The following is a list of items in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This is obviously a small amount of the items to be in the final game.

Item Original series Info
Baseball Bat Super Smash Bros. This bludgeoning bat smacks enemies and can perform a one hit KO if charged.
Beam Sword Super Smash Bros. This purple sword of light is extremely powerful and a popular weapon.
Bumper Super Smash Bros. The bumper from the original game returns as a metal disc that causes fighters to bounce off if touched. Bumpers can now be suspended in midair to prevent players from returning to the stage.
Capsule Super Smash Bros. A purple and white container with items inside.
Crates/Barrels Super Smash Bros. These objects hold items inside, although ocasionally they simply explode or roll around instead. A new feature for Brawl is that crates and barrels have a different appearance based on the type of stage-futuristic stages have sci-fi crates and barrels, for example.
Fan Super Smash Bros. A light bludgeoning fan that inflicts rapid damage.
Food Super Smash Bros. Various food items that heal the user different percentages depending on the type of food.
Ray Gun Super Smash Bros. A powerful blaster that shoots beams of energy.
Motion Sensor Bomb Super Smash Bros. A mine that detonates if anyone steps on it.
Party Ball Super Smash Bros. A giant ball that releases items.
Super Scope Super Smash Bros. The shooting item fires rapid fire balls of energy or several large, charged up balls if the fire button is held down.
Gooey Bomb Super Smash Bros. An item that, when thrown, sticks to a player and explodes moments later. The person to which the bomb is attached can pass it to someone else by running past them.
Cracker Launcher Super Smash Bros. A shooting item that fires large firecrackers. It can be fired while moving and aimed up or down.
Banana Peel Super Smash Bros. These slippery items cause fighters to fall if stepped on.
Smoke Ball Super Smash Bros. This ball creates a huge amount of smoke, masking the throwing character and allowing hidden attacks or a quick escape. The already-smoking ball can also be picked up and thrown.
Soccer Ball Super Smash Bros. This ball cannot be grabbed, and is instead attacked to be sent around the field.
Timer Super Smash Bros. A clock that either slows down or speeds up the battle.
Team Healer Super Smash Bros. This object can be thrown at a teammate to heal them.
Sandbag Super Smash Bros. The famous home run contest bag releases items as it is beaten.
Smash Ball Super Smash Bros. This sphere, in the shape of the Super Smash Bros. logo, allows the user to use their Final Smash. Whether or not Smash Balls are actually items, and can or can't be turned off, is a subject of debate in the community.
Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros. (although the characters inside are from different series) This item releases a non-playable Nintendo character into the battle to assist the user.
Bob-Omb Mario series This living bomb begins walking around the stage, blowing up players, if it is not picked up and used quickly.
Fire Flower Mario series A flower that shoots jets of flames from its center. It eventually runs out of fire.
Freezie Mario series An icy projectile that freezes an ememy solid for a few moments.
Super Mushroom Mario series A mushroom that increases the player's size.
Green Shell Mario series A projectile that knocks over players it hits.
Hammer Mario series This black hammer badly damages anything the user hits with it. Occasionally, the head flies off, making the shaft useless, but the head can be thrown as a projectile.
Metal Box Mario series A green steel box that turns the player metal, making them slower, more powerful, and fall faster.
Poison Mushroom Mario series A mushroom that decreases the player's size.
Starman Mario series A star that makes the user invincible for a short time.
Golden Hammer Mario series This golden hammer is more powerful than the regular hammer, and also allows the user to float in midair if the button is rapidly pressed. The golden hammer occasionally malfunctions, making a squeaking noise when it hits something.
Hothead Mario series This small fire creature gets larger as it is attacked.
Lightning Bolt Mario series This lightning bolt shrinks the other players when used.
Spring Mario series A small spring that launches players upwards if they jump on it.
Heart Container Legend of Zelda series This heart-shaped container removes 100% of the user's damage.
Deku Nut Legend of Zelda series A nut that damages the person hit and stuns everyone in the blast radius.
Bunny Hood Legend of Zelda series This pair of bunny ears makes players jump higher and move faster.
Screw Attack Metroid series Samus's signature ability, allows players to spin rapidly through the air. Is now worn and can be used in conjunction with other items, like the Franklin Badge.
Maxim Tomato Kirby series This tomato takes 50% off of the eater's damage meter.
Star Rod Kirby series A rod that generates chargeable stars that injure enemies.
Warp Star Kirby series This star, when ridden, flies to the top of the screen and then slams straight downwars, causing massive damage to whoever it hits.
Superspicy Curry Kirby series This plate of hot food allows the user to breathe fire (different than the Fire Flower) and use fire-based attacks.
Dragoon Kirby series This legendary machine from Kirby Air Ride is created in three parts. After collecting all three parts, Dragoon swoops down and one-hit-KOs a player.
Smart Bomb StarFox series This item releases a large explosion where it lands.
Poké Ball Pokémon series This item releases a Pokémon into the battle to assist the user.
Mr. Saturn Earthbound series This small pig-like creature serves no purpose other than to be used to smack enemies.
Franklin Badge Earthbound series This small badge reflects all projectile attacks, similar to Fox and Falco's Reflector.
Pitfall Animal Crossing series This item creates a pitfall where it is thrown, trapping players who step on it. If someone is hit with it while standing on a platform that can be fallen through, the player will fall through the platform.
Lip's Stick Panel de Pon series This flower creates a flower on the head of whoever is hit. They start gaining damage while the flower is on them.
Unira Clu Clu Land series A spiky urchin that injures players who touch it.
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