• Iwao Hazuki as Thomas
  • Hank Hills as Edward
  • Tusky the Elephant as Henry
  • Billy Twofeathers as Gordon
  • Jack-2 as James
  • Espio as Percy
  • Guy as Toby
  • Harry Cupper as Duck
  • Bulk as Donald
  • Skull as Douglas
  • Chase Randall as Oliver
  • Wolfgang Krauser as Diesel
  • Ryu as Bill
  • Ken as Ben
  • Barton Winslow as BoCo
  • Midge Smoot as Daisy
  • Becky as Mavis
  • Dan as Stepney
  • Grandma Thora as Emily
  • Gia Moran as Lady
  • Rugal Bernstein as Diesel 10
  • Assault Enforcer as Splatter
  • Assault Commander as Dodge
  • Mike Haggar as Murdoch
  • M.Bison as Spencer
  • Kathy as Rosie
  • Emma Goodall as Flora
  • David Read as Hank

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