It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (Rene Astle's Version)

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Rene Astle's version of the 1963 Comedy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

  • Spencer Tracy as Culpepper
  • Milton Berle as Russell Finch
  • Sid Caesar as Melville Crump
  • Hank Jones as Danny Crump
  • Buddy Hackett as Benjy Benjamin
  • Ethel Merman as Mrs. Marcus
  • Mickey Rooney as Dingy Bell
  • Dick Shawn as Sylvester Marcus
  • Groucho Marx as Mr. Marcus
  • Mel Brooks as John Blooge
  • Phil Silvers as Otto Meyer
  • Lou Costello as Peter Meyer
  • Terry Thomas as Algernon Hawthorne
  • Jonathan Winters as Lennie Pike
  • Red Buttons as Boppy the Circus Clown
  • Lauren Bacall as Lisa Blooge
  • Edie Adams as Monica Crump
  • Dorothy Provine as Emeline Marcus-Finch
  • Peter Falk as Cab Driver 1
  • Eddie Anderson as Cab Driver 2
  • Leo Gorcey as Cab Driver 3
  • Alan Arkin as Cab Driver 4
  • Jack Benny as Daniel Gromple
  • Dean Martin as Sappy the Birthday Clown
  • Jerry Lewis as Ludwig Dumbella
  • Don Knotts as Joe Sprinkler
  • Billy Gilbert as Tom Meyer
  • Peter Ustinov as Oliver Butler
  • Ernie Kovacs as Jacky Driscoll
  • Ben Turpin as Jack Mahoney
  • Zero Mostel as Donny the Vaudeville Clown
  • Jackie Mason as Boing the Vaudeville Clown
  • Don Rickles as Granky the Rodeo Clown
  • Jim Henson as Ernie Apricort
  • Frank Oz as Bert Apricort
  • James Robertson Justice as Thomas Hawthorne
  • Judy Garland as Emily Blooge
  • George Burns as Mickey Blooge
  • Gracie Allen as Nona Blooge
  • Jimmy Durante as Jimmy the Cook
  • Harold Lloyd as Roy Williams the Dancing Tramp
  • Red Skelton as Trevor Driscoll
  • Stan Laurel as Edward Wilder
  • Oliver Hardy as Timmy Wilder
  • Bing Crosby as Chuckie Marcus
  • Bob Hope as Tommy Marcus

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