The Items in the game BOTS by Acclaim are things the players use to help in games. The way to buy the items is to use game currency, called "gigas". Also there are other items that require real money to buy. The Money Items give an advantage to the player who uses them.

Items may also be claimed for free by taking boxes from bosses in Sector mode. Any items aquired by boss drops are enhanced and have a +1 ,+2 or +3 sign next to them. They have special powers like Transformation Defence or Critical.The amount they are increased by depends on the numeral value and what it increases depends on the lettering beside the object name (EG: TD= transformation defence CR=critical).

Gigas Items: There are guns, shields, bot parts, energy fields, and minibots in this section.

Could someone SS the bots website and edit the items on the main page?

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