Serial Infrared Physical Layer Specification, Version 1.4, Infrared Data Association,30 th May 2001. Follow the linux links for chipsets implementing IRDA phy




irda ethernet

Interface PDA with IRDA LAN Ethernet. The concept is obvious but was patented by Clarinet Systems which is why Altech SA can't commercialize such an innovation to us at a reasonable price. The concept can be extended to create upto 200m range(Longer?) IRDA LAN Ethernet hotspots by using the RonjaChips transmitter design , replacing their Lumileds LED with a RCLED - FiberLed. Hack the patent and resell via a FrontingCompany. Type Clarinet Systems in the Assignee box of to obtain all the patents assigned to Clarinet.

The advantage of IRDA is the extremely low cost of around $3/chip(plus peripherals). A Ronja solution is around $150. Zilog IRDA


asd fiber coms

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