JBC Soccer Pre-Game is the most watched Pre-Game show in the country, and the world, winning emmys almost every year it has aired.


When JBC had just gotten its contract, for the JLSL South Conference, it created a Pre-Game show that at first would talk Soccer for an hour in a studio, in TaHigh. This was a success, and brought good ratings. The original cast consisted of Roger Stickman (Host), George Tyson (Analyst and Ex-Striker for Book Shalf), and Sam Seaborn (Analyst).

Personnel changes

In 1996, 2 years after the show began airing, Sam Seaborn got an offer to do broadcasting with CBS. Because of this, Paul Ridel (a former defender for TaHigh) was asked to sign on. Paul had a rich enough personality to not only add chemistry to the show, but to gain ratings as well. Next, Harry Jacobson (Analyst) would join in 1997 and was said to be the final piece of the puzzle.

On Tour

Before the 1998 season, the JBC Soccer pre-game show would always stay in their recording studio in TaHigh. However, during that season, the show had enough money and popularity to travel to wherever the biggest games were happening. Since JBC only had broadcasting rights to the South Conference, Stickman, Tyson, Ridel and Jacobson have never visited a game in the North unless the game being played was a playoff game between a North team and a South team.


  • The team has never missed a TaHigh-Computon game.
  • The show's theme song is "Four Guys on a Bus" by The Green Hedges.
  • The Pre Game show was featured in the movie, The Toby Paul Expirence, a movie about a bunch of kids who are motivated to find Toby Paul.

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