Iron Mantis was once an apprentice to a great warrior called Golden Dragonfly along with another called Bronze Centipede, they fought against a organization that called itself GOD (A anagram, for Government. Of. Death) that wished to Unleashed a Demonic Energy deity simply known as the Evil Energy.

The final battle took place in G.O.D place, it's was a harsh battle but they finally defeated and killed the Government of Deaths Leaders but it was a trapped, the remaining grunts told the truth wasn't a surprise that we found them, there new leader orchestrated us to find us. before Mantis or Dragonfly could even decipher that a sword went through Gold dragonfly stomache by Bronze centipede.

Bronze Centipede has told them thats he was bidding his time, he wanted the Evil Energy for himself to control. he took over b manipulating the weaker Generals of the G.O.D to choose him to be there leader to unleashed the Evil Energy. but to prove himself the various soldiers told him to get rid of there leaders, which Gold Dragonfly and Iron Mantis unwittingly helped him in doing

Iron Mantis and Gold Dragonfly tried to fight back, but were to tired from there fight with the leaders, the grunts were used as cannon fodder while Bronze Centipede killed Gold Dragonfly and thrown Iron Mantis out of there base to a ocean thinking Mantis was as good as dead.

luckily he was washed ashored and was saved by a demonic midget by the name Crokis (Whom Mantis made his ear to the underworld element

Mantis did some solo jobs here and there, trying to find info on Bronze and GOD but Bronze got rid of all there tracks, it was as if they just vanished. there were rumors here and there but no leads.

after 1 whole year Darkmagicianmon has found mantis after a battle with me and the Hive five and shortly thereafter mantis has joined the Authors fighters.

Appearance and Abilities

Iron Mantis’s wears metalling bug theme armor with black pants, a Mantis styled helmet, two handheld scythes strapped too the right side of his belt and a magnum carrying Explosive shells, And greenish Boots.

Iron mantis has the Ability to Regenerate his body in second the only part that cannot regenerate are the Head and the Heart, he also has a Sixth Sense, though its a bit weak.

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