Some animals looked concerned as they heard a voice.

Voices: Heigh-ho, heigh-ho,

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho

It's home from work we go

The animals heard whistling.

Voices: (Repeat 2nd verse)

However, the triangle-headed man bumped and stumbled.

Phineas: Look!

They all fell over.

Phineas: Our house! The lit's light........or....., the Light's Lit!

They all peep out.

All: Jiminy Crickets!

Ferb: Door's open.

Jeremy: Chimney's smokin'.

Candace: Something's in there.

Phineas: Maybe it's a ghost.

Jeremy: A goblin.

Buford: A demon!

Sherman: Or a dragan!

Candace: Mark my words, there's trouble. And now my feet are red, thanks to Baljeet.

Baljeet just cried.

Then they entered the cottage.

My Band

My Band consists of me singing, Mommy, Daddy, my friends, a saxophone section (Mr. Rude, Phineas, Lisa, Zoot, Hoots, Candace, Tiny Kong, Mr. Grumpy), a piano player, the 7 Dwarfs (minus Grumpy and Sleepy) and Ferb on bagpipe.


Season 1

"Love Ya To Death" from The Muppet Show in 2010 on March 11

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