Issac Lightbrad is the main character of LostMagic and is also the player character. He is 14 years old and has wavy blonde hair.

Before the story of the game, he was seperated from his mother and father during a monster attack on his town. He flees into the forest, where he is found by the witch Hanna Arlent. After his father, Russell Lightbrad, appeared and gave Issac the Wand of Light, Hanna began teaching Issac how to use the Wand to create magic runes. While on an errand for Hanna, Issac meets Trista Windell and introduces her to Hanna. While on another errand, Issac's "grandmother" and newfound friend are attacked by the Diva of the Twilight, who kills Hanna. Trista reveals her magical powers by teleporting Issac and herself away from the Diva. Isaac then goes on a quest to find the other Sages and learn all of the magic runes, eventually culminating in a battle with the Diva of the Twilight herself. However, the final stages of Isaac's quest are very different depending on whether Isaac chooses to give up his Wand in exchange for Trista's life towards the end of the game. If Isaac chooses to give up the Wand, he starts on the "Good Path" and eventually either defeats the Diva and turns her good again (the "Best Ending"), or defeats her and is unable to save her (The "Second Best Ending"), depending on how the player responds to various questions Trista asks throughout the game. However, if the player refuses to give up the Wand, Isaac starts on the "Evil Path" and must kill every Sage, although whether or not the player chooses to kill Trista ("Worst Ending") or spare her ("Third Best Ending") determines the ending, if he spares her, he goes on to defeat the Diva but fail to save her or his father. If he kills Trista, the game immediately ends with the Diva killing Isaac and taking his Wand. The true ending is generally considered to be the first one. At the end of the game, Isaac's whole family is reunited and magic leaves the world.

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