Known Vampires.Common Knowledge

Gangrel Invictus. Nicknamed the "girly gangrel" by some and "firecrotch" by Relic. Known as a close friend to Vitani and the two often refer to one another as "sisters."

Questioned by Prince Annalia Tate regarding by summoning police to a kindred gathering. During the interrogation and Ishta was killed. Ishta's ashes were presented before the city at the Masquerade Ball and Vitani Felan stepped forward to take the urn. Security tapes were played at the ball in front of the entire court.

The first tape had two blurry figures and the only part played was Lady Tate asking Ishta if she had summoned police to court and Ishta replying yes.

Another tape played showed Ms. Tate and Ishta talking and the Prince suddenly frenzying. Ishta attempted to flee, found the door locked and fended off the prince for a moment before several other kindred (blurry figures) burst into the room and beat Ishta to torpor. Annalia Tate left the room then, after a moment of discussion, those remaining slew Ishta.

Later in the night of the Ball Ragnar was rewarded a status for being the one to inform the Prince of Ishta's actions in calling the police.


Played by Mandy who now plays Morgan McCullogh

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