Iroh was a Firebending Master and a mentor to his nephew, Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation. He is a former General of the Fire Nation Army, and the brother of Fire Lord Ozai. He is sometimes referred to as Uncle Iroh (by Zuko), General Iroh, and (formerly) Prince Iroh. He is also known as the Dragon of the West, in recognition of his great accomplishments and abilities. Unlike other Fire Nation soldiers, particularly his own family, Iroh is an easy-going and spiritual man. He appreciates the balance of the four elements, even incorporating elements of Water Tribe teaching into his own Firebending skills. He has aided Avatar Aang and his companions on several occasions, and for this was branded as a traitor by his brother the Fire Lord. When he moved to New England, he started his own Tea Shop known as the Jasmine Dragon, which almost in West Warwick.

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