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PublisherJSociety Comics.
First appearanceJJJ#1
Created byJosé Miguel Arias, Juan David Sánchez.
Alter egoUnknown
SpeciesHuman, from Earth
Lord Harr, Vamprilux, Harr club
Notable aliasesVreacker

Is a main villain in the JJJ comics series and the first known antagonist of the series.


J-Lord was a worker to Lord Harr before JJJ#1, he met for first time the club when he was planning to destroy the Pine Forest. He was the only main antagonist of the first series and a recurring one in the second, third, fourth and fifth series. He is married with the villainess J-Lady, whom he has a son: J-Son.

Between the death of Lord Harr at the end of the fifth series and the "After One Year" Series, he became the villain Vreaker and followed Vamprilux in his quest for destroying all the J Society. After Lord Harr returns, he unmasked himself returning to be J-Lord.

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