Island Three

The Island III is an O'Neil Cylinder orbital habitat. The habitat orbits the planet Jupiter and is one of the most known orbital habitats orbiting Jupiter. The others being Island One and Island Two.


Island Three is divided into six color-coded sectors: Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Grey and Yellow. Each sector is subdivided into 36 regions divided along 10-degree lines respective to the station core. Directions within the station were noted as spinward, retrograde, forward (toward the command sphere), and aft (toward the power plant).

Blue Sector

Blue Sector comprised the forward section of the station and extends approximately 1.5Km aft to Red Sector.

Blue sector housed the maintenance and operational control centers, docking bays, customs, embarkation, the observation dome and C&C as well as quarters for station personnel. Access to Blue Sector was restricted to station personnel.

  • Fighter Bays

Located near the junction between Blue and Red sectors. There are four fighter bays on the station, one on each of these structural elements. The station's complement of starfury and thunderbolt fighters dock in these bays. There are twenty-seven fighters prepared for launch at any time.

The launching of fighters is facilitated by the station's artificial gravity, allowing the fighters to "drop" from the bays. Fighters are recovered through the main docking bay and then reloaded into the cobra bays.

Red Sector

Red Sector is the station's commercial area. Businesses such as hotels, casinos, bars, and conference areas are found here. Medlab, Security headquarters, and the Judiciary were also located in Red Sector. Red sector also houses some of the residential apartments. Access to Red Sector is unrestricted.

  • Zocalo

The central marketplace (home to many open bars, kiosks, and other shops) was the Zocalo. The name came from the Mexican word meaning (roughly) "great marketplace."

  • The Gardens

Most of the internal curvature of the station was classified in Red Sector. Much of this area contained gardens and green plant life, which helped provide oxygen to the station. The Hedge Maze was located in Gardens. The gardens is also home to several apartment buildings. The gardens is also home to a zoological facility, home to most of the rarest animals in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Green Sector

Green Sector houses the quarters for the stations command personnel. Medlab facilities were also available in Green Sector.

Alien Sector

Access to the Alien Sector was through Green Sector. The Alien Sector could accommodate different atmospheric needs of the various races aboard the station. The crime lord N'Grath has quarters in the Alien Sector.

Zen Garden

The Zen Garden was frequented by the citizens and some of the crew from time to time.

Brown Sector

Brown sector houses the industrial work that support the life support and waste reclamation facilities. It is located at the rear of the station's rotating section. Also known as "Downbelow", brown sector is also home to makeshift quarters and rundown bars, which are home to the Lurkers. Many of the residents of this section of the station were people coming to the station to find a new life but had already spent all they had getting to the station and arrived broke and unable to find a job. Several rogue seijins were granted sanctuary by a secret Earth Federation official. They established a colony in a small section of the brown sector.

Refugee Sector

Brown Sector also houses a small area known by others as the refugee sector. Created by Miranda Vigo, it serves as a home for children who were orphaned during the Inkersian War. One of them is Durann, whose mother was killed by a local gang boss who she owed money for and whose father disappeared during a battle with the Inkersians.

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