It's Good To Be Gordon Transcript is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.


  • Here's the full transcript to It's Good To Be Gordon.


  • Michael Brandon: It's Good To Be Gordon. Gordon is a beautiful blue engine with a great big boiler, and a separate tender for his coal. Gordon's favorite job is to pull the express. One beautiful spring morning, Sir Topham Hatt came to see Gordon.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Today Gordon, if you pull the express across the island and back again on time, then you will set a new Sodor record.
  • Michael Brandon: Gordon was excited. He wanted to set a new record more than anything.
  • Thomas: Hooray for Gordon!
  • Michael Brandon: Whistled Thomas. And all the engines tooted. Gordon steamed over to the Coal Depot. He rolled under a coal chute and his tender was quickly filled. Gordon started puffing away when the yard manager called.
  • Yard Manager: Stop, Gordon! You've been given Henry's special coal by mistake.
  • Michael Brandon: Gordon knew that Henry needed special coal. But he thought Henry's coal would help him go faster. So he pretended not to hear. Henry had to take Tar Wagons to Knapford. He rolled his tender under the chute and waited for his coal.
  • Yard Manager: I'm sorry, Henry.
  • Michael Brandon: Said the yard manager.
  • Yard Manager: There's no special coal left. You'll have to use ordinary coal today.
  • Michael Brandon: Henry was worried. Ordinary coal clod his firebox and stop him making steam. But he knew he had work to do.
  • Henry: It's only for one day.
  • Michael Brandon: He said bravely.
  • Henry: I'll will try my very best.
  • Michael Brandon: Gordon arrived at Knapford Station. His passengers boarded and he happily set off right on time. Soon, Gordon was chuffing as fast as he could. He didn't know it was Henry's coal or the crisp bright there. But today, it felt good to be Gordon. It didn't feel good to be Henry. Henry's tar cars were very heavy and his engine didn't like the ordinary coal. Gordon steamed across the island.
  • Gordon: A record is mine, a record is mine!
  • Michael Brandon: Henry was having a terrible time. He was rocking and rolling, coughing and wheezing.
  • Henry: The workmen are waiting, the workmen are waiting!
  • Michael Brandon: He gasped. Thomas thought Henry looked very sick indeed. Gordon was making good time and feeling grand.
  • Thomas: Have you seen Henry?
  • Michael Brandon: Asked Thomas worriedly.
  • Thomas: He looked very sick.
  • Gordon: I'm sure Henry is fine.
  • Michael Brandon: Gordon hooted.
  • Thomas: But his face was as green as his tender.
  • Michael Brandon: Thomas puffed. Now Gordon began to wish he hadn't taken Henry's coal. But he still wanted to set a new record. So when the signal changed, Gordon puffed on. But no matter how fast Gordon went, he couldn't get away from the bad feeling in his boiler. Gordon wasn't enjoying being Gordon anymore. Gordon had to stop to led off passengers. Henry was taking on water. Henry's face was green. His axles were shaking and dark smoke billowed from his funnel.
  • Gordon: Are you feeling all right?
  • Michael Brandon: Asked Gordon.
  • Henry: (coughing) I didn't get my special coal this morning.
  • Michael Brandon: Coughed Henry.
  • Henry: My firebox feels funny.
  • Michael Brandon: But then, it was time for Gordon to go.
  • (Guard's whistle blows)
  • Henry: Hooray for Gordon!
  • Michael Brandon: Wheezed Henry.
  • Henry: You'll set a new record for sure.
  • Michael Brandon: Gordon could see Knapford Station up ahead. Sir Topham Hatt was there. Gordon was on time and going to set a new record. But Gordon's bad feeling was now so strong he thought his boiler would burst. Gordon slowed to a halt.
  • Driver: You're going to be late.
  • Michael Brandon: Cried his driver.
  • Gordon: I don't care.
  • Michael Brandon: Whistled Gordon and he started to reverse. Gordon soon reach Henry. Henry had stop for a rest. He was surprised to see Gordon.
  • Gordon: I took your special coal this morning.
  • Michael Brandon: Huffed Gordon.
  • Gordon: I wanted to go faster than ever. I'm very sorry. But now, I have a good idea.
  • Michael Brandon: Gordon and Henry swap tenders. Soon Henry's firebox was full of special coal. Henry felt better right away.
  • Henry: Thank you, Gordon.
  • Michael Brandon: He huffed happily, and together they puffed off to Knapford Station. But Gordon and the express were late. Only Thomas was there. Sir Topham Hatt had gone home for his tea.
  • Henry: I'm sorry you didn't set a new record today.
  • Michael Brandon: Chuffed Henry.
  • Gordon: And I'm sorry I took your coal.
  • Michael Brandon: Puffed Gordon.
  • Thomas: Who holds the old record?
  • Michael Brandon: Whistled Thomas.
  • Gordon: Why, I do. (laughs)
  • Michael Brandon: Said Gordon. And the good friends laugh.

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