Mission 5: Izenians

I apologize for any bad spelling/grammar/language etc. this was written by numerous people and may seem confusing.

Mission Script

bridge 12:00

  • all senior officers are present the fire breather has been

following an uncharted path towards Betazed looking out for any planets that support life*

Travan: captain I'm reading a planet ahead sensors show its class as M and it seems to be supporting life

Rantonia: is it a pre-warp civilisation?

Travan: it appears so

Rantonia: alright then I'll need five minutes to talk with the admiral about this *enters his readyroom and returns five minutes later* we have been ordered to iniciate a first contact mission with this civilisation

{Ready Room}

Hansman sat in the seat behind the desk. Since he whas still officialy in command of the Firebreather untill Captain Andre Rantonia came on the bridge he could use the ready room as his "temporary Office." In his hand he had a padd containing special orders from Starfleet Command. Do I have the correct rank for this? He thought. Usualy this is Captain Rantonia's job. Well, it's his wive he can't do it because of that. "Commander Bertus Hansman to Ensign Rantonia and Captain Andre Rantonia. Please report to the Ready Room on the DOUBLE" he "yelled" to them. He tried to imitate a angry voice but he thought that it whas the batest imitation ever.

"We are on our way Commander" The voice of the Captain told him. 5 minutes later they came walking in.

"You're finaly here? I said ON THE DOUBLE not In 5 Minutes. well, I'll start right away. I've reseaved a letter from Starfleet Command with orders. One of their orders are the clarest." He opened a draw an took out a pip and stood up. "ensign Rantonia will you, as stated in the Starfleet Regulations, follow the orders and responsobileties that go with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, witch will be your new rank from now on. Will you try everything in your power to follow the orders given to yuo by your superiour officers and follow Starfleet Regulations and directives when and where they can be followod. Are you prepared to explain your actions when you are asked to and lead those under your command trhough any rough situation and still be able to be our friends?" Hansman asked.

"I do sir." the Ensign said.

"Then, by the power given to me by Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets I hereby promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade Rantonia-Ju-To and am pointed as official witness that you have taken the outh. Congratulations Lieutenant Junior grade." They shake hands. You're dissmissed. Captain. Could you stay for a moment?"

"I can. What's on your mind Commander?" the CAptain asks.

"Do you remember what happend on the accedemy with me, that I attecked one of the Captains there due to that deseas I had back then? Pantlomofictima Remotafelth. Well, Starfleet Command has ordered me to go to a hearing next week because off this. They want to make sure that that won't ever happen again. they can't be sure cause We're from a nother time. That's why the hearing is going to be taken. I would like you to be a mature witness."

Andre smiled at Bertus, "It would be an honour my friend" he said. "Thankyou Captain" Hansman said and they both exited the Ready Room.

Back on the bridge Andre began to organize the First Contact Mission. "I'm going down to the planet, Travan and Arka will be coming with me, Bertus, moniter the planet while we're down there. And before you say anything Bertus, i don't care about the prime directive." Andre ordered. The three exited the Bridge and went to the transporter room.

They materialized on the planet. It was dry and barren. Travan whipped a tricorder out and started to scan the desert ahead. "I can't find any life forms." he said. "Where would someone live in a place as dry and hot as this!" Arka asked. "I don't know, in a hole?" Travan asked. They continued to walk until they reached a tree, the only tree that they had seen for miles. THey walked under it to find some shade when they were picked up suddenly in a net and caught hanging from a tree.

"Commander Hansman, why didn't you warn us!"

"I was going to but i didn't have time" "Sir!" Travan said in a hushed tone. "Look!" he pointed to the branch above them, thousands of small worms , maggot like came crwling down. "Oh my..." Rantonia was shocked. "Cut the net!" Arka ordered, "OK, i'll just get my trustly starfleet knife out!" Travan said sarcasticly. Arka pulled on the net and it collapsed to the ground as did the three starfleet officers on top of eachother. "Ow, get your elbow out of my chest pleaase Arka!" Travan asked. "Sory" she rolled out from underneath Travan and he fell onto the captain. "THis hurts" he sounded winded. arka helped him up. "OK, one form of life, little maggots!" Travan said wehn he was pulled from behind, Arka whirled aroud to see a humanoid creature similar to a gorn but blue and with gecko type head and hands. It was tapping Travan softly on the head with a small stick. "Get it off me!" he screamed. "It's cute!" Arka said. "How can you be scared of that!" "It's a lizard, for all i know it could be poisonous!" he was scared. The creature spoke with a metallic tone in his voice. "Hello, i am Dever, what is your name?" it asked. "I am Andre Rantonia, these ae my...No this" he said pointing to Arka. "Is my Wife" he lied. "And this is our son" he lied again,

  • Karina won't like this!* he thought.

"Come with me" Dever hopped like a lizard on two legs. He showed them his home and invited them to stay.

Dever offered for them to stay. "I don't think we have time Captain" Arka blurted out. "Captain? Did you say Captain?" Dever asked Arka. "It's his nickname, we call him captain!" Arka corrected herself. "OK then 'Captain'" the Izenian said it with a menace in his metallic voice. "Yes Dever" Andre asked. "Are you sure that you aren't the captain of a starship?!" he asked. "Definately" Andre said, "so whats with the uniform and the badges?" he pointed at the commlink devices on there chests, "And the toy that your 'son' is playing with?". "When do we get back to the ship Commander?" Travan stood up and asked Arka. "You Stupid Boy!" Rantonia shouted. "You stupid, stupid boy!" he continued. "You've blown it now you..." he tapped Travan on the head. "Hey!" he said surprised. "Do you happen to have a super-propuslsion systerm?" Dever asked. "WHat is a Super- Propulsion system?" Travan asked. Arka whispered to him "He means Warp" Dever was interested by this exchange "What you would call 'Warp' by use of Dilithium." he continued. "Do you have it?". "Ye.." Travan was elbowed in the ribs by Arka. "No" he finished. "ARe you sure?" Dever persisted. "Totally" Andre said. "And your wife?" he asked. "Wife? But Sir Lieutenant Ju'To is your wife!" Travan blurted again. "Captain Andre Rantonia, what is your Ships name?" Dever wouldn't stop. "OK, I am Captain Andre Rantonia of the USS Firebreather, this is Lieutenant Commander Arka, my Chief of Security and this is a Stupid Boy, Lieutenant Victor Travan, my Science Officer." the story sounded impressive. "I want it!" Dever lunged at Rantonia who moved out of the way sharply. "What?" he asked. "The Warp!" he lunged again Rantonia dodged again but was scratched on his leg and he tapped his commbadge. "Rantoia to Firebreather, 3 to beam directly to the bridge!" he ordered.

The 3 officers materialized on the bridge of the ship Travan was holding a rock in front of his face, Rantonia was clutching his leg, while Arka was just stood there unphased by what had just happened. "Ouch!" Rantonia squealed, "I'm going to sickbay, i'll be back in a minute!" he limped off, Hansman and Lt. Ju'To followed. Travan was whimpering. Arka calmly walked to her station while Nadia walked over and picked Travan up. They went back to there stations.

In sickbay the ACMO Commander Hansman was looking at the COs leg, "It looks bruised, and you have burn marks on the outside of the scars!" Hansman sounded shocked. "Those 'Izenians' are dangerous!". "Will he be OK?" Karina asked, taking on the role of worried wife. "He should be, i'll need to bandage it up" Hansman said.

Back on the bridge, Arka was in the chair. "Run scans on the planet, i want to know exactly how many Izenians are on that planet. Travan had calmed down. "Approximately 200billion Ma'am" he said. "Don't call me ma'am, call me Commander." she ordered. "Yes Commander" Travan corrected himself. "We'll have to wait for the captain to see what he will do." Arka said.

  • conference room
  • all senior officers except captain rantonia are present and are

debating their possible next move*

Hansman: we wouldn't even be doing this if Travan had kept his mouth shut

Travan: well sorry I thought that was the whole point of a first contact mission reveal yourself as a member of the federation

Arka: yes but not right away we need detailed infomation on these Izenians before we reveal that to them

Hansman: must I remind you what happened last time starfleet failed a first contact mission

Travan: history was never a strong point what happened?

Hansman: an age of war between us and klingons

Sullivan: so lets get back to the topic what is our next move

Hansman: arka tell us exactly what occured

  • arka repeats last post*

Sullivan: well one things for sure they know we have warp drive which means they probably have a fleet that operates at impulse speed

Hansman: well do we have any suggestions?

Arka: hack their main computer system from up here and get the infomation that way

Travan: go back and said that we made a mistake

Peruva: alter the ships readings so that warp drive is undetectable

Sullivan: send an undercover unit down to the planet surface

Peruva: arka has a point only I would have to do it from a shuttle orbiting the planet and even then it would take hours to do

Hansman: but if you had the time you could do it?

peruva: yes sir

Hansman: travan your idea is complete lunacy likely the isenians know of our presence the captain made the mistake of wearing starfleet uniform and being to open with details about the ship. but I will put it to the captain all the same dismissed

Rantonia entered the conference room. "What do we do sir?" Sullivan asked. "We wait, if the Izenians make a move we will get into action, but for the moment we, wait! What do you think people?" he asked the crew

Karina spoke, "What will the Izenians do?" she asked. Andre replied "I don't know, i don't think however they pose any threat to us.". "They want our warp engines, they're going to attack he ship and steal the warp core!" Travan worried. "Calm down Victor" Peruva said. "They won't steal the warp core!" she continued. As soon as she finished, the ship rocked. The crew rushed out onto the bridge. Rantonia looked on the viewscreen, "Earth to Space missiles! That's impossible!" he said. "Red Alert, shields up!" the CO ordered. The red lights switched on and the bridge light dimmed. "Preparing to fire at the surface sir" Arka was acting as the Chief Tactical Officer. "No, they're hailing us Captain!" Travan said. "On screen" Andre ordered. The metallic voice of the Izenian rang through the bridge. "Hand the warp technology over to us Captain." it said. "Who are you? You're not Dever" Andre said. "No, i am Feria, the leader of the Izenian Army.". "I will not hand it over!". "Then prepare for WAR!" the alien shouted. "Get this ship out of the planets orbit and as far away from it as possible but still in this system!" Andre ordered, the ship turned around and flew away. "We need a plan." Karina said.

Rantonia paced the bridge, "Hail them!" he ordered. "Sir.." "Hail Them damnit, that is an Order!" "Yes sir, hailing frequencies open." The Izenians Commander appeared on screen. "We want a peaceful end to this Commander" Andre said. "Really, Hand the Warp over and we will end this peacefully." the Commander said. "What are you planning to do when you have the technology?" Andre asked. "Explore, like any other civilization, and make sure that the Izenian presence is known!" the Commander laughed menacingly. "So you intend to use it as a weapon?" Andre persisted. "Of sorts Yes Captain" the Commander continued. "I will not let you use it as a weapon." Andre said. "You're to late, two of my spies disguised as Starfeet Officers are now transporting off your ship with the warp formula and the dilithium crystals needed! Ha Ha Ha!" this was it. The universe was under threat now from the izenians. "We have the ships prepared, all we need is the plasma!" the commander laughed again. "You're pathetic ship is no match for the izenian fleet!". Out of nowhere ships appeared and began firing at the firebreather, "Fire back!" Andre ordered at Arka. The firebreather fired back but the ships continued firing at the Akira class vessel.

Travan: Sir. there is a large fleet of ships coming in fro the surface. Sir, the warpcore is shutting down. They've tapped into the computer. Schields are shutting down.

Arka: Sir, they are boarding us. They are walking through our security dealails. We must ebandon ship.

Hansman: I agree, sir. There is nothing we can do.

Rantonia: Okay. Computer, Set autodestruct sequence. Authorisation Rantonia Alpha 01 8

Computer: Does the First Officer agree?

Hansman: This is Commander Hansman, I agree. Authorisation Hansman Beta 01 8

Computer does the Second Officer agree?>

Arka: This is Lieutenant Commander Arka. I agree. Authorisation Arka Charley 04 8

Computer: Authorisation's eccepted.

Rantonia: Computer. This is the Captain. set time to 10 minutes. Silent countdown.

Computer: Timer set. Awaiting final command.

Rantonia: This is the captain. Engage.

Computer: All hands, this is an automatic warning. Auto destruc sequence has been enitiated by the command staff. timer set to 10 minutes. There will be no further audio warning.

Rantonia: all hands. Ebandon ship, I repeate, ebandon ship.

Rantonia stood by the center chair and looked at the bridge and senior crew "Well, i hope we end up on the same ship if there is a next time." he said. "To your pods" he ordered, the senior staff left the bridge, all except Rantonia and hansman. "My first command. Gone with a new species, a dangerous species!" he said. "Goodbye" he said before moving with Hansman to his pod.

They were released and stood and watched the USS Firebreather explode into a thousand tiny pieces.

A few hours later the USS Harrier, arrived and escorted the crew back to starfleet command.

At starfleet command, Andre was brought before the Admiral and given a new command. And his old crew, the new ship was the USS Firebreather-A. (obviously) He then took his crew to see the new ship, they entered the hangar and looked upon the glorious splendor of the USS Firebreather-A, Prometheus Class MVAM (Multi Vector Assault Mode) The most advanced technology ever, 4 warp nacelles, Zero, Omega and Sigma sections. He then realised he had to sort out the MVAM rota if he had to put the MVAM into operation. A beast of a ship. The crew stood back amazed.

Most of Arkas possessions had been lost with the USS

Firebreather, all except 2, her photo of her and O'Kot on holiday in California, America and O'Kot's commbadge. She put O'Kots commbadge onto her uniform and she felt so prooud because she had been given a red shirt to wear, instead of her old yellow one, she was Head of Security and Second Officer. She would have loved to see her sisters face now. She attached her two solid pips, and 1 black one onto her collar. She was ready to tackle the world. She exited her new quarters and with a skip in her stride she went to the main bridge.

When she arrived on the bridge the crew were already at there positions. She smiled and took her station at Security and Tactical.

"Take us out, Head to the Izenian planet, warp 9!" Rantonia Ordered. The New Prometheus class USS Firebreather-A was go, it was maneuvering out of spacedock, the ship glided like a bird cutting through space like a knife. "She's a beauty!" Hansman complimented. "I know" Andre agreed. "I was talking about the ship not your wife." Hansman said. "Oh, well, yes the ship is a beauty" Rantonia stammered.

After that embarrassing incident Andre was quite happy to sit down in the crew lounge with Karina and have a drink. "Yes, it did happen Kay (Andres affectionate name for Karina) " Andre explained. "I think that the ships nice as well, especiallyu now that we have extra big quarters!" she laughed. "Come on" she said and dragged Andre to there quarters where noone knows what happened, except for the two.

The next morning they arriived in the system of the Izenians. "We want to end this peacefully remember so keep shields and weapons off. Take us in" Andre ordered. They reached the Planet and they were hailed. "You return Captain" Dever appeared on screen, "Why?" he asked. "Because we want to make sure that you will only use the warp technology for exploration purposes only." Andre explained. "Not to destroy other civilisations, in fact you could call it a diplomatic mission" Andre cheekily remarked. "We want revenge on the Universe after they treated us like dirt, btringing there machines to eliminate our homes, in their big Birds, and there disfigured foreheads." Dever explained, "We want to destroy them for what they did to us.". Andre butted in. "Then you will have to go through us first, we are the Klingons friends, we are peaceful to oneanother". "Then prepare to be destroyed!" Dever shouted. The communication ended and fighters were sent at the ship. "Red Alert, all hands to battle stations!" Andre ordered. The ship took hit after hit, but fired back at the fighters, there seemed to be an endless barrage of fighters.


  • shots are coming from all over the place each shot hitting with

unmatched precision*

Capt Rantonia: fire all phaser banks

  • arka fires the phasers they take out two in all*

Arka: they're too fast i can't get a lock on them i'm shooting blind

Hansman: request permission to offer them our surrender sir!

Capt Rantonia: denied

Travan: why not?

lt jg Rantonia: they would probably kill us anyway you heard what Dever said

Sullivan: so obvious

Peruva: what

Sullivan: our victory solution against these fighters is so obvious

Hansman: how?

Sullivan: blow them all up in one go

hansman: impossible

Capt Rantonia: I know what she means helm turn us around and engineering increase power to rear sheilds

  • this happens*

Capt Rantonia: computer vent 25% of Zero sections warp plasma in to space

Computer: authorisation please

Capt Rantonia: voice id Captain Andre Rantonia

Computer: authorisation confirmed venting plasma

  • the firebreather vents the warp plasma out behind the ship it

becomes a cloud which the fighters head towards*

Sullivan: *looking at the tactical display* we have to wait until they're all inside

Arka: 3 ships left no 2 now only 1 which has just gone inside the plasma

capt Rantonia: fire rear torpedoe spread photon torpedoes

Arka: aye captain

  • the torpedoes streak towards the plasma where no fighters have

emerged from*

Arka: impact with plasma in 5 4 3 2 1

  • the plasma explodes along with all the fightersthe firebreather is

rocked a bit but stays in one piece*

Arka: all enemy fighters destroyed sir

  • each of the crew reacted differently captain rantonia sat with his

head in his hands hansman just sat there arka and Travan were breathing heavily each checking their scopes just to make sure none had survived*

Capt Rantonia: take us into orbit around the Izenian maybe now they will be more cooperative

They hailed Dever. "Are you willing to promise now, that you will not use the Warp tech to do anything but explore Dever?" Andre asked. "We will...not..surrender" he breathed heavily, his face was heavily bleeding orange blood. "Promise or the federation will be forced to declare war on your people." he warned. " be..come one...of..of...them" he continued to bleed. "We can give you medical supplies." Andre offered. "We..don't ne..eed your sym..sym..sympathy." Dever said. "Then why has none healed that cut on your head?" Andre asked. "I'm alone on this ship!" Dever said. "We can help you Dever!" Andre persisted. "!" Dever was getting angry. "You're going to bleed to death if you don't get help soon! Bertus beam aboard that ship with medical supplies, immediately!" Andre ordered. Bertus lrft the bridge. "I'm sending medical supplies to help you, if you do not promise, i will withdraw them." Andre said. Dever ponderd this for a minute. "Very well" he said, Bertus appeared behind Dever and got out a tricorder. The viewscreen went blank, "Now thats over!" Arka said behind the Captain. "Now we must go to Qo'Nos. Warp 9.99 engage!" he ordered.

Hansman stood on the transporter platform. They might have made a new allie there. He steped off the platform and head back to the bridge. Somewhere on the way he remembered something called Sickbay and ordered the turbolift to head that way.

He walked into the room and amazed himself of the space that whas there. He had totaly forgot about sickbay. Now that the Firebreather didn't have a CMO anymore and he had allways been the AMO he now is the CMO. "Computer, Transfere all Chief Medical Authoroties to my authoroty level. From now on I will have the CMO's responsobilety."

"Authorisation code Recriered."

"Authorisation Hansman Charley 01 8, Commander Bertus Hansman. Primary Position is First Officer."

"Authorisation accepted. You now have full medical authoroty."

The ship was about to go into warp when the ship jolted, more fighters, Dever had betrayed them. Peruva was thrown into a conn that exploded into her face, She screamed in agony before dying. Arka rushed over to her, "She's dead captain!" she said to Rantonia. There was a moments silence until the ship was rocked again, suddenly a small shuttle came into sensor range of the Firebreather, it was a federation shuttle, piloted by Tanya Darino, the shuttle docked with the firebreather and she was immediately taken to the bridge. "Ah good to see a new face!" the Captain said. Tanya moved across to her station and started pushing some buttons.

"Open a frequency!" Andre ordered, Dever appeared on screen, "Thank you for teh help Captain!" Dever laughed. "You b*****d!" he shouted at Dever. "Sorry Captain, i couldn't help myself" he bagan to laugh manically. "Just because your ship is cloaked doesn't mean we can't find you, every cloak has a weakness!" Andre laughed," we will find you!". Dever went off the screen. "Travan scan every inch of space in this system and find him!" Andre ordered. The fight continued. Hansman called Rantonia over to him and they were in a deep conversation, Andre put his hand on the other mans shoulder and nodded. He then moved over to Arka. "I hereby promote you to the Rank of Commander and Executive Officer of the USS Firebreather, with all the rights and priveleges that rank beholds. Congratulations Number 1" He smiled. Heheld out one full pip to her and attached it to her collar, removing the old black one first. The ship rocked, Then Travan spoke, "Sir, he's giving off tachyon emissions like a Romulan Ship. He's using a romulan cloaking device." Travan said, "Fire full phasers at his cloaking device!" Andre ordered, as noone was at the Tactical station the new XO got to the job. A few minutes later after repeated firing the cloaked ship appeared, right infront of them. "Sullivan, prepare a boarding party, bring Dever to me, i give you full authority to kill anyone who gets in your way!" Andre said. Sulivan looked bewildered. "NOW!" Andre shouted, he was getting hysterical, "Excuse me, Arka you have the bridge." he left to his ready room.

devers shuttle bay

  • all the marines disembark the shuttle they had flown over to the

ship in fully armed and ready for battle before she left sullivan had been handed a neural disruptor by commander hansman for use in knocking dever unconscious*

Sullivan: Dever is our primary objective lets get to it fall out

  • they start running down a corridor*

Sullivan: jackson stay here with Phillips and secure our escape route

Jackson: yes ma'am

  • they run to the turolift that leads to the bridge*

West: its out of action

Sullivan: I should have known baimbridge blow this door open

  • baimbridge sets up the demolition charge*

Baimbridge: 5 4 3 2 1

  • the doors blow open*

Sullivan: right...

  • a shot from behind them*

Rondra: oh heck

Sullivan: right O'Reilly Baimbridge your with me private Cunningham you and everyone else defend this area until we get back

Cunningham: right ok you lot use the door remains as cover and return fire

Sullivan: good luck

Cunningham: you to

  • sullivan O'Reilly and baimbridge are climbing up the turbolift


O'Reilly: no wonder it was to quiet they were following us

Sullivan: I know

  • they climb up level with a door*

Baimbridge: that it?

Sullivan: yes

  • she shoots the door open*

Baimbridge: whats with all the smoke?

O'Reilly: she just shot the door open

  • the smoke clears and the numbers are against the marines by two

dever is standing in the center of his bridge flanked by four of his men instinctivly Sullivan shoots one of them then they dive for cover*

Sullivan: its a stand off I'm going to try and get to dever and use the neural disruptor you two stay here and cover me

  • Sullivan sneaks up behind Dever and is about to use the neural

disruptor when he turns and kicks her hard against the wall she falls to the floor*

Dever: you two behind that con surrender and you will be spared

  • O'Reilly and Baimbridge stand up throwing their phaser rifles down

infront of them*

O'Reilly: we surrender

Dever: *to his guard* check her *points at sullivan*

  • the guard feels Sullivans left wrist no pulse*

Guard: shes gone aah *sullivan kicks him*

  • O'Reilly and baimbridge take out their hand phasers and shoot the

remaining guards so that just Dever is left alive*

Dever: how?

Sullivan: I'm an ex-borg that entire left arm is artificial you would never feel a pulse on that wrist had you checked the other you would have known that I was still alive *jabs him with the neural disruptor Dever falls to the floor unconscious*

Sullivan: lets go

outside the turbolift where the fight is

Cunningham: we have them on the run finish them off

Sullivan: belay that order we got what we came for we should get going back to the shuttle

Marines: yes ma'am

on the shuttle

O'Reilly: I can't believe it

Sullivan: what?

O'Reilly: that we were out numbered by at least 5 to 1 and we managed to pull it off

Firebreather bridge

  • sullivan enters with a conscious but weak Dever in front of her*

Arka: captain Rantonias in the ready room

Sullivan: right Dever through that door NOW!

  • they enter the ready room*

Rantonia was sat down as Dever entered. "Sit down!" Andre ordered. Dever sat. "Leave!" he ordered the security officers behind Dever. He was getting stressed for some reason. "Dever, you can't win, all you have to do is become a civilization without war, become peaceful and we will let you go, you have to promise me." Andre said calmly. "Never" Devers face wrinkled. "Promise Me!" he ordered. "Never!" Dever shoutd back, "Why should I!". Andre looked angry "Because it will cause war with everyone you try to takeover!" Andre shouted. "They have caused war with us by attempting to destroy our planet!" Dever said. "How!" Andre persisted. "They brought there tools and dug into the crust before blowing a great hole into it, they claimed they were looking for dilithium and i told them that the crystals weren';t on our planet, but they continued!" Dever said. Andre turned to him, "So we destrotyed there ship!". "Andre was shocked, "They were digging for crystals for chrissake!" he shouted "You deserve to be killed!" Andre shouted. Dever was shocked now "See you foolish man!" he stood up and pushed Andre onto the floor, "You are trying to kill me!" he kicked Andre in the side, breaking his ribs Dever picked Andre up and with tremendous strength threw him across the room, blood came out of his mouth, he looked at the alien. His vision was blurred, Dever kicked him again. Andre sat up and grabbed the first thing he could feel off his desk, his commbadge that he had taken off. Dever pulled a panel off the wall and was about to turn around when something that felt like a spike was at his back, the two spikes at the bottom of the commbadge Andre had them at his back. Dever swung the panel and struck Andre across the head, he was knocked to the floor unconscious. At this point the door opened, Karina Rantonia entered the room. She was horrified at the sight. She jumped onto Devers back and pulled him to the ground and shouted "Security!" Arka and Sullivan came running into the room. They grabbed Dever and pinned him against the wall. Hansman ran in and tended to Andre. Dever was locked in the brig pending investigation. Andre was rushed to sickbay with a punctured lung and tremendous blood loss. Hansman had to act quickly.

Karina stood by Andres bedside in Sickbay, Cmmdr. Hansman was tending to him, Suddenly the biobed started bleeping, "He's having a heart attack!" Hansman shouted grrabing as many tools as he could. He put something on Andres chest and pshed a button on his tricorder, the bleeping stop. "He's OK now. But he's in a Coma, Arka is in command of the ship for the moment." Karina started crying. Hansman put an arm round her shoulder.

Back on the bridge Arka was rallying the orders. "I want this ship fixed now!" she ordered Darino. the CEO left for Main Engineering. "Helm, set a course for Qo'Nos! Travan scan the ship for anything unusual!" she was like a platoon sergeant.

Back in Sickbay, Hansman had got a hypospray out of a draw somewhere he placed it on Andres neck and sprayed, Andres eyes opened he saw Karina and was overjoyed! They hugged, Andxre winced his broken ribs causing him pain. "Andre, tell me you'll never do that ever again!" Karina sobbed. "I promise" he said. "Your confined to sickbay for 1 more day Andre!" Bertus warned. "OK" he said stil holding onto Karina, "Andre, i have something to tell you..." Karina said.

On the bridge things were hectic, Arka was checking that everyone was doing there job and made sure that there uniform was straight that there shoes were shiny, anything like that.

Andre nearly screamed, "What!?" he shouted. "I'm pregnant!" Karina said. "Andre fell back onto his bed and started smiling, "That's great, i'm gonna be a dad!"

  • captains ready room*
  • arka and Sullivan are talking and the ship is heading to Qo'nos at

warp 5*

Arka: right well what would the klingons do to the Izenians to drive them to using warp drive as a weapon?

Sullivan: I had private cunningham run a quick search through history and what Dever says appears to be the other way round

Arka: what?

Sullivan: they already had the warp drive before we came along

Arka: how is that possible travan detected them as a pre warp civilisation

Sullivan: that planet yes the moon of it however is the technology minded area which is where those fighters came from

Arka: so your telling me that the Izenian history states that they attacked the klingons and started mining on Qo'nos and then were driven back?

Sullivan: exactly

Arka: I want to see evidence of this

Sullivan: sure *passes Arka a pad Dever was carrying*

Arka: *skim reading through the pad* Its all here its true

Sullivan: its not easy to understand is it that we have been out manoevered

Arka: right again you seem good at guessing what people are thinking a borg trick I presume?

Sullivan: not a borg trick more likely human instinct

Arka: well this evidence of the izenian attack means we must proceed with more urgency *taps button* helm accelerate to warp 9

helm: yes ma'am

Arka: Emily your dismissed

Sullivan: ok then

  • sullivans quarters*
  • sullivan is working on her laptop when she suddenly realises the


Sullivan: hmm bed or rengenerator *the words human instinct float in her mind she lies down on her bed and for the first time since she was 9 years old slept like a human*

Andre couldn't believe it, he was going to be a Dad, how he had

waited for this moment when he got married to Karina, He just wanted to know when it was due but Karina was on the bridge, Andre had been informed that they were headed for Qo'Nos to deal with the problems between the Klingons and Dever.

On the bridge. Arka was acting like she was the captain, she was taking the ready room as her own for the moment, she was checking up on some padds of damage reports she went out onto the bridge. Karina wasn't present she had gone down to sickbay.

When Karina arrived Andre was asleep she stroked his hair and whispered in his ear "I love you" Andres eyes opened slowly and he sat up and kissed Karina, "And i love you" he said.

Hansman sat in sickbay in his office. It had been a long that that he had been the Official Chief of Medical. It was on his previous ship. Well, he whas glad to be back in command of sickbay even though he'dd miss the bridge. Well, He whas still the second officer so once in a while he'dd be up there but for now he was in sickbay.

He picked up a PADD and read it. It whas a report of the last 2 days in sickbay. The Crewman who had been incharge over that time had write it.

Andre was back at work, his experience with Dever had left him wary of everyone. They had been told to stop at Starbase 23 near the Romulan Neutral Zone to pick up some crew, 1 was a senior crew member. Rantonia stood at the transporter padd proudly awaiting the arrival of the 3 new crew members and the new CTO. They finally materialized and Andre went straight to te new Chief Tactical Officer. "Ah, you must be Cadet Saren Hiren i-Ihhliae!" Andre said "Please follow me!" Andre took Saren to his ready room. "Saren, I am promoting you to the rank of lieutenant Junior Grade with all the rights and priveleges an officer of that rank recieves, congratulations, you are our new Tactical Officer, come to the bridge!" they exited, Saren fixing his pips to his collar, onto the bridge. "Meet the rest of the crew!" Andre smiled and went to his center chair.


Emily didn't know why but for some reason ever since the first of the two skirmishes with the Izenian fighters she had tended to be on the bridge whenever she was on duty she was looking through three pads when the new lieutenant walked out of the ready room with the captain she smiled to herself because instantly she saw arka get up and explain the tactical systems of the firebreather to hiren normally this would have been unessecary but the tactical systems of the firebreather are more advanced than those of a standard starfleet ship.

the pad she now turned her attention to had a recording on it this was the pad that she had shown arka this was the one which Dever had been carrying she was skimming through it when her combagde brought her back to reality she tapped it and after a rather hasty conversation she looked up and turned as white as a sheet "arka" she said "yeah what" "we have a problem" at this captain rantonia turned around "what?" he said "it appears our izenian friend is now running the brig area" "how?" "he stunned the guard when he brought the food into the cell he has locked down the brig and is holding the three guards in a cell" "can't he take a hint?" it was Karina who spoke "apparently not" " well what do we do about it?" the captain looked at everyone on the bridge before coming to a decision "seal off the brig and beam those guards out of there" "impossible sir" darino said "why?" " he seems to have hacked our system and put up a forcefield around the brig" " I want security details down there now" "sir he is hailing us from the brig" "on screen"

Saren was beamed out of starbase 23 on the USS Firebreather, where he was greeted by the ship's captain Andre Rantonia. "Ah, you must be Cadet Saren Hiren i-Ihhliae!" Andre said "Please follow me! Saren was silent and didn't show any emotion.He followed his new captain,looking around the ship as they made their way to the Captain's ready room."Saren, I am promoting you to the rank of lieutenant Junior Grade with all the rights and priveleges an officer of that rank recieves,congratulations, you are our new Tactical Officer, come to the bridge!"When the Captain said that,Saren finally responded:"Aye Captain"and they headed to the bridge. Saren never served on a Federation vessel and althought he had many holo-simulations in Tal Shiar training it somehow looked diffrent and strange.They finally stepped on the bridge and captain rushed to his chair.When the Captain introduced him to the rest of the senior crew they all turned around and he looked them all carefully one by one.It wasn't his perfect image of a crew as he would prefer to work with his own people but at least he knew he could trust them and that he was safe from Tal Shiar and their cruel games.

Andre stepped out of his ready room, he had been having talks with Arka, she was giving up her position as XO, but she hadn't told anyone why yet. He looked at his bridge, the crew, his friends, his wife. He walked up to Lt. Tanya Darino the CEO who was stood by the turbolift about to go to engineering. "Lieutenant!" Andre stopped her, "Yes Captain?" she asked. "Could i talk to you in my ready room please?" he asked, Tanya nodded and followed him in. Arka was already sat down, she was in civilian clothing. Darino looked puzzled. "Please sit down" Andre said as he leaned back in his seat. "Now Tanya, Arka here has decided to give up the position of XO, she doesn't want to concieve the reason at the moment, but due to performance and recommendation, i have decided to appoint you as my new XO" Tanya looked shocked, she looked as if she was going to burst into tears but then burst out laughing. "Your new rank is Lieutenant Commander, here, put this on." he handed her one black pip and she placed it next to her two gold pips. Arka smiled and left the room. Tanya was still shocked, "In the words of Captain Patricica Blackswan, Gold looks good on you, but you are due for a change" he smiled at his new XO who stood up shook hands with the captain and went onto the bridge towards the turbolift to collect her red uniform.

Hansman stepped out of the turbolift. The Medical drill went pretty good and now if was his time to be on the bridge and take command of Gamma Shift. Bertus looked arounf the bridge. There wassn't realy much to do so he grapped his medical tricorderand walked to the new face. "Ah, you must be Lieutenant Junior Grade Saren. I'm Commander Hansman, The Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer of this whip. Welcome."

Both men shook hands and Bertus got his tricorder out. "As you know all new crew need to take a phisical so can I take scan?"

"Be my guest" Saren said.

Bertus took the nesasary scans and downloaded them into the science systems. He used his medical authorisation codes to get access to the medical systems and saved the data. He used a medical diagnosis program to determan if there was anything wrong with the Lieutenant. "Good news, Lieutenant. You're perfactly fine. You are fit to start your duties and I suggest that you stay on the bridge and start your first dutyshift right away. Try to formiliase yourself with the Tactical Systems."

Hansman walked to his seat and sat now. He pressed the com button.

"Captain Rantonia, Can I have permission to do a tactical test and test the MVAM?"

"Permission Granted Commander. Repport on my desk tomorrow, 0800hour. Rantonia out"

Hansman looked around the bridge and pressed the intercom button.

"ALL Hands, Tactical Drill, I repeat, Tactical Drill. Take Multy Vetor Assault Mode Stations. MVAM in 4 minutes. Check with your Department Head for your MVAM position. Bridge Out"

Orange lights turned on everywhere indicating a tactical drill. Crew running onto the bridge and taking stations everywhere. The ship dropped out of warp.

Computer: One minute to MVAM.

Rantonia had discussed the matter with dever and he had decided to lay off, it was at that point that the MVAM started off, he rushed onto the bridge to take his station, (to find your stations look at the Rota) Emily Sullivan, the Marine CO, was by his side in the XOs chair, even though she wasn't XO. Then the ship jolted and split into three, Andre looked at the viewscreen, at the ability of the ship, in a few minutes though it was over as the 3 rejoined and the ship was in it's normal status. The normal crew returned to there stations. They finally arrived at Qo'Nos, Andre spoke with a Klingon governor, and left Dever with them, he turned to Darino by his side, "This mission is over, we await instructions from starfleet for our next mission." he told her.

Andre spent that afternoon in sickbay with Karina having a scan to see how the baby was doing, Hansman asked the couple, "Do you want to know what sex it is?". Andre looked at Karina on the biobed, she shook he head, "No" Andre said. "We'll wait for the birth." he smiled at his former XO, 3 XOs in 1 week, Andre was amazed. Now he hoped that he would have a permanent XO in Darino. He went back up to the bridge when Karina was finished to see what was happening there.

Tanya settled into her seat in the XOs position. She smiled to herself as the captain came onto the bridge, "Captain on bridge" she said cheerfully, she couldn't believe it XO and just a few weeks ago she had a broken back. Though she missed the Wayfarer and her crew, especially Lt(jg) Serevan Kristov, she was Xo here now and ready to do her duty. She took her leave at the end of her shift and went to her quarters, there she had a piece of Serevans hair. She missed him badly, like she missed the rest of the crew. She wondered what they were doing at this very moment, she hoped that they were all OK, and where they were in the Galaxy. She stood up and decided to go to the crew louge where she met up with Nadias friends Emily and Karina. Nadias funeral had been yesterday and everyone seemed to have already got over it. Noone had ever become particularly close to Nadia, except perhaps Karina and Emily, Tanya knew they missed her, they sat down and had a drink. Despite being XO noones attitude towards her had changed and she was just the same person she was when she was the CEO. They chatted endlessly for what seemed to Tanya to be ages, but they finally got round to men. Karina, well she was married. Emily, had Victor but nothing had happened in that department for a while, and Tanya, she didn't have anyone, but knew that Serevan loved her, and hopefully wherever he was still did. After they had there drink and long chatr, Tanya decided to go to bed, she did, and had swet dreams about Serevan Kristov.

End of Mission Notes

This, in my opinion, was the coming of age of the USS Firebreather. It was also our best mission!

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