The Island Nations Federation (Founded 1964 AO) is a union of states in the Southern Isles. Although it is called a federation, it does not yet have a central government; the plans to do so continue to the present.

The Federation was conceived by Archmage Rezard Valis of the Marndosian Senate as a way for the Island Nations to cooperate more efficiently for the benefit of all. Three of the four members of the Federation - the Kingdom of Nordamar, the Republic of Marndos, and the Kingdom of Diril - were already close allies before the Federation, and Istar eventually agreed to join the Federation due to an effort by Sultan Klorel Jabar to open up the nation to international influence.


The Federation has a shared economy that mostly relies on fishing and lumber, though farming (Notably in Nordamar and Marndos) is also a mainstay.


Kestrel is a city in Marndos that provides lumber for the entire Federation. In fact, the Dusk Woods that surround Kestrel is one of the only forests in the Federation not under the protection of the Historics Assembly.

Lumber is mainly used for shipbuilding and housing. Shipbuilding is particularly important in the Federation for obvious reasons, as transportation to all major parts of the Federation must be done by sea. As of the present, most shipbuilding efforts have gone to increasing the size of the Federal Navy to deal with possible threats from the Zamrian Empire and pirates.


Fish is the major source of food for citizens of the Federation, notably the Istarians who have a difficult time finding food any other way. The maritime trade is the largest type of trading that takes place in the Federation, and entire guilds are devoted to maintaining a maritime economy.


Archmage Rezard Valis is generally regarded as the figurehead of the Federation. He is the leader of the Marndosian Senate as well as the Historics Assembly and, secretly, the Order of Lost Histories. He is a powerful wizard who has many political affiliations, and is generally regarded as one of the most intelligent people in the world.

Although motions were being set forth before the Demon Wars to centralize the federal government, all states in the Federation up until that time were still self-governing. The Kingdom of Nordamar was led by King Nordamar XVII until his assassination, the Kingdom of Diril was led by King Dirilius XIV, Istar was led by Sultan Abur Muntin before his assassination, and the Marndosian Senate still ran its Republic.

Istar in particular was a secluded country until it joined the Federation. Many political relations to Istar were sour due to the actions of Old Istar, so after its revolution, most countries were slow to make amends. However, this was remedied after Istar joined the Federation, though, unfortunately, the acts of Khamul the Dragon-King did little to help relations with the country.


Since the Federation is comprised mostly of smaller island states, their ground forces are not particularly strong. The main strength of their military lies in the Federal Navy, which rivals even the Imperial Navy. Diril in particular is a major producer of warships in the Federation.

Ground-based forces of the Federation usually consist of small armies and local militias. The Holy Kingdom of Arduran sent a detachment of knights to Nordamar to serve as the religious center of the region (The knights supervised the construction of Pristinia in the Crystal Valley). Known as the Crystal Knights, they merged with the Nordamarian Army to become the strongest ground force in the Federation.

The Republic of Marndos has a decent ground army as well, though their main strength lies in the hidden dragon knights.

Istar has a small yet formidable ground force, since it is a culture where fighting is held to be sacred. The ferocity and durability of Istarian warriors has been well-noted.

Demon Wars

The Demon Wars mainly took place in the Federation. For more information, see Demon Wars.


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