It's a Engine Engine World is a Video from The Enginegles


  • Thomas as Greg
  • James as Murray
  • Gordon as Anthony
  • Henry as Jeff
  • Emily as Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Edward as Wags the Dog
  • Toby as Henry the Octopus
  • Salty as Captain Feathersword
  • Thumper as Officer Beaples
  • Donald as Slim Dusty
  • Rosie as Christine Anu
  • Stepney as Rolf Harris
  • Percy as Kamahl
  • Oliver as Tim Finn
  • Douglas as Jimmy Little
  • Molly as Atsuko Arai


  • In the Enginegles World
  • Here Come The Enginegles
  • In The Big Red Engine We Like To Ride
  • I Like to Have a Dance with Emily (featuring Donald)
  • Taba Naba (featuring Rosie)
  • Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport (featuring Stepney)
  • Sing With Me (featuring Percy)
  • Hey Hey Hey We're All Pirate Dancing
  • Another Cuppa
  • Starry Night
  • Six Months in a Leaky Boat (featuring Oliver)
  • One Little Coyote
  • Blow Me Down
  • Let go We're Riding in the Big Red Engine
  • Morningtown Ride (featuring Douglas)
  • Haru Ga Kita (featuring Molly)

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