JC 619

JC 619

JC 619

JC 619 is a Member of the Author Fighters along with being a Member of the Famed FanFic City Police Department. JC 619 was Born in Philadelphia, PA.

JC 619's Past

JC 619's Father was a Famous Police Officer known mainly as "Tombo". "Tombo" was one of the Most Decorated Officers of The FFCPD, But Sadly Gave his own Live to save a Building full of Hostages when JC 619 was just a Teen. JC 619 constantly tried to enlist with The FFCPD, but Failed on Numerous Attempts. Eventually, He met with DarkMagicianmon (Along with the Mysterious Madame Webb, Whom was one of the Hostages JC 619's Father Saved), and offered JC 619 to join the Team along with helping JC 619 join the Police Force.


JC 619 wears Glasses, Has a Red, and Black Suit that partially Helps protect his Body. JC has Brown Hair, and Brown Eyes

JC 619 is an average Human so he doesn't have any Superhuman Abilities. JC 619 though is skilled in Tae Kwon Do, Freestyle Wrestling, Greeco-Roman Wrestling, and American Pro Wrestling.


JC 619 makes it a vow to never carry a Gun, Believeing that only Fools use Guns to solve their Problems. JC 619 though namely carries a Kendo Stick (He calls it a Singapore Cane), A Samurai Sword, and Brass Knuckles.


  • (Upon seeing something Simple become more Problematic) "Of Course!"
  • (Upon seeing a Massive Enemy) "This will Not end well."
  • (Upon defeating An Enemy) "Smell what I'm Cookin?"
  • (When asked why he doesn't carry a Gun) "Only Fools use Guns to solve their Problems."

Extra Info

Voice Actor: Benjamin Diskin (Eddie Brock/Venom of the Spectacular Spider-Man)

Singing Voice: Weird Al Yankovic (Though Changes for Rock Songs)

Future Voice: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

JC 619 also does Wrestling Impressions for fun.

One of JC 619's Most prized Possesions is a Sheild From Captain America.


Artificial Symbiote Suit JC 619

Artificial Symbiote Suit

During his "Imprisonment" at Toyman's Warehouse, JC 619 came across an Artificial Symbiote Suit (Labeled as Suit TMF 252). JC 619 donned the Suit to battle The Duplicate. The Suit's Abilities include Temporary Healing, Artificial Rope Based Webbing, and has a small Hammerspace that can hold 20 Twenty Cans of Silly String that can be converted into Webbing. The Suit is based off of the Symbiote Suit Spider-Man wore in the 80's only with Red Eyes, and a Red Spider insignia rather than White.


Jean Kazuhiza: JC 619 & Jean have been Old Friends. When there was a Shady Dealer trying to sell Dangerous Steroids to Wreslters, JC 619 & Jean teamed to take the Dealer down, and Also have JC's Chilhood Dream of being a Wrestler Come True.

DW64: JC 619 & DW64 used to be Best Friends, but Rarely Hang Out nowadays due to their Duties as Author Fighters.

Captain Fanzone: Captain Fanzone likes JC 619 due to the Fact his Father & Fanzone used to be Partners (Originally, Tombo was going to become Captain, but decided to Allow Fanzone to become Captain instead). Fanzone is unaware of JC 619 being an Author Fighter.

DarkMagicianmon: JC 619 respects DM because DM helped him become a Member of the FFCPD by pretending to be a Benefactor named "Arthur Fyter".

Arcade Star/ Roulette Goddess Dahlia: JC 619 & Dahlia met at Pegiun's Iceberg Lounge where Dahlia was working her debt as a Singer. JC 619 though did pay off her debt, and are currently a couple. It is implied due to the existence of JC 720 that JC 619 & Dahlia either Married or atleast had a Child togehter.




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