The Ithenites are a saurian species. The Ithenites are large bipedal lizards that were covered with a thick scaly hide. Despite being reptilian, they were warm-blooded. Their skin was so thick that it could withstand blaster shots with only minor burns to show for it.



Blue Ithenites are the politicians and leaders of Ithenite society and held most of the political positions. They were the highest caste, thus they received the most honor and praise.


Gold Ithenites are the religious caste of Ithenite society.


Yellow Ithenites are in charge of the technology employed by the Ithenites.


Red Ithenites comprised the military caste.


Green Ithenites were the largest caste.


Very rare; worked as assassins and espionage agents for the Imperium.


Brown Ithenites were considered the outcasts of Ithenite society.

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