There are many items in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, as is common in the Metroid series. The following is a list of items.


  • Power Beam: Samus's primary weapon. Unlike in previous Prime games (but more like the system in the 2D games), Samus's beams will "stack", so their new abilities will all be classed into one beam, rather than multiple beams.
  • Hyper Beam: A Phazon-based beam that acts as Samus's primary weapon when in Hyper Mode.
  • Plasma Beam: A fire-based beam that can burn enemies as well as weld broken machinery.
  • Nova Beam: A beam that can fire through walls. Details are currently unknown.


  • Missile Launcher: The attachment that allows Samus to shoot missiles.
  • Ice Missiles: Missiles that freeze enemies, which were introduced in Metroid Fusion.
  • Seeker Missiles: Allows Samus to lock on to multiple targets with her missiles.
  • Hyper Missiles: Allow Samus's missiles to do more damage in Hyper Mode.

Morph Ball

  • Morph Ball: The small sphere Samus can roll into.
  • Bombs: Small charges that detonate after a few seconds. They can be used to propel Samus into the air.
  • Boost Ball: Allows Samus to boost while in the Morph Ball.
  • Hyper Ball: Allows Samus to discharge damaging Phazon while in the Morph Ball in Hyper Mode.
  • Spider Ball: Allows Samus to attach to special tracks magnetically while in the Morph Ball.


  • Power Suit: Samus's standard suit.
  • PED (Phazon Enhancement Device) Suit: A suit given to Samus after she suffers Phazon corruption at the hands of Dark Samus. The other hunters are given PEDs as well.
  • Hazard Suit: Protects Samus from various environmental hazards.


  • Combat Visor: The standard HUD interface.
  • Scan Visor: A trademark of the Prime subseries, allows Samus to "scan" enemies, doors, computers, and other objects to learn information. Important entries are entered into a logbook, while others are just for show or story purposes.
  • Command Visor: A visor that allows Samus to call her ship to perform an air strike or allow her to save and restore ammo and health.
  • X-Ray Visor: A visor from Metroid Prime that allows Samus to see invisible enemies. It is used in conjunction with the Nova Beam to fire through walls.


  • Grapple Lasso: A special beam that fires from Samus's left arm and attaches to special grapple points. A new feature for Metroid Prime 3 involves using the Grapple Lasso to rip shields away from Space Pirates or remove obstacles blocking a door.
  • Grapple Swing: The traditional Grapple Beam that allows Samus to swing from grapple points.
  • Ship Grapple Beam: Allows Samus to use her ship to haul objects.
  • Grapple Voltage: Allows the Grapple Beam to suck energy from enemies or give energy to objects.
  • Hyper Grapple: Allows Samus to use the Grapple Beam to infuse enemies or objects with Phazon while in Hyper Mode.


  • Space Jump Boots: Allow Samus to jump twice, rather than once.
  • Screw Attack: Samus's trademark, a special move that allows her to jump five more times, damaging anything that touches her.
  • Gunship Missiles: Allows Samus's ship to fire missiles at certain blockades.
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