIMP6: Critical! 2-Hits 3-Damage against DragonAtma

GrIMP3: 2-Hits 2-Damage against DragonAtma

GrIMP4: 1-Hit 4-Damage against Eric

IMP1: Remains asleep!

Bob: Critical! 2-Hits 126-Damage against GrIMP4. Terminated with the deadliest physical strike yet.

Guy: 1-Hit 8-Damage against GrIMP3

IMP3: Remains asleep!

DragonAtma: Misses against GrIMP8

GrIMP8: Misses against DragonAtma

[Bob 103/135, DragonAtma 106/117, Eric 75/96, Muteki 64/75, Guy 58/87. IMP13, GrIMP3568 remain. Two ogres move against Group A while the other two watch with interest.]

Round 6

Invulnerability Group A

HIM: Misses against OGRE1

Obsidian: Casts Lit on OGRE2 for 22

OGRE2: Critical! 1-Hit 45-Damage against Max

Max: Critical! 2-Hits 106-Damage against OGRE2. Terminated. The dying ogre howls in agony.

John: Casts Cure on Obsidian for 18 HP

GrIMP1: Critical! 1-Hit 13-Damage against Max

Dave Mlinko crushes the dying ogre's skull for good measure.

[Max 40/140, HIM 66/88, Dave 43/126, Obsidian 61/71, John 66/84. GrIMP1 and OGRE1 remain.]

Invulnerability Group B

Muteki: 1-Hit 6-Damage against IMP1

Guy: Misses against GrIMP3

Bob: 1-Hit 24-Damage against GrIMP6. Terminated. (No ogres moved against you yet -- just against group A) =)

GrIMP3: 2-Hits 2-Damage against Bob

GrIMP5: 1-Hit 4-Damage against Eric

Eric: 1-Hit 13-Damage against GrIMP5

IMP3: 1-Hit 1-Damage against DragonAtma

GrIMP8: 1-Hit 9-Damage against Guy

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 18-Damage against GrIMP8. Terminated.

IMP1: 2-Hits 5-Damage against Eric

[Bob 101/135, DragonAtma 105/117, Eric 66/96, Muteki 64/75, Guy 49/87. The remaining two ogres enter the fray against Group B, including OGRE2 who particularly dislikes Bob's unearthly strikes. IMP13, GrIMP35, OGRE12 remain]


These assorted Imps were proving to be a nuisance. Guy was getting sick of the 3rd GrImp, but the roar he heard made him pause in his attack. Two Ogres had entered the field, one of them charging directly at Bob. The effects of the potion the old fool had given them appeared to be lessening, although not gone altogether. He wanted to help in the attack against the ogres, but had already felt the swipe of a club against his side on the trip to Pravoka. Self preservation was the priority here. He moved behind his companions and began to apply a Cure spell to himself.

Round 7

Invulnerability Group A

HIM: Casts Cure on Max for 23 HP

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 22-Damage against GrIMP1. Terminated.

GrIMP1: Critical! 1-Hit 22-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Obsidian: Casts Lit on OGRE1 for 27

OGRE1: 1-Hit 25-Damage against Obsidian

John: Casts Cure on Dave Mlinko for 31 HP

Max: 1-Hit 37-Damage against OGRE1

[Max 63/140, HIM 66/88, Dave 52/126, Obsidian 36/71, John 66/84. Only a somewhat sickly OGRE1 remains.]

Invulnerability Group B

Muteki: 1-Hit 7-Damage against IMP1. Terminated.

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 11-Damage against OGRE2

Guy: Casts Cure on himself for 30 HP

OGRE1: 2-Hits 17-Damage against Bob

Bob: 2-Hits 68-Damage against OGRE2. "That'll teach you!"

GrIMP5: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Bob

GrIMP3: 2-Hits 24-Damage against Eric

OGRE2: 2-Hits 24-Damage against Bob. The OGRE roars as though he got the upper hand of that exchange.

Eric: 1-Hit 12-Damage against GrIMP5. Terminated.

IMP3: 2-Hits 2-Damage against DragonAtma

[Bob 59/135, DragonAtma 103/117, Eric 42/96, Muteki 64/75, Guy 79/87. IMP1, GrIMP3, OGRE12 remain.]

Round 8

Invulnerability Group A

HIM: Casts Cure on Obsidian for 16 HP

OGRE1: Misses against Dave Mlinko

John: 1-Hit 4-Damage against OGRE1

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 18-Damage against OGRE1

Obsidian: Casts Lit on OGRE1 for 33. Terminated with a satisfying sizzling sound.

Victory: Party members gain 439 experience and 144 gold

Invulnerability Group B

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 27-Damage against OGRE2. Terminated.

Bob: 2-Hits 48-Damage against OGRE1. A solid strike staggers the ogre.

OGRE1: 2-Hits 33-Damage against DragonAtma

Eric: 1-Hit 11-Damage against GrIMP3. Terminated.

Guy: Casts Cure on Eric for 28 HP

Muteki: 1-Hit 9-Damage against IMP3. Terminated by the Imp Butcher.


Muteki: 1-Hit 1-Damage against OGRE1

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 25-Damage against OGRE1

OGRE1: 2-Hits 62-Damage against Muteki. That was close!

Bob: 1-Hits 24-Damage against OGRE1

Guy: 1-Hit 3-Damage against OGRE1. Terminated with a bludgeon to the foot.

Victory: Party members gain 415 experience and 147 gold

The Crazy Alchemist

The foes had been eradicated and the dangerous pheromone scent drifted away, but one thing remained. The newly formed group of ten relished the security of such a large group as they casually returned to Pravoka Harbor.

It took two hours, but they finally found him. The old man was huddled in a shaded alley near a pile of trash. Dave pulled the old man to his feet with one arm and cocked his second fist. "Please spare my life! I had no idea it would turn out this way. I only want to help good adventurers like yourselves." He paused for a moment then raised his finger in the air. "Here, allow me to reward each of you." Reluctantly and with his hand still pinched around the nape of the man's neck, the group follows him to the item shop where he outfits each of you with 3 healing potions.

[Quest (2) Invulnerability Potion completed! You are now free to roam the city and make purchases for your next update. Please let me know if you do not want to undertake the Meriweather quest, as Undine is strategizing the party structure.]

HIM is now L6! 25HP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit, Luk, L3 spell charge

Muteki is now L6! 26HP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit, Luk, L3 spell charge

Dave and Stephen remain; all others continue to Call Me Meriweather

Dave’s Dream

Dave threw the old man backward through the item shop door with one hand about the instant he recieved his three potions."He should learn to perfect his brew" was his only comment to his rather astonished comrades,who knew Dave had a mean streak,but didnt think he'd toss an old man through a door just because Dave had to face some powerful monsters.

In truth,Dave was walking a tightrope of emotions.Bikke was here,and he knew that for sure since Stephen told him about the pirate crew that captured him before Dave left to pursue the invincibility potions.Dave just had to wait.He was counting down the days until Bikke's defenses were down,then he would singlehandedly destroy Bikke's crew,and he was slowly but surely going insane with rage waiting.Dave did not know how much longer he could wait,but Stephen was keeping a close eye on the pier and said it would be in Dave's best interests not to attack first then ask questions second.

Audrey,however,was still an issue.Dave was wondering if she had anything to do with Erin's death.It was probably unlikely,because Audrey was close friends with Erin and Dave could see no reason for her to send thugs after Erin.Nonetheless,Dave realized that,when it all came down to it,killing Audrey might be the only way to solve this problem,since she was connected to Bikke.

But Dave was getting ahead of himself.He still had to wait a few days,so he should just wait it out and get all the rest he could.Dave then turned to the inn to look for a suitable bed.

Stephen started walking down to the inn as well from another direction,and Dave could clearly tell something was wrong.It mostly had to do with Stephen shouting obscenities and holding his arm in pain.Dave walked over to see what was up,and heard Stephen utter death threats at a man named Beattie.Dave rushed over and saw the problem,a mark on his friend's right arm.

Stephen noticed Dave and ran over,with a half smile half grimace on his face.

"Well Dave,I am now a certified Thief,although I really wish we could get a cloth patch on my shirt or something instead of a stupid brand."

Dave studied the brand closely.It was an extremely long coiled serpent that seemed to look like a group of worms crawling around on Stephen's arm.The serpent seemed to call out to Dave,for whatever reason.Dave couldnt figure out why,and instead was preoccupied listening to Stephen,who was telling the story of how he got the brand.Dave quickly interupted him.

"Why are you heading to the inn with me?"

"Tonya and the kids are there,Bikke has marked our house for a raid,I got the tip from a friend of mine."

Dave was stunned.Stephen was regarded as a good,honest person even by the very people he was robbing.Bikke apparently liked playing serious hardball if he were to go after Stephen.All the more reason to down all the pirates.

The two eventually got to the inn.Dave and Stephen paid up and Stephen left to tell his boss to protect them for the night.Dave headed into the back after paying,and he went into a seperate room and tried to sleep.But the gamut of emotions Dave was running through made his head spin.The cracks on the ceiling above him seemed to move farther and farther away.He was falling,falling down,further and further while still lying on his bed.

The bed and Dave's fall was almost completely slowed down,before he landed with a gentle thud.Dave got off the bed,and saw a path before him made out of blood.He saw Imps,wolves,and ogres bleeding to complete the path.Dave stepped on the blood,and it appeared solid.He walked on the path not knowing where he was going,but horrified at the sight.All the enemies he had faced were literally paving his way to what lay at the end.The sights were horrifying.Normally,Dave wouldnt be agape at sights like this,but Dave just felt like a timid and scared boy,compared to the resilient mercenary he always was.

Dave reached the end of the path,and saw Erin,with a sword sticking out through her back.Erin tried to pull it out,but couldnt and finally fell down,looking up at the sky.

"Dave....I love you.....forgive me....."

Audrey then came up,holding an Iron bo.She stood before Dave with pursed lips.

"Dave,you never appreciated me,and you always heaped all of your personal troubles on me,without thinking about how I felt.I always loved you,Dave,but you pushed me aside for that Erin girl,who you never would have gotten anyways.But now shes dead,Dave,and I helped kill her because she would never be like me to you.You will never understand my life Dave.Never."

"Audrey? Why did you--"An armored hand clapped over Dave's mouth,preventing him from finishing the sentence.Dave looked beside him to see a heavily armored man holding a battleaxe.Dave tried to punch the man to get him away from him,but the armor just resisted his blows.The armored figure swung his battleaxe,and cut straight through Dave,as if he was a ghost.The armored figure disappeared after the attack,and so did Audrey and Erin.They were replaced by all of Dave's comrades,who all stared silently at Dave.Dave stared back.

"Atma?HIM?Guy?What are you all doing here?"

They stood there silently then they all started talking simutaneously.

"I let down my crew,my kingdom,and myself.I am a failure of a Commander.I should have gone down with the airship like an honourable man."

"Spider,Spiders,SPIDERS!!!Spiders everywhere,and they wont come off!!!!HEEEEELP!"

"We should kill this mosnter first...OR that one....or thsi one.....AGGGGH!Everyones counting on my strategy!I must do something!"

"I was never the best at what I did,I never wanted to try hard enough,and now look where its gotten me"

"I'm weak without my friends,because I just cant be an individualfighter.I am just too scared to be alone,left for monsters to eat for their supper"

"My purpose in life doesnt seem to exist.Why should I live if I dont have a purpose?"

"Theres a force at work in the temple,its so"

"I must take my opponents down,using any means necessary.They exist for me to kill them all,why else would they be there."

"My best friend.....turned into a ruhtless,damned creature.The power of Earth shaped him into an evil being....why did it have to be him...."

"My little brother must be dead by now,he always had to rely on me....and I was such a coward for never following him.How can I forgive myself?"

All of Dave's comrades shimmered then vanished into thin air.Dave looked around in bewilderment,before he saw Stephen emerge from a shadow,staggering from a plethora of wounds.Then the armored figure with the axe emerged from behind,and brutally decapitated Stephen.Stephen's head flew straight into Dave's hands,and he stared in shock.The head then looked up at Dave and uttered three simple words that echoed in Dave's head like a jackhammer.

"She's gone,Dave"

The head's eyes closed,and then Dave was drenched in water.

The water came from Stephen,who woke up Dave by throwing a bucket of it on him.Dave woke up,spewing obscenties,before he saw Stephen,then stopped.The details of the dream slowly came back to Dave,and now he was confused.Why were his comrades revealing their hidden troubles to him?Who was the armored man?

Then Dave remebered Audrey,and everything came into full focus.Now it all made sense.Audrey killed Erin because she wanted Dave's affection and love.She was jealous of Erin,who could steal Dave's attention with a single glance while Erin wasnt even aware of her.That explained everything.

Dave's reverie was snapped by Stephen,who was trying to get him awake somewhat.

"Dave?Hello?Anyone in there today,or are you still waking up?"

Dave shrugged his shoulders,yawned,then stood up.

"Its nothing,I just had a bad dream"

"Well,Dave,we gotta get going,I need some help making money today since I dont have to deal with any missions for the guild today.Come on,get up"

Dave yawned again,stretched,and followed Stephen out the door while trying to piece together the dream and how to proceed now that he was certain Audrey had sent thugs to kill Erin.Stephen tossed an obligatory hello to his boss as they walked through the small courtyard in front of the inn then down the street.The pair walked about twenty yards before seeing a man walking towards them.Using dexterity honed by years of practice,Stephen removed the money pouch from his belt without the man noticing it and opened it up to reveal his prize.....of 9 gold.

"Whats the deal with everyone being so poor around here?" Stephen asked. "This is about the fourth day people have been flat broke while Ive been doing my work."

Dave shrugged his shoulders then walked up ahead to see two pirates laughing together up ahead.They paused their scintillating conversation just long enough to mug a random man passing by them,then they subsequently shoved him onto the ground and left him there.Onlookers kept a safe distance,becuase while what the pirates were doing was definately wrong,thats just the way it was in Pravoka these days.

"They're stealing my money!Mine,that I rightfully earned!" said Stephen.He clenched his teeth and then walked towards the pirates,drawing his scimitar out.

"You know what Dave,you are right,these guys would be a lot better if they were dead,becuase Im tired of being pushed around by these guys."

Dave pulled out his nunchucks and quietly suppressed a smile.Usually Stephen was the one who didnt want to take risks.Executing pirates in public was definately not his modus operandi.Dave didnt finish that thought,because he was focusing on running towards the pirates.One turned at the last moment to be greeted by Dave flying through the air and tackling him,before beaitng him right over the head with his nunchucks until he stopped moving.The other pirate turned around in surprise,and thus didnt see stephen sneak up behind him to quickly slash him acroos the stomach through his leather armor.The pirate screamed out in surprise before Stephen decapitated him.Unfrotunately,his scream attracted unwanted attention,namely a bunch of his friends springing out form a nearby building.

"We've got company" shouted Stephen.Dave spun his nunchucks around and signalled to Stephen that he was ready.Dave felt unpressured and adrenaline-filled,like he always did before he got to kill something.He was ready.

"Bring it on,Audrey,because I am ready for your next move.

Pirate Battle

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 29-Damage against PIRATE1. Terminated. Stephen: 1-Hit 18-Damage against PIRATE2. Terminated. Victory: Party members gain 80 experience and 40 gold

[Dark and entertaining story. I particularly enjoyed the Muteki spider quote.]

Continued in Call Me Meriweather

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