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Wikiipc Welcome to the November 2007 edition of the IPC e-newsletter. The IPC e newsletter will be distributed free to more than 3000 people around the world.

We invite you to compose our newsletter. Anyone can edit this page. Just click the "EDIT" button on the top of this page and add/edit/delete the information you like. This is a new wiki concept. Allowing everyday users to create and edit any page in a Web site is exciting in that it encourages democratic use of the Web and promotes content composition by nontechnical users.

Please add information under these regular headings or add more sections.

This is an experiment A scratchpad. Please let us know your feedback

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News features.

Exhibitions and Conferences in November and December 2007 Radiation Curing: Ultraviolet Light and Electron Beam Technology 1.10. - 3.10. 2007 Amsterdam/The Netherlands Center for Professional Advancement

Color Technology 2.10. - 3.10. 2007 Ypsilanti, MI/USA Coatings Research Institute, Sandra Tanner

Eurofinish 2007 3.10. - 5.10. 2007 Ghent/Belgium VOM Belgium

ICE 2007 3.10. - 5.10. 2007 Toronto/Canada FSCT

FARBE+LACK WebSeminar: Lack, Modul Pigmente II 4.10. - 5.10. 2007 Internet Vincentz Network

IPVS-2007 - International Pumps, Valves & Systems Trade Fair 5.10. - 7.10. 2007 Hyderabad/India IVPS 2007 - Repräsentanz D-A-CH

9th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering 7.10. - 10.10. 2007 Hamburg/Germany Dechema e.V., Congress Office

Umsetzung der TA Luft in die Praxis 8.10. 2007 Wuppertal/Germany Technische Akademie Wuppertal e.V.

European Coatings WebSeminar: Coatings - Module Binders 15.10. - 18.10. 2007 Internet Vincentz Network

Mixing for Uniform Batches: Improving Product Quality and Productivity 15.10. - 16.10. 2007 Ypsilanti, MI/USA Coatings Research Institute, Sandra Tanner

Industrial Rheology, Principles and Applications 16.10. - 18.10. 2007 The Hague/The Netherlands The Center for Professional Advancement

European Coatings WebTutorial: Biocide Basics 16.10. - 17.10. 2007 Internet Vincentz Network

Ionic Liquids 17.10. - 18.10. 2007 Prague/Czech Republic Intertech Pira

European Coatings Conference: High Performance Waterborne Clearcoats 18.10. - 19.10. 2007 Berlin/Germany Vincentz Network

28th Western Coatings Symposium 21.10. - 24.10. 2007 Las Vegas/USA The West Coast Societies

European Coatings WebSeminar: Coatings - Module Pigments 22.10. - 25.10. 2007 Internet Vincentz Network

Fundamentals of Energy-Saving and Rapid-Cure Technologies 22.10. - 24.10. 2007 Ypsilanti, MI/USA Eastern Michigan University

ABRAFATI 2007 24.10. - 26.10. 2007 Sao Paulo/Brasil ABRAFATI

Protective Coatings Conference 24.10. - 25.10. 2007 Amsterdam/The Netherlands PRA Coatings Technology Centre

European Coatings Conference: Fire Retardant Coatings 25.10. - 26.10. 2007 Berlin/Germany Vincentz Network

European Coatings WebTutorial: The Chemistry of Radiation Curing Coatings 29.10. - 30.6. 2007 Internet Vincentz Network

European Coatings WebSeminar: Coatings - Module Fillers 31.10. - 1.11. 2007 Internet Vincentz Network

New Products





My Suggestion and Feedback

It's really helpfull to update latest information in powder coating sector. we can enhance our knowledge update in the field.


Wow, great attempt.

a visitor.

== It’s indeed a pleasure to see diligent efforts made by your peer, to give online platform to Local and SEM Indian Powder Coating Industries to global level, and keep abreast associates with new trend and affairs. Keep Going. Best Regards, Vikas Joshi ==

Hello New look of ipcon is too goood..........

and wiki wiki newletter is fantastic..... as this is place we can interact and share our problems ,to find out solutions, together we can progress. wishing all the best. I want to know Who are the major suppliers for tipure? thank you.

Please provide list of supplier for different items used in Powder Coating like..all powder supplier, Pre treatment chemicals, masking products, all in India. Ask for suppliers of related products in India to register their Name and addresses. Can charge a minimum affordable fee for registration. This way it will be more beneficial for every one in this sector.


Moderator: Sanjay, Such details are already present on our website. Have a complete look at our website [India Powder Coating]

Dear Vivek,

This is a very good experiment where we can give our inputs as readers to the web site. I think we can start a trouble shooting section here where inputs and outputs to problems of our industry can be shared. Lets make a begining.. If any body has some questions/problems to trouble shoot with their powder coating application I am ready to answer.Of course any participant can add on to this and we collect a data bank


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Vivek Soley [India Powder Coating] 3, Lalaram Nagar Indore 452001 MP India Phone 91 731 2492291, Mobile 91 9826297112 Email,

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