It's a Happy Life is the third episode of T-o-s (Season 2). It was released on March 2nd, 2014.


Tom wants things back to how they were to make his wish come true he creates a computer and he finds a video computer and brings classic buildings back  and creates a potion that turns people back young again. Destroying the future brings the past back.

By: Roc.


Tom shows Lenny a patato that has a potion in it that turns people young. Lenny eats the patato and turns young the youngness reflects on everyone else turning them young too, the future is erased from existence. The Circus University school returns and Lenny reconizes Tom but Tom does'nt reconize Lenny to make him be reconized Lenny eats the patato before Tom can stop him the patato also brings the future back into existence. Afterwards Lenny is reconized by Tom and the two of them go to find Max when they arrive in Shape House City Max has been bought to his 13 year old self. Max is given the patato Mr. Handerson loses his chance to even stop Tom from taking Max home with him. Mr. Handerson's  anger is gone. Mr. Handerson thanks Tom for returning Max back to normal. Max goes back to Suburbia.

By: Roc. 

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