(00:00:15) Hey it's me Lucy

(00:00:22) Hey Charlie Brown making a Butter Bread.

(00:00:30) No More! Lucy says No.

(00:00:38) Lucy : Come On!

(00:00:41) (baby crying) (men shouting)

(00:00:48) Hey Charlie Brown! What? (goat bleating)

(00:00:55) Lucy Help! (sheep bleating)

(00:01:04) Linus and Sally riding Horses. (horses whinnying)

(00:01:12) Linus & Sally : Happy Birthday!

(00:01:17) (linus and sally screaming) Just a Minute!

(00:01:26) Charlie Brown What Do You Think?

(00:01:34) Lucy : Driving!

(00:01:38) Oh No! the Car Sick.

(00:01:44) Find Mom and Dad.

(00:01:48) (horn honking)

(00:01:52) Lucy : Need some iTunes

(00:01:56) (Charlie Brown Singing) Beep bop beep bop beep bop bop bop

(00:02:10) Lucy : Hello!

(00:02:13) Linus : Surprise?

(00:02:18) Mom Dad & Charlie Brown : Surprise!

(00:02:25) Charlie Brown : Thank You Lucy. Your Welcome.

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