An Ivysaur.

Ivysaur (Fushigisou in the Japanese) is a Pokémon with an average-sized seed on its back. It grows fully when Venusaur.




The name Ivysaur comes from the words Ivy and Saur, meaning an Ivy Dinosaur.

Video Games

Ivysaur is the evolved form of Bulbasaur when it reaches Level 16. The evolution chain goes something like this:

Evolution Chain

At Level 32 it evolves into Venusaur.

Weaknesses, Resistances and Immunities

Weaknesses do double damage if one type is weak to the attack, and quadruple the damage if both types are. If one type is weak and the other is strong to the attack, then it does normal damage. If one type is strong to the atatck, then it does half the damage, and if both are, then it does a quarter of the damage.


FIRE (x2)

ICE (x2)




WATER (x0.5)


GRASS (x0.25)




Learnable Moves

These are the moves Ivysaur can learn:

Level-Up Attacks

Level 1: Tackle

Level 4: Growl

Level 7: Leech Seed

Level 10: Vine Whip

Level 15: Poisonpowder

Level 15: Sleep Powder

Level 22: Razor Leaf

Level 29: Sweet Scent

Level 38: Growth

Level 47: Synthesis

Level 56: Solarbeam

TM/HM Attacks

TM06 - Toxic | TM09 - Bullet Seed | TM10 - Hidden Power | TM11 - Sunny Day | TM17 - Protect | TM19 - Giga Drain | TM21 - Frustration | TM22 - Solarbeam | TM27 - Return | TM32 - Double Team | TM36 - Sludge Bomb | TM42 - Facade | TM43 - Secret Power | TM44 - Rest | TM45 - Attract | TM53 - Energy Ball | TM58 - Endure | TM70 - Flash | TM75 - Swords Dance | TM78 - Captivate | TM82 - Sleep Talk | TM83 - Natural Gift | TM86 - Grass Knot | TM87 - Swagger | TM90 - Substitute | HM01 - Cut | HM04 - Strength | HM06 - Rock Smash |

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