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Created by Ian A. Carlson

iyeru42 Designs is a portfolio site created by Ian A. Carlson of Madison, Wisconsin. The site now is mostly for portfolio purposes, template designing and other features that Ian can think of.


A breakdown of the history around iyeru42 Designs and the related sites. This section is probably not complete, you can expand it.

Personal Website

In the 1990s and a bit earlier on, this website was only a personal website containing personal interests and other miscellaneous content. Later in the 90s, the site began to turn into a site where people could discuss gaming (mostly RPGs) and anime such as Pokemon. However, due to school and other related problems, the owner of this had to leave the Internet numerous times in order to catch up. This caused a massive breakdown of the activity therin.


As the years started to go on, I devoted myself to create the Darkbloodian Bout System (DBB). This system is an add-on for those who like to text role-play. IGBN2 itself was a gaming community I created on the free web host known as This site was short lived due to the numerous ads and limited functionality of T35's hosting capabilities.

Darkbloodian Odyssey Productions

Darkbloodian Odyssey Productions (DBOP) was one of the first of a few sites to actually stay in one plays for a long span of time. DBOP was a site mostly about Anime and the anime gallery contained within. Although gaming was discussed at several different levels, the main focus for the gaming section was the DBB System and the numerous reviews written by Ian himself. The anime section at this time was expanded to also hold reviews.


At present, the name of the site is and has been iyeru42 Designs for a while and interchanging every now and then due to the DBOP anniversary. However, Ian is now trying to create his own Portfolio site instead of an anime or gaming site.

Templates Made

Templates made by Ian A. Carlson of iyeru42 Designs can be seen in certain places. Check the below list for such places.

About the Webmaster

Ian A. Carlson is mainly a storywriter and writes stories for science fiction and fantasy genres. Although they may be very suggestive, alot of people have begun to note the story. The only people who have seen the Darkbloodian Odyssey or the VIRUA Chronicles would be Ian's english teachers, friends and online acquaintences.

  • Darkbloodian Odyssey is a storyline concerning a variety of different characters that try and save the Virtual Reality contained within the VIRUA System. The people within the VIRUA System have yet to realize where they fit into the real world outside.
  • VIRUA Chronicles is the storyline that triggered the Darkbloodian Odyssey events. The VIRUA Chronicles takes place in the real world along with the storywriter within his own story. Such a story line is similar to that of Excel Saga.


Ian (iyeru42) has made contributions to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia as well as projects such as OvBB, FMODS, clic!dev, Futura Salus, Simple Web Media, and other web sites known to Ian.

External Links

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