Normal Items

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MushroomRecovers 25 HP
Super MushroomsRecovers 50 HP
Ultra MushroomRecovers 120 HP
Max MushroomRecovers all HP
Golden MushroomRecovers all HP and BP
SyrupRecovers 20 BP
Super SyrupRecovers 40 BP
Ultra SyrupRecovers 100 BP
Max SyrupRecovers all BP
NutsRecovers 20 HP
Super NutsRecovers 40 HP
Ultra NutsRecovers 100 HP
Max NutsRecovers all HP
1-Up MushroomRevives Mario or Luigi and restores half HP
1-Up SuperRevives Mario or Luigi and restores all HP
Refreshing HerbCures Mario or Luigi of any status ailment
Red Peppers
Green Peppers

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