Ivanka Rubanenko
Ivanka Rubanenko
Ivanka Rubanenko, casting a fire spell from her fingertip.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 4'11" (149.9cm)
Hair color Strawberry Blonde
Eye color Green
Race Caucasian
Blood type AB
Birthday December 15th, 1949
Birthplace Stalingrad, Soviet Union
Hometown Starnberg, Bavaria, West Germany
Father Leon Rubanenko
Mother Anastasia Vega
Affiliation(s) Civilian, Delta Defense Alliance
Language(s) spoken
(excluding English)
Flag of Russia Russian
Flag of Germany German
Name in Other Languages
Flag of Russia Russian Иванка Рубанэнко
Flag of Greece Greek Ιβανκα Ρουμπανενκο
Flag of Japan Japanese イバンカ・ルバネンコ
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese
陶慧豪 (Táo Huìháo)
Flag of South Korea Korean 이반카 루바넨코
Flag of the Arab League Arabic يفانكا روبانينكو
Flag of Israel Hebrew יבאנקה רובאנינקו
Flag of India Hindi ईवन्क रूबनेन्को

Ivanka Rubanenko (Иванка Леоновна Руванэнко, Ivanka Leonovna Rubanenko) is a young psychic living in West Germany. Her brother, Boris, also happens to be the leader of the evil organization, The Omega Order. Boris has given her valuable experience in the use of her powers, but has also abused her often. All Ivanka wants is to be rescued by her knight in shining armor –- the Delta secret agent, Alec Clarion.


Ivanka Rubanenko was born in 1949 in Stalingrad (currently Volgograd, Russia). She lived fairly peacefully with her brother, Boris, her father Leon, and her mother Nina. However, in 1968, one year after Nina disappeared, the rest of her family fled the Communist bloc to escape an anti-psychic inquisition led by then-Soviet chairman Leonid Brezhnev. Near the end of their journey, the three of them attempted to escape through the Berlin Wall. Ivanka and Boris escaped with their lives, while Leon was gunned down. After grappling with the loss of their father, Ivanka and Boris eventually settled in the town of Starnberg in West Germany. Ivanka has made two friends while living in West Germany, Heidi and Saskia, who also happen to be psychics.


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Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Ivanka only appears briefly in Episode III. When Alec attempts to assassinate Boris near the Czech-Polish border in 1987, Boris turns the tables on his rival and teleports Ivanka to them, just to watch Alec get executed. However, at the last minute, Ivanka volunteers to have herself killed in Alec's place. Boris accepts the offer, remembering how she betrayed him during the events of Episode I. She is then killed by Boris's Blood Rose.



"Ivanka" is a female form of the Russian first name "Ivan", which corresponds to "John" in English. In earlier drafts, she was known as "Johanna", which is a German form of the same name.
"Rubanenko" is a Russian family name.[1] It is a tribute to Rubeus, a villain from Sailor Moon.

Chinese Name

Ivanka's Chinese civen name, "Huìháo", means "Intelligent hero" in English. Her family name, "Táo" is a reference to Taoism.

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