MainIvanCGI Ivan is a Russian diesel shunter. He participated in the [Great Railway Show|Great Railway Show]'s shunting challenge at least twice.


Ivan participated in the Great Railway Show at least twice during his career, and finished seconds away from setting a new world record once. Once when he again participated in the shunting challenge, he did so alongside [[1]], [[2]], [[3]] and [[4]], but ended up losing the event after championships were awarded to the latter two. Ivan returned home after the show was over.


Ivan of Russia may look mean, but he is one of the most charismatic characters to be found on the railway. He is a real comedian, who will put a smile on everyone’s face.


Ivan is based on a TGM23 class diesel shunter. Ivan has been regauged from "Russian" gauge to standard gauge.


Ivan is painted red and blue with white lining. His running board is painted yellow, and he carries his name on the sides of his cab in white lettering. His wheels are painted black with white rims and blue counterweights.


[the Tank Engine and Friends|Television Series]


Ivan was also featured in a [the Contenders|Meet the Contenders] segment.

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  • The colours of the Russian flag, of which Ivan is painted in, are stacked differently as to how they look on the actual flag; the white and blue are swapped around. This was most likely done for aesthetic reasons.
  • Ivan has been partially modified to work on British railways: he has been given buffers and chain couplings, with the original knucker couplers removed.
  • His horn is [[5]]'s at a low pitch.




- Ivan informing the [[7]] while competing in the shunting competition, The Great Race.