It's a Hacked Life is the 3rd, episode from T-o-s (Season 2). It was released on March 2nd, 2014. 


Tom wants things back to how they were to make his wish he creates a photo machine, a device that can actually reverse historical events but an alternative timeline is bought into existence where Tom and Lenny have the ability to re-live their chilhood days. If the machine is shut down it means the alternative year will stay in it's place.

By: Roc.


Tom brings a picture machine he created to Lenny, Kyle, Max, Tim and Joardan a device that can actually reverse time. Tom offers to give Lenny a day to re-live his childhood in exchange for a day from the future, a day he would remember being erased, Lenny destroys the machine without knowing that the day he erased was Lenny's future look. An alternative timeline is bought into existence and the world has changed, Tom and Lenny still reconize eachother. To make Tom reconize him, he destroys the machine before Tom can stop him, the destruction of the machine brings the future back into existence. Tom and Lenny reconize eathother, go back to Shape House City to find Max. Tom and Lenny destroy the machine to make Max turn 14 again. Once they return Max has return'd back to 13 year old self and is evil again. Tom and Lenny run while Mr. Handerson notices freezing him with ice before he could catch Lenny stops him from worrying Max is turned back to his 14 year old self. The ice melts Mr. Handerson is happy that his son has returned to normal.    Ben comes to Shape House City to try to shut down, the machine but he is given a picture of his past where he can actually re-live his own chilhood days. He destroys the machine and Ben re-lives his chilhood days. Lenny and  Max fly back to Picture City. The scene then goes from Tom screaming and he destroy's the picture again this time bringing back  the time he showed Lenny, Kyle, Max, Tim and Joardan the pictures wich are now unable to bring time back. 

By: Roc.


Puss in Boots as Tom (Charectar).

Woody as  Lenny (Charectar).

Big Show as Kyle.

Undertaker as Max.

Danny as Tim.

Jerry as Joardan.

By: Roc.


1: Although this is a new episode after the future is erased and the new timeline is bought into existence it becomes a continuation of Back in Time.

The Photo Machine.

2: There is another photo machine called Roc's Picture Machine.

By: Roc. 

March 3rd, 2014.

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