Iron Vegiemon is the fourth episode of Digimon Adventure 2.

The English version is written by Ron Clements and John Musker.



T.K.: T.A.?

Cody: He forgot how to spell T.K!

The Mask: But instead, he pronounced T.A. as "Somebody Slop Smee"!

Kari: That's enough Davis! I can't stand anyone who talks bad about their brother OR Sister. You're nothing but a despicable Pirate like Captain Hook.

Davis: Me? Hmmmm...

Armadillomon: Boy, with that kind of behavior, he RE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HEEAALLY... got that coming for Captain Hook.

Davis: Am i the Big Jerk here?

Genie: You're the Big Jerk here. You're the Big Jerk here, not. You're the Big Jerk here. You're the Big Jerk here, not. Just guessing.

Veemon: Davis, what's the matter?

Davis: It's Kari, she hates me. She thinks i'm a despicable Pirate like Captain Hook.

Veemon: (Thinking) I never seen Davis so depressed, i gotta cheer him up.

Red Vegiemon: If you're the one i need, then you might become a Flopper. 

Veemon: Me, a Flopper? Hm, i think not.

Red Vegiemon: We have the orders of Dr. Frankenstein. No one can pass unless we are defeated.

Veemon: Let's say we settle this in a civilized manner old boy.

Veemon: (Choking) Don't it make my Blue skin Green? No offence taken.

Veemon: Youch! That thing's got my head.

Veemon: Uh oh. No to self, never step on a bug again. It is very painful.

Veemon: Mental note, he's far more worser than i thought he would be.

Veemon: I'd hate to sound beg mercy, but you sir are corrupting my style!

Veemon: Sorry, that's just not my color.

Veemon: Well it doesn't get any worse than this.

Veemon: I gotta tell, they hurt me deeply. I'm crushed. What's gotten into these guys? How is Dr. Frankenstein controlling them? And how does he keep such good shape for a guy his age? My mind is flooded with questions never thought before! I'd gotta think. I must find out what's causing all the trouble. Now let's see uh.... I know it wasn't the Digimon Emperor, it couldn't be Captain Hook or Jafar, so if Dr. Frankenstein is controlling them, so it must be the Control Spires and the Dark Rings. That's it! Now on to destroy the... But wait, i have to get a distraction for Dr. Frankenstein, first! I gotta do something quick. Think, think, think, think, think, think.

Veemon's thought: I've got it!

Veemon: Tis but one way to handle a mad scientist such as Dr. Frankenstein. By voice reactions.

Dr. Frankenstein: You boys continue your fight, i'll just be over there having a snooze.

(Dr. Frankenstein walks away to have a nap when he fell into a hole.)

Veemon: Pssssst, boys. Watch this. (As Dr. Frankenstein) Igor!

Igor: Uh yes Master?

Veemon: (As Dr. Frankenstein) This fight is just about finished, so release the Dark Rings and set the DigiDestined free.

Igor: Yes Master! Be back in a fla--but, but Master..

Veemon: (As Dr. Frankenstein) Those are my orders Igor!

Igor: Yes Master.

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