Northern Ireland

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Good Vibrations (121 Great Victoria Street)

Terri Hooley ran this little record shop in the late 70s, and released records by the two best known punk bands from Northern Ireland: the Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers. The original shop was located just across the road from the current location (which is in the heart of Belfast’s night club district)

“Houses of the Holy” Cover (Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland)

The Giant’s Causeway is a strange geological formation, where the rocks are shaped like honeycomb steps, descending into the sea, located on the wind and rain swept north coast of Ireland. According to Irish legend, the rocks are the remnants of a road built by Finn Macool, stretching across the sea to Scotland. The rocks were featured on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s 5th album.

Van Morrison’s Childhood Home (125 Hyndford St, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Van Morrison grew up in quiet streets of this middle class suburb on the East side of Belfast. He went to school at Elm Grove Primary School (Baersbridge Rd), and then at the Orangefield School for Boys.

Many of the places featured in his songs are located in the area - Cypress Avenue is nearby, and the Connswater is a dirty industrial canal running through the middle of Victoria Park. As a boy, Morrison liked to go swimming in the Beechie River, and he went to Sunday School at the Bretheren Gospel Hall in Hyndford St.

The Republic of Ireland

St. Fintons Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland

Phil Lynott, lead singer of Thin Lizzy is buried here. He was born in 1949 and died in 1986. The cause of death was heart failure as a result of years of heroin abuse.

U2’s Ireland

Moydrum Castle (West Meath, Ireland)

The cover of U2’s Unforgettable Fire LP features two unforgettable images of ruined castles (by photographer Anton Corbijn). The ivy covered Moydrum Castle is on the front cover, and on the back is the silhouette of Carrickgogunnel Castle in nearby County Tiperary.

Larry Mullen’s House (60 Rosemount Avenue, Dublin)

The band U2 had its first rehearsal in the drummer’s kitchen. They played some Rolling Stones songs.

Slane Castle (Countly Meath, Ireland)

U2 rehearsed the songs for the Unforgettable Fire, and recorded several of the tracks for the album in the great hall of Slane Castle. The castle is occasionally used as a venue.

Windmill Lane Studio (Dublin)

Most of U2’s records were recorded here. The front wall, outside the studio, is covered in graffitti about the band.

Bono’s Martello Tower (Bray, Dublin, Ireland)

For some years, Bono lived in this small watchtower on the coast just outside Dublin. After he moved out, Bono rented it to friends and acquaintances, including Shane McGowan. Irish literary rebel James Joyce lived in a similar tower nearby (which is featured in the opening chapters of his classic work, Ulysses, and is open to the public as a museum).

Bonavox Hearing Aids (13 North Earl St)

Young Paul Hewson took his stage name from this shop located just off O’Connell St

Bad Ass Cafe (9 Crown Alley, Temple Bar)

Young Sinead O’Connor served up burgers and fries at this restaurant, which is located in the trendy part of Dublin.

Clarence Hotel (6-8 Wellington Quay, Dublin)

This hotel was bought by Bono Vox and the Edge. Most of the touring rock cognoscenti stay here when they are in Dublin. However, it is quite expensive.

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